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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/9/17; One Nation doing what it does best; Bolt's reliable energy has flopped big time; The doublecross is yet to come watch out you'll be blind sided; Crowdfunding freedom;

The High Court has ruled One Nation's Malcolm Roberts was a dual British and Australian citizen at the time he was nominated for election.

 One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts was a dual citizen at time of nomination | SBS News


Puerto Rico Quick Facts

  • Petroleum products fuel transportation, electricity generation, and industry in Puerto Rico, supplying three-fourths 75% of the energy consumed in the commonwealth.
  • In 2016, 47% of Puerto Rico’s electricity came from petroleum, 34% from natural gas, 17% from coal, and 2% from renewable energy. 
The monster storm has crippled several islands, including Puerto Rico, as it roars across the Caribbean with extreme winds and storm surge. Check back on this post for the latest on the powerful hurricane
Andrew Bolt's reliable energy sources in "normal"  hurricane-prone areas, like the Caribbean and the USA, he claims can only be fossil fuel based generators.Well, they are dead in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean Andrew Bolt, nada, stuffed. The only power sources operating are Renewables Solar and Wind. They are the only things currently operating. SA was what a 3-day blackout?

 Live Updates: Puerto Rico Could Be Without Power For Up To Six Months Following Maria




Will Sydney University give a science degree to a witch, too?: "Greens co-founder Bob Brown ... will receive an honorary doctorate of science from the University of Sydney." Brown is so "sciencitific" he said we faced "permanent" drought, blamed Cyclone Yasi on our coal mines and suggested aliens "extincted themselves" because they weren't green.
Yes, all  Bolt's reasoned thinking is yelling expletives over the fence. However, Science predicted that the Hurricanes this season would test the populations of the Caribbean. Bolt declared them to be "normal and not significant". They were of historic proportions. His most favored power generators run on fossil fuels have died a miserable death. Those that do remain operating are you guessed it renewables and Bolt claims he's a leading reasoned thinker.




The Doublecross is yet to come

While the postal plebiscite – Brexit effects aside – should be a resounding "yes", I suspect the battle is yet to be had in the parliamentary process on the enabling legislation.

 John Hewson: John Howard's republican debate tactics threaten same-sex marriage


 Tony Abbott boxing while at Oxford University.


Former prime minister Tony Abbott told me he was assaulted by a same-sex marriage campaigner after leaving a private event in Hobart. From The Bolt Report:
  Let's remind our selves of the Alfalfa Club and Abbott's false story to hide the fact he was there for a photo shoot to set up a fake news story for Murdoch's Daily Telegraph and yes he was busted. So what we have is a story by Abbott crying victim with only a personal staff member as a witness in the center of Hobart City. No photographers, no injuries, and no people. Of course, he let it out on Ray Hadley's 2GB and he knew MSM would lap it up without question only boosting the "No" vote's attention. 
Was Abbott the victim No when you're a politician with Abbott's profile and ability to centralize news you're not a victim. When you have had your foot on the throats of gays for time immemorial and you get a reaction from one you're not a victim. When you use that to say see we the good Christians are being persecuted you aren't a victim all you are doing is justifying your witch burning like the good people of Salem did for their religious and political agendas.  What is really happening is the destruction and mental well-being of Australian citizens declaring them not different but not equal Mr.Abbott. Simply said I don't believe a word you are saying, Tony Abbott, even if it did happen. 
Yes and here we have Andrew Bolt Abbott, Hadley etc etc "Milking the Event"



  Image result for Images of Bolt in Lygon st


 No if's or but's when Bolt was in Lygon st Carlton he just got glittered and he did try to Knock Kids Out. He tried to go for GBH now it's no guess who he vote's for and who the glitter bugs are going to vote for is there. Bolt went further on that day called all 'no' voters to stop being cowards and get up and do the same.
If this were the USA and one realized that the American Civil war was fought over Equality and Slavery it's pretty clear whose waving the Confederate Flag in Australia and would still be waving it in America today. Bolt certainly believes in letting Australians know who is who in his world and not everyone's equal. It's clear to see how civil wars start when the Bolt's of this world claim victim-hood with their foot planted firmly on the necks of LGBTQIs their children and yelling it to their face for trying to cross the line.

UPDATE: ABC is reporting a man has been charged in relation to the alleged assault. His motivation remains unknown. Tony Abbott is many things to many people. Leader, man-spunk, hunka-hunka-speedo-love… inveterate liar. And the latter one is on everyone’s lips today, after Abbott got his own lips nailed – he claims – yesterday by aMore

 Is Tony Abbott Lying About Getting Head-butted For Marriage Equality? - New Matilda



Tony Abbott gives his first TV interview about the assault on him by a gay-marriage supporter. Watch here. Meanwhile, Twitter is full of Leftists cheering the attack and wishing Abbott gets hit again. They are the fascists they condemn. UPDATE: Tony Windsor confirms he's a disgraceful sack of hate.
Stealing the moment when it had nothing to do with SMS
Media attention given to Abbott is 100 times more than given to Kevin Rudd's god son and his face was severely damaged. Bolt let it slip by as an event to be expected and not really worthy of attention or reporting. Equality look at the difference and ask about equality of attention. Abbott's face is unmarked it was supposed to have happened in broad daylight to a super fit  boxer, bike rider, life saving surfer and fire fighter who can handle himself. He was allegedly head butted by someone far less of an athlete than he is. But look at the publicity given to his cause against that given to the 'yes' vote. Abbott we know is publicity horndog posing in all outfits and trying to get attention. He will literally do anything remember the Alfalfa Club "his special invite to dinner" it turned out lunch taken there by Murdoch at $200 a head with a camera man for a photo shoot to boost his image and steal media attention in Australia. If Abbott is comfortable lying like that and at other times for publicity what's capable doing now?



No, Tony Abbott's staffer did not say the man (now charged) who allegedly headbutted Abbott did "not say anything about same-sex marriage". He in fact says he didn't hear the man with the "vote yes" sticker say "same-sex marriage", but did hear what he took to be a reference to gay marriage: "You deserve this for what you've been saying". 
Now we have what seems to be a concerted effoert to protect Tony Abbott and explain the scene for him as if his own words are insufficient. Just see and feel Bolt's urgency in today's SOS for Tony and generalizing the "Yes" campaign as the viscious attack on moral innocence.. As I said in no circumstance is Abbott the victim here. He is as much a victim as Bolt's claim that the Barcelona terrorists were heroic an brave or that Christians  are the persecuted party here and cowards for not standing up and fighting back.


Just wearing a "yes" badge makes you a same- sex activist but wearing a 'no' badge a persecuted innocent according to Bolt. Good , Bad  or Ugly. Is Abbott saying he loved his sister BUT she's likely to be a poor mother to her six children good, bad, or ugly? Oh he's the persecuted brother! Given the percieved danger Abbott sees is he irresponsible for not putting her into child protection services as concerned uncle? 
The only activists I've seen in a concerted and organized fashion have been the 'No' voters Senator Canavan calling out  the 'yes' adults and kids to grow spines when the mental fragility was mentioned. Talking of ugly mindsets you couldn't get more uglier than Lyle Shelton offering aversion therapy or Andrew Bolt calling Conservatives to clench their fists and get out there and fight like he did in Carlton. Has anybody witnessed any member of the ABC try to attempt GBH? 

Has any body wondered why Jason Om also an ABC staffer reported this story and why Bolt is making it seem as if he's breaking the News? Or why is the idenity of the ABC technition blacked out? What is obvious here the ABC is not hiding this and has been extremely professional about it. I'll bet Bolt isn't as open about his emails as Jason Om obviously is.
 But has anyone even considered that "good" may have been a response to an earlier conversation. The blacking out of identities seems to suggest things may not be as straight forward  Bolt is presenting them. That all he's doing is taking the opportunity of shooting from the hip. Yes folks it's Abbott day at Bolt's blog which suggests we are in the process of Deflection,Distraction and Distorion.

The school has surpassed its initial goal of raising $900 for Do It In A Dress.
Madelin Sims may have just made crowdfunded Madeline's future path and not encroached on her freedom as Bolt is trying to make out.
Every week brings more proof that many same-sex marriage campaigners are the bullies and bigots they claim to oppose. Take Madlin Sims, who runs a children’s entertainment company in Canberra and has just fired Madeline, a Christian teenager  who worked for her, dressed as Minnie Mouse. Pick the real bully here. Bolt

 Bernardi Backfire: Craigburn Primary School Raises More Than $150,000


 Image result for Images of Black Pete


 One could well have said that given only 25% of Australians in the last census claimed to be practicing Christians. Christmas is simply a commercial occasion celebrating a holiday season. Is Andrew Bolt denying a company's right to legally advertise it's product in whatever manner it wants. I mean Andrew Bolt no doubt learned all about Black Pete and Sinterclaus when he was a child. Black Pete were white men doing black face in the Netherlands which today is a ver big point of contention and he's griping about a tree. 
We aren't destroying our symbols Andrew Bolt but we are changing their relevance from myth to reality in the same way the Germans did with any statues of Hitler. Also in the way they take primary school children to Concentration camps and explain their history to them lest they forget. Unlike the Dutch who no doubt still teach their children what friends they were to the Jews during WW2 when in fact they killed a greater % of dutch Jews than the Germans did German Jews. Yes symbols and their meanings do need to be to be changed but not destroyed.
Our history is the history of the British Empire one built on slavery indentured labor drugs land grabbing and the impoverishment of indigenous peoples wherever they were gorging on the wealth they could loot. When were we ever taught about the "black birding" that  took place. 100,000 Pacific Islanders stole to work on our Qld plantations. When was ever "resistance" protest and how many whites were hanged for killing Aborigines compared to the reverse.  A clue to just how benign colonists weren't might be found in the uprisings and revolutions attempted against them. The most successful the American war of Independence. Did you know the first language of America would have been German bar a single vote cast by a German for it to be English?  Churchill said when the Japanese were thought to overrun Australia "let them have it we will try to get it back later".
When you put the Glorious Empire into real data and context rather than the myth an Inglorious one  begins to emerge  and you come to see what was done in a very different light making our symbols worth changing for a more relevant history for our kids rather than just myths. 

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John Roskam exposes the "thoroughly Liberal" Turnbull Government and its new "emergency" laws for the gay marriage debate: "Under ... the Act legal action against someone accused of religious vilification can only be undertaken with the consent of the Attorney-General. In a free country the government doesn’t get to decide when a law is applied."
 It seems when the "no" vote is spending 5 times the $$ on media than the "yes" vote one might ask who is the most funded and organized rather than the biggest. It somehow suggests Roskam is calling for vigilante by media committees to determine what constitutes religious vilification because he in fact is preparing to do just that. The ACL has commanded more media space than anyone and has paid for it.
 How much media space did Rudd's nephew get when he was beaten by a " no" voter? How long was it news. He had the scars to prove it what has Abbott got little more than a story. Calling it "alleged" as Bolt calls anything he disagrees with it's god's own truth when Abbott says it totally unmarked. The truth doesn't matter it seems the media does that's why "milking" is the appropriate term


Genevieve Callaghan is a caricature of the sanctimonious, offence-taking and intolerant yes-campaigner: "Straight friends! ... I implore you to hold off getting married until we can all get married. Don't invite people who will have to choose between suppressing sadness or unleashing rage to respond to your invitation. And don't invite me."
22 Sep
" And there's another reason I hope her friends heed her call to not marry until and unless gay marriage becomes law. Any friend of hers seems like someone best dissuaded not just from marrying but breeding.Another reason for the rest of us to vote no." Andrew Bolt
It's a state of mind isn't it 



For a man who works from home is constantly so paranoid he's required to move his family around frequently in the dead of night and not regard it as domestic violence. Andrew Bolt is Butthead to Tim Blair's Bevis. Why is this event turned into a photo-shoot that looks so uncomfortable. It's as out of place as Tony Abbott in budgie smugglers. The only haters here are Trump's publicity team and the photographers embedded in the White House. 
This is Bolt's bigotry "I guess he should have got an illegal immigrant from Mexico to do it instead, in the liberal way." The fact is Trump has employed thousands of Mexican illegals  over the years and often didn't pay them knowing full well they couldn't complain.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/9/17; Yes, But 'No ' Voters like Tony Abbott are all sweet on the outside but maggot ridden within; The media con when news for profit is propaganda; Syria and Yemen;

 Tony Abbott boxing while at Oxford University.


 Bolt tried to kill two pranksters they didn't head butt him they glittered him. He wasn't a victim. One thing is for certain Abbott opened a can of worms with his no equality for gays message and  plebescite and it goes to show just how angry people are and some to the point of radicalized reaction. If yo hold people down long enough and the react don't call yourself the victim.
 Bolt isn't someone who shows his face in public and he calls Christians cowards and victims and  and tells Muslims they not wanted. Yet he's the one who is hiding behind a media curtain. He is the voice of  the bully who is the real coward. What can one say to Abbott other than "you reap what you sow." Where were the cameras? They are usually only there when Abbott wants a set up photoshoot? The reality you don't even know whether the situation is real or not?` Now Bolt  will go on to to use this to condemn the "yes" vote in it's entirety but will he call them brave like he did the terrorists of Barcelona and the "no" voters gutless. No he will tell us what innocent victims they are persecuted by the pro gay majority. With Bolt you never know what tactic he'll apply only that he's for a side and  never a principle. He's just like Abbott whose a "yes" but "man". "Yes I love my sister but she's deeply flawed" Bolt's the same "Cate McGregor is great friend "but" not a real person lile me. 
Given his record can Abbott be trusted there's not a mark on him his only witness a staff member. Was he ina Hobart alley? Remember the Alfalfa Club Murdoch was his witness to bullshit then.
 Tony Abbott says he was injured after being assaulted by same-sex marriage campaigner in Hobart
 Tony Abbott's wrong: de facto couples don't have the same rights as married ones


Who gives a stuff Abbott's all Yes But about it and Bolt claims he's a victim

ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry cautions schools on same-sex marriage

  • Former prime minister Tony Abbott has torn into ACT Education…
Same-sex marriage could help prevent up to 3000 teenage suicide attempts every year, according to five of Australia's most respected mental health groups.

Source: Same-sex marriage could 'prevent 3000 teen suicide attempts a year', say health groups


Silenced? The "No" Side Is Getting Four Times The Media Coverage Of The "Yes" Side 


Terrorists: Al Qaeda have always been US and Israeli Allies

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/9/17; Abbott has been left standing naked; Piss Christ is back; Christianity's suicide; Abbott's either wrong or a liar; Salman Rushdie's view;


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Billions wasted. Desalination plants mothballed. Power prices sky high. The poor unable to pay for heating. Time to count the shocking price we've paid for listening to global warming scaremongers like Tim Flannery. My editorial from The Bolt Report. Plus: Liberal MP Craig Kelly suggests he could cross the floor to vote down a clean energy target. 

"Billions wasted. Desalination plants mothballed. Power prices through the roof. Pensioners unable to pay for their heating. It's time to count the shocking price we've paid"Bolt
 According to Andrew Bolt the world's and Australia's problems along with our electricity prices all rest on the words of a single false prophet Tim Flannery? Australia has fallen so far behind other countries because years ago they leaped forward and invested in the development of renewable energy Germany, California, Norway Sweden etc etc etc all have lower energy prices compared to Australia because of Tony Abbott's "nope" politics. That has been the foremost cause of why our politics have kept our prices high and going backward.
However domestically and relatively speaking Bolt's argument of rising prices is a lie they just haven't gone down. In the 80s we were paying 2.9% of our income domestically for electricity and 30 years later we are still paying 2.9%. Housing, company profits, and even Bolt's wages have increased more than electricity since then. Abbott destroyed Labors ETS took control of the Liberals and refused any partisan political agreements to solve a fragmented national energy problem calling and ETS 'crap'. Since the denial of global warming and 'nope'  made him opposition leader almost a decade ago he's never let go. It may have led him to personal power back then against Turnbull. But trying to repeat it now is not listening. Australia has a problem and there is an offer from the ALP to come to a partisan agreement to solve it.The longer Abbott ignores it and doesn't join Turnbull the issue just drags on worsening our energy disjunction where logic dictates there shouldn't be one.

Abbott was a denier calling global warming crap and RET's a hoax. Bolt his amplifier still does claim it's a Religion despite 97% of the world's Climate Science agree on the evidence to date. Abbott no longer does that. He says warming real but retains his "nope" attitude for little more than a once successful political tactic hoping to again wrest power from Turnbull and fracturing the LNP even more in the process. Howard once came back Abbott thinks he can do the same. However what he hasn't grasped in his personal quest is the Australian public and his traditional conservative voters have also moved on a lot further than he has.
Abbott has single handed set Australian science back so far we are where we were in the 50s, not leaders of innovation and technology but buyers of it and allowing India and China to develop our 21rst Century systems for us.
 The Flannery warnings criticized by Bolt are a joke because the narrow attention and focus Bolt is giving him is to distort and distract us from what global science is telling us now and not what Flannery said in 2009. The Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose,Katie and Maria coming haven't left renewable energy crippled but fossil fuel base-level energy paralyzed at a total standstill, nada, screwed in Texas and Florida. The only energy systems still operating during and after these storms, which Andrew Bolt by the way called "normal events," is renewable energy.
So yes count what laughing at nature has cost us Andrew Bolt and stop hiding the fact that your political grab is driving Australia backward and costs up. Declaring you're wiser than the experts, Corporate Energy Generators, Scientists, Banks, Investors, and now consumers you is what's set us backward. In desperation your now the socialist the regulator wanting to manipulate the market to slow the natural divestment away from coal.Meanwhile, you're  still on your backfoot and media wagon selling the snake oil dirty energy we have turned our backs on over the last 10 years leaving Tony Abbott a naked noise.


Tell us the news here. On the next The Bolt Report - Mark Latham let's rip.


       1) Mark Latham creates a living from the Sam Newman song book.

       2) Bolt has bought him for attention, clowning and raising his failed ratings

       3) The Project ratings are busting his balls and Bolt needs some controversy.

       4) He hasn't a very large budget even less than an almost bankrupt Ch10



Australia's Global Shame and Disgrace

Exclusive: Rohingya sent to detention island in Papua New Guinea pressured to return to Myanmar, where thousands have fled ethnic persecution

 Australia offers to pay Rohingya refugees to return to Myanmar | World news | The Guardian

It’s rather difficult to empathize with the marriage equality No crowd’s insistence that they are being “bullied” by the Yes side, given that the postal opinion poll on the issue is, in itself, one of the most outstanding examples of government and social bullying that we’ve seen in quite some time.Subjecting groups to the judgment of their fellow citizens on the basis of their sexuality is bullying, of the most insidious and damaging kind.

 Turnbull’s postal opinion poll: a vicious, bullying farce. - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Image result for Image of a persecuted bigot


Corrine Barraclough has raised a Baptist and as Christianity shrivels worries what will replace it: "When I was growing up, repeating the verse “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was daily routine... Christianity is increasingly slammed and sidelined. However, has anyone given any thought to where basic values will come from?"
"When I was growing up, repeating the verse “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was a daily routine.

Yes, it’s a Bible verse, Luke 6:31..."
Having asked the question the answer is staring you in the face. Those who refuse to accept Equality and Universal Human Rights aren't. Andrew Bolt is a living example and demands the freedom to do it from society.

 Image result for Image of Mr Nope


Tony Abbott steps up his war on the "clean energy" obsession that's destroyed our cheap and reliable supply of electricity: "The Liberal and National backbench might need to save the government from itself. The only way to get our country back on track is to rid ourselves of the emissions obsession... We need a “jobs first” energy policy." 
  "Tony Abbott steps up his war on the "clean energy" obsession that's destroyed our cheap and reliable supply of electricity for no gain to the planet:"
 The Lie being preached
1) Coal is a shrinking Industry with shrinking demand and investment. It's the only road to profit has been automation and shrinking Labour.
2) Renewable energy is a sunrise industry with expanding investment and demand it employs an expanding jobs market far larger than coal or fossil fuels globally
3) If Abbott's sincere then he's wrong in supporting coal which means he's just firing from the hip and not the brain. If he's not sincere it's what we all know is the most likely he's a liar and little more than a political tactition maintaining a Nope campaign on progress.

By using energy storage with solar panels, homeowners were able to go off-grid, showing how distributed power could speed future storm recovery.
 (Despite laws in Florida makes it illegal to power yourself off the grid)

 After the Hurricane, Solar Kept Florida Homes and a City's Traffic Lights Running | InsideClimate News

Image result for Image of a persecuted bigot


Not a joke but a question. A Fairfax journalist goes for a drive with an American cousin, and one admits they're a Trump supporter. Which of the two: A. demands the other leave the car; B. prides themselves as being the more tolerant? Strangely, the answer to both is the same - David Leser.
 The return of Bevis and Butthead Blair and Bolt. Flipping turning protest into bigotry. For Butthead Bolt if he's poofter bashing a gay on the ground and they protest Butthead Bolt is the victim of gay bigotry. How clever is that? 

 Image result for Image of a persecuted bigot


Nationals MP George Christensen will test whether the Commission just defends the Left: "I have asked the Human Rights Commission to urgently investigated a blatant abuse of human rights whereby a contract employee was terminated purely for holding a belief in the current definition of marriage." And Madeline responds to her boss's vilification. 
 The persecution of Christians in Australia is an oxymoron just as much as Bolt's often complained that the poor rich are being persecuted. 
As for the conflict between Mrs. Sims and Madelaine whose last name appears protected claims "I don't think I should have been fired". She is welcome to have her complaint of Unfair Dismissal heard by the FWC . However, Bolt prefers it heard on his biased Bolt Report that has total disregard for the fact Madelaine has an avenue of redress.
Christensen MP For motives of his own wants the case investigated by the AHRC which they will do and if they believe the case is one in their jurisdiction will call for mediation between the two parties. If that fails Madelaine could crowdfund or Christensen MP could call for donations to take the case to Court. Either way, the AHRC will have been done with it before that has happened. There are referees freedoms and protections had Madelaine belonged to a union she just might well have better protection. The problem the sharks are now involved Bolt grabbing attention for himself Christensen using it as a political tactic and I'm sure others it's an opportunity to make $$$ Crowdfund it Madelaine for dirty lucre. However, Madelaine doesn't believe in in the Christian principle of universality of human rights and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"   
 Image result for Image of Andrew Bolt on Lygon st


20 Sep

"Watch for yourself Donald Trump's fine speech at the United Nations, which ABC AM this morning fretted was "provocative" and "name-calling". I thought that here was a US president finally defying terrorists, socialist thugs, and totalitarians as Barack Obama so recklessly didn't." Bolt
Bolt just loves watching bullies bullying each other posturing for a fight. He loved Kim and believes that's the way Christians should none of this turn the other cheek bull. He called the terrorists in Barcelona brave young men. While telling Christians they were cowards 500,000 people marching for unity meant nothing to Bolt. Imagine if Bolt had access to a nuclear code he'd probably have to ring Tim Blair first and ask him how to use it.
1) At the UN, Trump wheels out a jumble of contradictions
2) Trump’s First Speech Before the UN Was an Absurd, Bombastic Disaster | The Nation

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So if we get gay marriage, which rights might we lose? Roger Franklin checks a submission by former Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Tribunal boss Robin Banks, who hauled in a Catholic Archbishop for questioning. Worryingly, she says the religious view of morality must submit to “community standards” when people like her find it “outdated”.  

 Ms. Delany has a right of reply to the Quadrant's accusations which you will find below.

Pilmer in Perspective 

Mining Lobbyist and Anti-Warming Spokesperson who once had some influence on Tony Abbott. Still loved by deniers like Andrew Bolt


Ian Plimer has penned bestsellers on the global warming scare. Now comes another book, to be launched in Sydney by Cory Bernardi on October 5: "How did Australia, one of the world's largest exporters of coal, gas and uranium, end up with the most unreliable and most expensive energy globally?"  Book for the launch here. And order the book here.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/9/17. 1gear forward 5Gears in Reverse Bolts formula for progress; Get a spine the new Conservative chant to gays;

 Photo of children's birthday party organiser Madlin Sims


Many Yes campaigners are the bullies they claim to oppose. Now a Canberra children's entertainment business has sacked a contractor for posting "you can say No" on her Facebook page. Even worse, the boss even called her a homophobe who shouldn't be around children. My editorial from The Bolt Report - and some of my interview with the sacked woman.
Bolt hates Australia and its freedoms, doesn't he? 
The entertainer can test her dismissal under our unfair dismissal laws.That's democracy. It's what they are there for her employer doesn't have that privilege or protection. But it's still not a one-way street because there are independent tribunals there to judge on the law that Bolt generally doesn't support. Her employer knows that she can test her freedoms and have them adjudicated. Usually, we'd see Bolt bleeding and calling Sims the victim not in this case he prefers a side rather than a principle of employer rights being undermined.
 Is Bolt complaining that there are no  unions? Is he a socialist what would he do if the entertainer was a Lebanese Muslim or refugee is he actually suggesting she should crowdfund her dismissal and profit from it? That's more Bolt than defending workers rights. The thing is Ms. Sims her employer feels she had the freedom to do what she deemed necessary for her business and conscience as did  the entertainer. Freedoms Bolt usually praises but generally argues against any adjudicator being necessary. What we see here is pluralism at work and the avenues for the action to be judged and tested under our unfair dismissal laws. Freedoms we are now voting on which have been unequal and unrecognized since John Howard put the Marriage bill and made it law without asking the people in 2004
Bolt had that right to say sorry under our vilification laws but chose not to he wasn't sacked but he was found guilty and hasn't stopped bitch'n since.

So Who does support Coal Andrew Bolt?

A survey of voter attitudes in the Labor-held blue-collar strongholds has found 28 per cent of voters tag the federal Coalition with the blame for the ongoing electricity generation confusion.
Voters situated around the Liddell power station are already looking beyond coal to cleaner power sources and tend to blame the federal government for the current state of energy policy.
All but a few believe pressuring AGL to keep its aging power station operating is the wrong way to go. 

Coal not even popular in coal-dominated electorates



  "spending billions to give you more expensive and unreliable electricity just to pretend to stop global warming that they pretend is catastrophic." Bolt
The wreck on electricity after the hurricanes was cars at a standstill and 5 mill houses without power those operating renewably generated only.

1)Let's get this straight first Bolt is lying 30 years ago we spent 2.9% of our income on electricity today we are spending the same. So Bolt is lying.
2) Power generators want to move away from coal because the infrastructure is far more expensive to build than renewables. They are demanding and ETS
3) Power generators are moving away from coal Adani for one is the biggest operator of Solar Power in India
4) Warming or no warming clean energy makes sense and all major industries other than those who do nothing more than produce fossil fuels are moving away from a fossil fuel power generated future
"Australians are set to pay $300 million in subsidies to an outback solar farm owned by a Saudi Arabian billionaire in a new test of the federal government’s looming energy reforms, escalating a dispute over whether to cut the handouts to keep coal-fired power stations alive."Bolt
We are giving Adani $1 billion
What we see is a repetitive lie about your power bills being more expensive that they ever were when they, in fact, aren't 2.9% is 2.9% and, Sun Wind and tides are free. Bolt is trying to convince us that coal is cheaper than free. He doesn't mention that since the hurricanes went through America the only power operating during and after the storms has been renewable. The only transport moving is electric all of this information is put under his commentary carpet in the no news zone.

It may have ravaged much of the Caribbean, but Hurricane Irma weakened mercifully quickly as it passed over Florida. That’s not to say that it didn’t cause Thanks To Lobbying, It's Illegal To Power Your Home With Solar Panels In Florida | IFLScience






A range of mental health groups is in urgent talks this week to develop a strategy to meet the increased demand, with fears the situation will worsen as the postal survey campaign continues for another two months.
 Senator Canavan's Response to this "Get a Spine" 
 Bolt's "We are the Victims" ... 
Any Speech is Free Speech to them, truth does not count neither does Social Justice or equality

  Malcolm Turnbull must take responsibility for postal survey mental health concerns: Bill Shorten

  Mental health expert attacks Canavan's 'grow a spine' comment on marriage equality | Australia news | The Guardian


 Image result for Images of Apartheid


Bugger the bakers: "Senator Dean Smith said under his bill ... there would be no protections, for example, for a Christian-run bakery that refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding, unless it had formal links to a church.”  Bakers in Oregon and Colorado have learned what comes next. So have a Washington florist and New Mexico photographer.

 What we want is the freedom of Apartheid true Christian belief.
  Yes, it's typical Bolt is an example of an extremist who throws rationality out the windows in favor of punch-ups tantrums and threats. His elf & troll Peter BH is pulled out to try to appear more rational emphasis on appearance only, a bit like wearing a suit when committing GBH. However, the attempt at reasoned threats is still threats even when  Bolt can't be that subtle. Bakers have had the right not to serve customers if they don't wish whenever they want. they have the right to remove them from the premises.
  "(E)ver since marriage was re-defined to enable two people of the same sex to marry in [the USA], businesses owners have been fined and put out of business when they have declined to provide services for same-sex weddings."USA
That's the generalization or threat now for the statistical example as to the evidence like all bull artists there is no wide-ranging examples of this having gone on but anecdotes. The reality, however, has been researched and researched heavily over three decades and no significant changes in behavior have occurred. Amplification or attempting to make examples of cases suggesting they have become the new norm for 500,000,000 Americans and Canadian is just a lie. In the case of the Bakers in the USA, the struggling bakery actually made money out of what was blown up to be a false flag solely intended for publicity and crowdfunding. Didn't the Bakers make $800,000 in that campaign?
Oops, no mention of what the white Christian Lobby will do to publicize themselves in America in the name of protest. The could have done the same even before marriage equality was voted in. Marriage Equality had nothing to do with religious freedom. Did you hear about the Rabbi who didn't get sued for not marrying non-Jews? What about the Baker who refused to put Satan on top of the wedding cake? 



It has been fine to persecute police and jail gays at the end of the last century, in fact, Andrew Bolt was raised in Adelaide where the last gay was bashed to death and thrown into the Torrens River. Bolt's parents came from a town in the Netherlands where it was fine to kill Jews and Bolt still loves it there. The town of Aalsmeer today is quite unlike Germany it doesn't teach it's children of its notorious past if they did he no doubt claim that the Jew-Haters of Aalsmeer were being victimized. Bolt never raises the history of the town he's so attached to.  If someone decided not to sell the Nazi sympathizers bread would  Bolt claim it seriously unfair. Yet it wasn't seriously unfair of the good bakers of Aalsmeer not to sell bread to Jews.
The equal rights we see today can be witnessed in Balaclava, Coburg Market, and Lakemba. Orthodox Jews are seen shopping in Christian shops as are Christians seen shopping in Balaclava road. What if suddenly they weren't and Bolt's refusal rights are what we saw rise up. Who would be persecuted? How would we function Bolt is now insisting on "tribal" rights and so he's demanding the rights for Sharia Law to be accepted and acknowledged which is the total opposite of what it is he wants which it cultural domination. Yet he seems unphased that Jews Christians and Muslims intermarry but that Rabbis in some instances refuse to marry couples or as some priests did in the not so recent past. I asked a priest to say a few words over my father at his funeral he refused because my father was a Jew. What's the ogre the monster change that Bolt is trying to frighten us with?
None of these events in a pluralist society have wound up in court, however, the possibility is there.  Everything is possible until tested Bolt is so anal he doesn't want to allow the freedom he has been given to others. He wants it labeled differently qualified and always tested.
 Te took arguments none of which are new and none of which in reality have come to destroy societies of the past 20 years where marriage equality has taken place. All it's done it has raised the level of hatred felt not by gays or activists but those like Bolt who are bent on not treating people equally in our country leaving outsiders aghast at the inequality of Australia and it's bigotry. What if is the game when you drag up an individual negative event and declare it to be the universal unintended consequence that can't be addressed.
Mrs. Sims is free to do what she has done and her staff member, in turn, is free to have here case tested in an unfair dismissal suit. Nobody has said that I can't refuse service to Andrew Bolt and I would.

 Image result for Image of wake in fright


This is disgusting. Tony Abbott is entitled to declare his sister a second class dangerous mother by Tony Abbott but his sister should leave him alone. Tony Abbott declared her 6 children would be "better" raised in a traditional family and Bolt said nothing. That is the caliber of this media man whose No side is telling gays to "get a spine". Old time old school poofter bashing is what we see going on and then running to the public tearfully crying "I'm being bullied". It makes you want to puke. Lyle Shelton well he's another kettle of fish altogether welcoming Aversion Therapy be made available to parents afraid their kids might be gay. Yes, what we see here is not just free speech but free advertising along with no gears forward only Australia in reverse. Wake in Fright live

 "But Forster dodges the real question: does she agree we need protections." Bolt
She does it's why she believes in Safe Schools and the AHRC's protection from vilification. Yes, Bolt she certainly believes in protections and doesn't come out like some heterosexual nutter who you support when all he can mumble is "Get a Spine" Bolt keeps saying stop Tribalism he doesn't seem to know what that means.


The New York Times crusades against Harvard's decision not to accept a new student: "In a breathtaking feat of rehabilitation, Ms. Jones, now 45, became a published scholar of American history... Elizabeth Hinton...  called her 'one of the strongest candidates in the country last year.'" Rita Panahi: "She murdered a child, you unbearable halfwits."
19  She paid the price Panahi and came out more intelligent than either of these two Fascists and News Corp is.  Gandhi was imprisoned. In fact so was Nehru and Churchill wished he was dead. Meanwhile, he was redirecting ships full of Australian wheat bound for India to save people from famine away from India to store in UK warehouses which were full. He wasn't in jail. Nelson Mandela was in Jail and South Africa gave him a job too. The problem Bolt and Panahi believe punishment and it's for life rehabilitation is purely an excuse for the weak and the left. Except in the case of Andrew Bolt convicted liar and vilifier then whole system of justice needs to be overturned. 
Australia is not Argentina guys once ruled by the Generals. Even Uraguay made a Tupamaros it's President Pepe Mujica was in jail for over 17 years. He Gandhi Nehru, Mandela could never be politicians
in Australia.  Exceptions sometimes do shine a light on the rule and NYT asks America what theirs is. We know what Panahai and Bolt's is.



Interesting: "Imams and Islamic leaders are ramping up a campaign against same-sex marriage, using their sermons in mosques across Australia to urge the Muslim community to vote no." So will gay-marriage activists to do Muslims what they do to Christians - blockade their meetings, threaten their leaders, sue their clerics and mock their faith?

 Dumb and Dumber Bolt keeps revealing his true self. Do gay-marriage activists protest in Churches be they  Christian, Mosques or Synagogues? No they don't. Will they protest at public meetings advocating the 'no' vote yes they will and it's their entitlement. The 'no voters to date have spent x5 $$ on media than the 'yes' voters. 
Will those advocating the 'no' vote allow Muslims into their meetings or 'yes' voters, I hardly think so. Will gays allow gay-marriage activists allow Muslims in I do think so. Andrew Bolt you have shown in your smugness just what an ultra racist you in fact are. It's built into your question about 'attacking' Muslims. You in your own way mock the very nature of Christianity by attaching 'hate' to it.



The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled

Dr Mary-Claire King on the week she overcame everything and changed her life with the help of others: "The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1." A stranger called Joe di Maggio even helped in an airport queue. Do read on. You'll be looked for someone you could help, too.
Yes I remember a story like this told in print how a young unemployed man said he was a minder to a belly dancer romancing his life and padding it with lies. There are a million heroic stories in every city and they aren't just stories revolving about celebrities like Joe Di Maggio nice stories that wind up in print. Bolt however never tells of the ones in proson or the the ones among the homelss. Never anything nice about Lebanese Muslims all of who he tends to file away in one box. That when you ask yourself does Bolt have a heart? Some people don't have anything to be burgled when their marriage breaks up.
Exceptions are when the mass of people rise up against injustice that has accumulated through out history and justified by myth and falasy. It's time to vote yes for marriage equality because the lives of gays has been burgled.