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Friday, 24 November 2017

Andrew bolt's Blog,25/11/17; How many Muslims must die before they are victims?; If you find one person you can call a sinner destroy the lot; Labour gave milk and saved us from 2008; All Bolt's predictions flopped;

Yes the call for Privatisation is the call for "gated communities" Policed from "Cultural Marxism" Black Racism" Female Sexism" LGBTQI Bigotry" This is the cry of the wealthy under threat feeling the heat in the kitchen from the unequal distribution of wealth, power and opportunity in society and it's ever expanding growth, The smoke screen is there to redirect the blame and merely put it on cultural issues that really are superficial and don't exist. It's an attempt to disguise what does. Black Racism doesn't exist White does and it's systemic. Female Sexism doesn't exist Male does. Cultural Marxism doesn't exist but the capitalist narrative and American Dream dominates.
When it gets too hot in the kitchen for the wealthy and powerful they call for time out and privatization a means they resort to for fear that the wealth and opportunity gaps in society are showing. Revealing the cracks of division that has always been its source. 
Structured disadvantage Systemic division or even Society is not in the Capitalist narrative or the American Dream. Privatisation is and it can be policed defensively. It's agreeing to the division but flipping as to who have been the social and historical victims and it's not the Blacks The biggest threat to Capital has always been the unification of Labor no matter the color sex or ethnicity and with 40% of America below the poverty line the heat is now on. Privatisation is a call to arms against valid and justified protest.

The militants targeted a mosque near al-Arish

Bolt spent years trying to convince us that Muslim extremists and terrorists have a single-minded goal of attacking the Christians universe. He ignored the fact that the largest groups to suffer at the hands of terrorists were actually Muslims. Muslims are in fact being attacked by both Muslims, Christians and others while Bolt insists that we are in fact the victims. He has little argument when globally Muslims are being attacked by Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews Hahn Chinese etc etc. Who are we talking about here if it's not families women, children, and the elderly innocent people who Bolt tries to convince us aren't victims at all when seeking asylum. According to Bolt, their suffering is their own creation. He is hardly convincing with events like this. He gave himself away revealing who he is when describing the terrorists in Barcelona as "brave" young men of conviction and Christians as gutless wonders for not doing anything about it. Andrew Bolt really is an enabler of terror, hatred, and fear not just a commentator. He is given free reign in the media why?
Bolt's on a winner 50,000 faced disaster and asked for help none according to Bolt deserved to be saved or that we even needed to concern ourselves about.  Because some just might have been caught be lying or not begging strongly enough. 750k unemployed Australians on welfare shouldn't be helped either. They should be policed because some might just be lying. How is it Bolt hasn't thrown his wife and kids out of house and home simply because they aren't perfect? 
 "Detainees " note is plural but only one young Iranian girl fills the description sufficiently to generalize that the rest were morally undeserving of any help. That young girl wasn't entitled to have hopes or dreams of being saved and having a future. Had she known Andrew bolt existed she simply would have stopped dreaming on the spot.  Bolt has attempted to justify the malicious treatment of 50k boat people and in particular the ungrateful bastards on Manus. Those who didn't clean their own toilets and blocked drains with their hands and spittle. 
The Nazis used to shoot all the men in a village for the indiscretion they didn't like of one. Mladic was just sentenced to live for what he did in Srebrenica Bolt's not much different mentally.
Bolt says he works 80 hours a week putting up Paywalls. Now that's a productive job, isn't it? He's not offering any support here, is he? He and Kelly are simply in agreement the LNP is truly fucked more so than the ALP when Rudd was recalled. There is nobody to recall in the Liberal Party as Bolt points out attention needs to be given to "the verdict of the polls"Bolt
Oh, how wrong was Andrew Bolt that Labor would lose the LNP would win on the basis of One Nation preferences? Well, that doesn't seem to have happened. Besides wasn't it Tony Abbott that had Hanson thrown into jail in order that the Howard Government could steal her policies. Now that's the sort of hard-line politics Bolt is wanting back. So he's raised the mystery MP again. There can't be too many that prefer Bolt's ear to Hadley Jones, Albrectsen  Devine etc. We know Bolt is the one among them that always wants center stage and will do anything to get it even make-believe if it will garner attention. After all, he models himself on the likes of Hannity in the US these days

" Recording what is" Bol. Apparently modern journalism in recording what is no longer required validation or verification it can invent third parties and call them sources. If the events happen they are never "fortunate accidents" they are "breaking news". If the events don't happen it's not ever a matter of false reporting. Any wonder Judge Mordecai Bromberg called Andrew Bolt a journalist who is loose with facts, another term for lying and pronounced him guilty. 


A former communist is evicted: "Senator Lee Rhiannon has failed to win preselection as the Greens' lead candidate for NSW at the next federal election. Mehreen Faruqi, a Greens MP in the NSW upper house, beat out Senator Rhiannon ...  for the No.1 spot on the ticket."
 Double PAYWALL The Australian and the Daily Telegraph. What has Bolt to offer? Little more than a slight to :
1) A Pakistani
2) A disbelief in systemic racism why? Bolt doesn't believe in a systemic pattern of behaviors but he constantly defends them as long as they are mannered and conservative. What he doesn't believe these patterns of human interaction are in any way oppressive or regressive. Change to alter these behavior patterns needs to be slow resisted and at best gradual. However he never really indicates how or what gradual means other than nope nope nope.
3) Is Bolt laughing or celebrating the fact that the Greens have said goodbye to an old member of the CPA? They are far more Democratic than the Liberal Party is today that's for sure.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,24/11/17; Manus and the prisoners of War; Update by Richard Flanagan;

Bolt is seriously offended literally a victim, a potential captive of the  "illegal Immigrants" we got rid of to PNG. Remember the "babies overboard lie"? When the Howard government and News Corp tried to blame the parents of babies for embarrassing us internationally trying to make us the victims of the asylum seekers. When the rest of the world and international law dictated that they were asylum seekers and not illegal immigrants Bolt's term for them. But who gives a damn what the rest of the world thinks. Well, we still do and it's why News Corp and Bolt keep trying to control the narrative as PR agents for Dutton when he continues to show himself to be a ham-fisted dolt.
Like the babies overboard we need to be seen as the victim over and above anything else and won't be dictated to even if wrong. These ungrateful Muslim prisoners are stirring the unwanted feelings   Australian Muslims here and already radicalizing them. They are among us as we speak. (The Bolt Report cuts to a Muslim woman asking hard questions on Q&A). It doesn't matter that no Muslim women have ever been arrested. Bolt's just winding up the audience to cheer the message like a game show.
 We Have heard this before from Bolt on how badly we the conservative elite have been treated and made to look like fools. Of course, we have, Don Dale where the poor guards being insulted and offended, made to look bad the victims of the rebellious indigenous brats they dutifully looked after. Just look at their work conditions. Those kids keep their accommodation like pigstyes and expect others to keep things tidy. They are simply untrainable and need to be taught the meaning of obedience and rules in the harshest way possible. Like Muslims, their culture is just too poor to have raised them properly. Bolt almost breaks out into son don't you wish they were more like us.  Any wonder missionaries and social welfare removed them as babies and put them into homes.
The homeless have brought on their conditions themselves as have all those bludgers on welfare. They need to be policed and investigated as closely to see if they too are illegals or just bludgers who claim to need help like asylum seekers.
Bolt simply doesn't stop pointing people out to who he applies and demands the rule of the rod. He is the example of the psychology of the conservatives in a  system that breeds and produces a  division between haves and have-nots the system under which we have organized ourselves has produced and continues to produce our separation. It's a system that's been with us for more than 200 years and one that so easily convinces the 'haves' that their position is deserved and earned and any hand up given as help questionable. It's a belief in only a limited good insufficient to share whose distribution has been earned and is the result of a "Natural Order" of god or social evolution. 
Currently, immigration, education, and calls for social change are a threat to that order, the hierarchy of privilege and power. Dysfunction is a problem, yes but it needs to be policed in order that the balance is maintained. To suggest that the dysfunction actually a sign of a greater wrong invites the expansion of chaos in our social system. To treat conservatives those who protect it as idiots is the problem and that's what the Asylum seekers on Manus have been doing for over 4 years. 

Behrouz Boochani on Manus Island
The wretched of the earth, because they were no longer safe where they lived, sought to come here. With a determined cruelty, we kidnapped and imprisoned them in Pacific lagers. These lagers became synonymous with the idea of hellholes because it was important to our government that they be – ­and be known as – hellholes.
On this policy of deterrence, as it was called, which had as its declared purpose to make innocent human beings suffer indefinitely, we spent billions of dollars. To this end we had truck with vile regimes such as Sri Lanka’s. And to this end we began forsaking our democratic rights.
In the camps the refugees were made to answer to numbers given to them as their new identity. Denied their names they were not even allowed their stories. Every attempt that could be made was made by the Australian government, from the petty to the disturbing, to deny journalists access to the Pacific lager. When it came to imprisoned refugees free speech became a crime: for some years any doctor, nurse or social worker in the camps who publicly reported on the many instances, now well-documented, of rape, murder, suicide and sexual abuse of refugees was liable to two years’ imprisonment.

 Behrouz Boochani exposed Australia's evil on Manus. The shame will outlive us all | Richard Flanagan | Australia news | The Guardian

 Rohingya refugees are seen at Thaingkhali makeshift refugee camp in Bangladesh.


Rohingya refugees say they would rather "drown at sea" than be sent back to Myanmar.

What Bolt refuses to understand what Asylum really means :

The lack of empathy refusal to listen or say you just might be wrong are all signs of psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies

 Rohingya refugees weigh people smuggler offers rather than return to Myanmar - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,23/11/17 Deflecting Issues Global Science is more importatnt than a contractual squabble; Manus and the Nazi support; We know the rats only too well; Jelena Dokic is a symptom;

Image result for Image of deflecting social issues

 Bolt claims to be a professional writer
"Shame on James Cook University for trying to censor skeptic Professor Peter Ridd, after the called out warming alarmists. From The Bolt Report." Bolt. 
 What pray tell does he mean by this in any language? 
In the week when we are experiencing the greatest heat ever recorded in Spring Bolt claims he's been prevented from calling out the warming alarmists on his Bolt Report. As a clown do we laugh with or at him? 
15000 scientists from 184 countries have just resigned a petition claiming the validity of global warming science and Bolt is arguing about the contractual policies a Professor Ridd and James Cook University are legally fighting over not any research but the damage done to their reputations.
"His lone-wolf voice has won support among cane farmers and tourist operators but defies consensus by 150 of the world’s leading coral reef experts about the dire state and fate of the reef." News Corp
It's strange isn't it that the Daily Telegraph News Corp's description of Ridd doesn't even seem to align with Bolt's. 
You see Bolt believes when all the scientific evidence in the world suggests smoking causes cancer he and his paper have the freedom to irresponsibly deny it and the right to encourage us to smoke. If the tobacco companies put up the money he's obliged by the principles of business to take it and argue against responsible Social policies. Even if irresponsible attitudes like that result in the further deaths of children and adults bucking researched truth for corporate profit overrides any responsibility or social justice. After all, Bolt simply equates science as just another voice like religion in the marketplace of ideas. Frankly, we haven't the time to argue with media negators of researched like Bolt Jones et al when peoples lives are at stake now. There are occasions when there is little time for discussion. Abbott was an expert in the 'false emergency" and we clearly saw it in his nope nope nope approach to do nothing it certainly wasn't researched but it was backed by News Corp.

 I know who is lazier it's Andrew Bolt who seems to be repeating a commentary he made once already this month probably in the hope nobody would notice. 
1) International law dictates those people on Manus "asylum seekers" aren't illegal. Australia is breaking International Laws.
2) Bolt in the tradition of right-wing extremists who deny the people on Manus aren't victims but rather they are the creators of their own demise and are a reputational threat to us as a Nation.
3) This petulant elitist expects prisoners with no access to water or tools to be able to clean and service the facilities the Australian government is obliged to provide them. Their safety the major priority.  When even the PNG government don't want them there.
4) Bolt is no better than a Nazi guard at a Jewish concentration camp who had the same opinion of the Jews behind the barbed wire. They are less than human just vermin. Bolt runs the same argument against Indigenous Australians, the homeless the disadvantaged and in general people on welfare. In fact, it what he thinks of people on welfare is  they need policing rather than help.Help for Bolt is the last and never the first measure to be taken.
"Now, excuse me, but exactly who did the illegal immigrants think should clean their toilets, remove their bottles and pick up their dropped paper?
Are they really too bone idle to do a little scrubbing and picking up after themselves?"
Andrew Bolt is the very reason we as a nation need a radical shift in our power structure. One that ensures the redistribution of opportunity and fairness a return to prioritizing values of Universal Rights, Social Justice and, Equality as goals to be achieved rather than avoided. Bondi Life Guards don't qualify who it is they have to save from drowning.  Bolt can't be relied on to do it so others must do it for him.
Basically, Bolt is trying to apologize for Peter Dutton's great policing of asylum seekers by arranging the care in Cambodia for $50 mill and PNG at ongoing costs letting them die and saying it has nothing to do with us. That's pretty responsible of us and according to Bolt puts us on the global moral high ground as a nation.

 Posturing outrage Bolt is loving it. Wait for the call to bring Abbott back he's sorry he's changed and he's listening. It's a pity about the fact that he hasn't said anything recently because Malcolm is in the country and not overseas. Wasn't Abbott active then.
Everyone did see she was in danger. However just as we saw that Yassmin Abdel -Magid was in danger of an abusive Murdoch press with the likes of Andrew Bolt the leading the abuse we chose not to punch back. In that circumstance male, female young or old has no means of defense. The voice and power of an abusive press is simply too great unstoppable and overbearing. Bolt is comparable to a guard at Don Dale comfortable in the circumstance in which whoever he chooses to attack hasn't any weapons to counter with. Jelena Dokic is an example not just her father's abuse but cultural abuse that said we shouldn't interfere. Jelena Yassmin Dylan you were all victims of a 'me' and not a 'we' culture. 

Bill Shorten and Tony Abbott

Bill Shorten is the new Tony Abbott

Column Bill Shorten is the Tony Abbott of the Labor Party — and I mean that in a good way. Both men are superb Opposition leaders. All Shorten needs now is to not make Abbott’s big mistake. 


Yes in terms of elections they are both drovers dogs. Bolt admits in this sentence that Abbott never won an election Labor lost. The same can be said of Shorten but with a difference. He wasn't as aggressively negative as Abbott no "ditch the bitch" heard here. The only similarity being the party he's in opposition to has killed itself very much so with the help of none other than Tony Abbott.  Remember Bolt said he didn't have a dog in the race well rest assured he's hoping to re-enter is again despite the fact it's lame and with a track record that would make the race look extremely Latin American or African "fixed"

 It doesn't matter the very fact that we are dealing with Adani is evidence enough that everyone is lying. One only needs to look at Adani's track record in India to realize just what an environmental terrorist he his. He's destroyed the agricultural, fishing and the water table in Gujarat surrounding his $5 bill coal-fired power plant which he wants to sell. The sale price is 1 Rupee. Why has Adani invested so heavily into renewable Solar power if he's singing in tune with Bolt who sees it as a wasted expense? Queensland politics is a disaster that guarantees a loss for all of us does Bolt know just how much run off there is a coal mine that winds up fouling pristine water table?
What a wanka Bolt is. Has anybody seen Bolt live in an Australian crowd? The man doesn't even holiday here.
It seems Bolt can't keep on quoting anonymous ministers so he's left it to his troll do it Peter BH. However isn't Peter BH just a Bolt reader how is it he has such a close relationship with the Liberals hiding in the shadows. Hard to believe the prick is just a Bolt fan isn't it?
What is being said here it seems that RETs will reduce energy costs. But isn't Bolt telling us they won't? Isn't reduced energy a good thing, therefore, the NEG was a good start for a Liberal.
Unless Bolt stops directing us to Paywalls nobody can figure why he's arguing a drop in the wholesale price of energy is bad?
Anyway, the Indians that bought Whyalla steel mills don't seem to think energy is a problem do es Bolt think Indians are dumb? If he does why is he championing Adani he too doesn't seem to think wholesale energy prices are a problem. Here we have business moguls far smarter than Andrew Bolt moving in the opposite direction to him.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 22/11/17; Advertising and the selling of fake news; Paywalls along the garden path

Image result for Images of the yellow brick road


 Advertising for The Bolt Report. It promises the world but delivers nothing you can't miss.

Image result for Images of the garden path of lies

More repeated" advertising" for his unrated show and himself just like the post above. The promise and possibility that all will be revealed little more than media cock teasing and bullshit. That is Bolt's expertise when in reality he's little more than a desperate media clown. He is the Judas ram advertising News Corp. However in this post, it's with a proviso. He feels or at least his lawyers feel that he needs a get out clause and it's placed at the very end.
Bolt's TV editorials are no different in style or substance than his many print commentaries. They too start the fantasy as if reporting reality but they aren't real truths and have taken you down the garden path conclude with the statement that this is "not fact" just might be but it's  my opinion. Or if it's a person or persons Bolt is accusing it ends with the truth that they deny this or it hasn't been proved yet. 
 Bolt's opinions are always a legally protected performance covered by a "get out of jail card". Basically, it's Bolt BSing for attention in the face of failing ratings no names are even necessary for these fictions and even if there are any the last thing said always says that nothing has been proven. By this time most people haven't read as far as Bolt's get out clause or are even aware of it being there and what's presented is fake news but the damage has been done. It's what Breitbart, The Daily Caller,  Fox News, the gutter press do and it's News Corp in action in Australia. All that's intended is to plant the myth the idea that it's reality.

Image result for Images of the garden path of lies
No mention of Richo financial scandals here
An Ad for The Bolt Report

As said above Bolt's sensationalism dressed as news for New Corp
The academics that protested are never reported by Andrew Bolt because he certainly doesn't want us to know 15,000 scientists endorsed the research and findings that the planet is in fact warming. As usual, Bolt prefers the single events no doubt distorted to push his anti-warming advocacy and agenda.
Press the link and you will discover it has nothing to do with Scott Morrison or what he said. It's an ad for the ABC's AM program only. As for the Medicare levy well that's for all of us and Bolt doesn't like it. Even more, the tax cuts are only for "some" of us and not all. Bolt doesn't seem to be able to grasp the difference because he lives in the insular world of the elect who fear they just might lose a privilege or two.  Bolt believes he's the spokesman for his team The Aloof.
How long has it taken Bolt to concede that Mugabe's reign was at an end? He strung this along as a space filler for his blog. It was Bolt's Cluedo a fill in when he really had little or nothing to say. Peter BH his troll must be on holiday but then I guess he knows nothing about Africa either. Africa is a continent that struggles with its Colonial history and it borders little more than lines in the sand drawn by Europeans. What's worse Africa trying to escape it's past and finding itself in a war of dictators with peoples struggling to achieve democracy or a democracy like Australia fighting against wannabe thugs like Abbott's conservatives that want nothing better than to take over. We know who Bolt is rooting for and it's not democracy. So why is playing at disguised posturing?
There is no link here just a headline taken out of context to establish a point that Bolt makes that Trump isn't liked in America anymore. It's little more than a Bolt Meme. It wasn't so long ago Bolt was calling Trump a fool but that was when he was running for President. Now that he's Rupert Murdoch's biggest client Bolt is his greatest Australian defender. It's called Simon Says but in this case, it's Rupert Says and Fox News says a kids game but one, unfortunately, media based.


Western universities are becoming enemies of debate. Listen to this disgusting interrogation by Wilfrid Laurier University officials of a teaching assistant who presented both sides of an argument over Jordan Peterson, an academic opposed to gender-neutral pronouns, and was denounced by an anonymous student for creating an "unsafe" environment. 


Bolt's either not writing his blogs or he's drunk. His link here has yet again nothing to do with the topic at hand but all to do with the story about his anonymous MP and quizzing in the Liberal ranks.
However, Bolt is presenting himself for what he is a fool. He's disgusted with the fact that a "debate" is going on in the University a debate he as an outsider claims should be stopped. How contradictory is that? Let alone the fact that an eavesdropping outsider can't it seems to distinguish between administrative and teaching issues in an institution and which in some cases crossover. Bolt leaves no room for comment given he hasn't left a link to his source argument but then that's Bolt. He readily attacks other commentators like Onselen and takes offense when it's pointed out his blog post is incompetent.
 Related image
Well, what do you know the link has now been corrected and the write button pushed. Well, what we seem to have is Bolt complaining about a debate in a Canadian University that allows Bolt to cast a generalization so broad as to be idiotic and not worthy of debate. "Western universities are becoming the enemies of debate" Bolt 
 Bolt's proof of stupidity is to turn to the stupidity of a debate going on which runs counter to the statement he wants to make about the limitations on "free speech". The fact is that's been a universal topic in Western universities for as long as they have existed.
The question however seems is Jordan Peterson "worth discussing" as is "was Hitler worth discussing" before he closed all discussions in German Universities? That's one of policy, power, and administration rather than free speech. How often have we heard Bolt call for the sacking of leftist academics who actually are more likely to have encouraged 'free speech' more so than Andrew Bolt who hates topics of Human Rights, Inequity, Social justice, and Equality?
"the response from the administration is totally off the mark? Obviously, there is a clear tension between Shepherd’s approach to pedagogy and that of her academic superiors, but that doesn’t warrant this kind of crackdown on what can or cannot be discussed in the classroom."
However, Bolt's grab of this event hardly warrants his conclusion  because
"it is usually the left who loses when intellectual free spaces are foreclosed, precisely because the seminar room is one of the few places on earth where you can express genuinely radical ideas counter to the interests of the people who bankroll, say, right-wing semi-national newspapers"
 " For the record: Jordan Peterson is a transphobic YouTube crank with basically nothing interesting to say about free speech or gender expression, and who very obviously has no idea what any part of the phrase “post-modern neo-Marxist” means. He is a bad political and social thinker, and many of his ideas about gender roles are genuinely dangerous. (Tabatha Southey has already written his intellectual obituary by clocking him as “the stupid person’s idea of a smart person,” which is immediately obvious to anyone who listens to his awful honking voice for more than thirty seconds.) 
He's very much another Bolt who has seemed to have gained attention.
 Image result for Image not seeing the obvious

What was public knowledge Bolt decides to sensationalize with yet more anonymous whispering? Might I add there are conservatives in and out of cabinet and to suggest there is lack of unity is hardly news. Turnbull has been fighting the extreme minority right-wing elements of the Liberal Party ever since Abbott said he was staunch and we the public were meant to believe it. If this is what Bolt thinks is breaking news he'd best find another job because it's hardly something that's not known.
News Bolt, however, is overlooked by Bolt that another record has been shattered this week has been the hottest Spring week on record. However, you won't hear that from Bolt.
The ALP have said they were strict in managing the qualifications of those seeking pre-selection and compared with the rabble and the smaller parties that don't have the manpower they are right. Yet Andrew Bolt seems to think that MPs who aren't entitled to vote should turn up and vote despite being illegal. The disaster is less of a shadow cast on the small parties but it shows that the backroom organization of the Liberal Party is a shambles. That instead of focusing on tasks, they were meant to attend to they felt an entitlement set by examples such as Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott to politics rather than managing their new agenda. Yes, Turnbull sure did inherit a leaky boat, didn't he!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/11/17; Clowns that are masked an scare want to run the country; Mugabe 's Abbott done and dusted; Our MP's are being lead by Bob Katter?? Remember Wayne's World and smile;

Image result for image of clowns


A Coalition MP says he will quit the Turnbull Government next month, plunging it into minority government. The MP said tonight he will stay only if Malcolm Turnbull is replaced as Prime Minister by a leader who can appeal to conservative voters.  

 This could be as valid as virgin birth it's PURE BOLT

 If only the banner was Andrew Bolt what bliss but Bolt is so eager to grab attention he's like a sideshow spruiker selling us his masked MP head covered with a paper bag on and underneath a clown. Who could it be? Who among the conservative freak show is ready to retire and wants to be sent into historic oblivion acting as Brutus to Abbott's Caesar? My guess it's Taswegian Eric or Bomber Andrews both vintage no longer wanted or good for anything. But it would be great if it were Tony himself committing this act of Suti hurling himself on the funeral pyre of the Liberal party.
"This government has left the party and the values of the party," said the lower house MP, who does not want to be identified yet." Bolt
If the truth and if real and not just fiction it's not only a jellyfish but one of the bullshitting species all thunder and no lightning.
 How does anyone MP have the ear of the 80k rank and file better than the Party leader and his organization? Abbott with 80% of the vote "yes" in his electorate certainly didn't. What we have here, yet again, is the tail continuing to try to wag the dog in a that seems to want Australia to bury the Liberal Party for good or at least a well deserved 8 years. It's the mad hatter and the Tea Party.
"The MP said only a change of leader would persuade him to stay, but not if Turnbull was replaced by Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop, as is increasingly rumored." Bolt
This anonymous Bolt specter the rabbit in the conservative hat is also wanting to dictate the terms of his suicide as always a radicalized nut case Bolt call his hero. However, he's no longer Abbott dictating terms and now even has mind control over a masked drone.  What schoolboy politics has Australia sunk to? What childish pranks are we showing we are capable of?

"The MP said he will announce his move when Parliament resumes for a week next month." Bolt
I very much doubt Australia wants an image of self-ridicule that the conservatives are trying to impose on us. I notice a distinct smell of desperation in the air.
‘He is now irrelevant’: Does Tony Abbott’s defeat on marriage mark his final decline in Canberra?
It doesn't matter what Mugabe says. He no longer has his Party or the army of supporters. As they say in the trade he's Tony Abbott

 The government is doing what's necessary in order to 
1) Run the country legitimately with MPs that are entitled to vote
2) It wants to ensure that the SSM bill promised is passed not delayed or broken. All else is little more than disruptive politicking by political hoons.

Beating up a News Corp "scoop" everyone sounds so excited. However, if wages have flatlined and something isn't done about the shrinking middle class there will only be global multinationals standing and digging up the country with a huge for Sale sign on it.
 We have heard it all before and it started with Abbott as opposition leader. leading the Chicken Little chant and it's same old and it's sound byte chorus from News Corp that the decisions made will make the sky fall in. The least trusted media organization in the country has helped put the dark cloud over this country where once the sun shone the brightest in Wayne's World. PM flags personal tax cuts for millions of Australians
Image result for image of hand washing

Hastie claims to have been a soldier and came in to save us as one. He was accused of having blood on his hands and wants to prove it like Pontious Pilate he refuses to vote for Equality. I bet he didn't refuse in the secret survey. Bolt sees him as a leader to be more easily manipulated by Rupert and the IPA than even Tony. Andrew Hastie vilifies himself no need for SSM supporters to do it. The vote is over, isn't it? The Muslims did it for the ACLU and Bolt hasn't for one moment thanked them for boosting the numbers of the "no" team. Three Coalition MPs caught out claiming endorsements they simply never received

 Image result for image of verbal flipping
I don't know why Bolt bothers to get out of bed in the morning because he certainly doesn't live in any Australia we know. 90% of Bolt logic is an excercise in flipping and has little or nothing to do with reality. Oh, a banner of lies it's a PAWALL
 What doesn't he understand about the term "middle class" and "middle income earners". 1) It's not "all" income earners which he seems to think "all" Australians are
2) It's a prticular group whose income has remained flat and it seems will into the near future.
3) It's a group that appears to be suffering the most and yes by excusing that group from from the medicare levy alone we'd be ostensibly throwing Universal health care out the window as we have with education and housing.
4) No suggestion that Bolt's medicare levy be raised as a badge of honor is there?