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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/2/18; According to Bolt Turnbull is to blame for all the idiot coalition partners; Abbott wouldn't speak up on anything but Turnbull;

The PM and his deputy: Can we focus attention on things that affect all?

 Bolt is obsessed with Miranda Devine and runs a Trump-like tweet "
"The Prime Minister has been enhanced, as even the most bull-headed conservative will one day admit."Devine. He somehow expects us to believe Turnbull caused this poll crash to his approval rating and not the media reporting for the last 11 days by News Corp that it was Turnbull that was at the eye of the government storm. Newspoll Paid for by Murdoch is generally made public on Tuesdays how is it that Andrew Bolt publishes the results on a Monday? Like Trump, he'd too would swear to no collusion. This post takes the shape and form of one done by the Don flaying at everything in sight.
If it wasn't the fact that Bolt is a leading man in the Murdoch stable this post would be hilarious for its amateur effort to sell papers. 
 Guess Bolt also blames Turnbull for this National's antics "The post comes just days after 17 people were killed in a shooting in a high school in the US.


 Photo of Nationals MP George Christensen with a gun reported to police

Proof positive Andrew Bolt it's not Turnbull's fault but partners like this and Joyce and media like yours that have soured Australia. However, they haven't raised Abbott, have they?

 Controversial Queensland MP George Christensen has been reported to police after posing with a handgun on social media.On Saturday, Mr Christensen posted a photo of himself aiming a gun on Facebook along with a post saying, "You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?"

Bolt's over eagerness drowns out the fact that the LNP have improved. Is it any wonder given Murdoch's frontal blitzkrieg on Turnbull that his personal appeal has gone down and here's Bolt doing his best to boost the idiot Abbott and put him back in the frame. Abbott/ Joyce now that's a combination worth consideration, isn't it. Australia hasn't any politicians worth respect, not any the media can put forward.
Let's face it there has never been a choice in Bolt's mind but then he lost his when he was handed this job years ago always just a work in progress stuck in a rut



Bolt choice isn't one it's his cry for Tony again. Triggered by the fact that Tony cried he'd never do it. Murdoch needs to put him on the IPA's shoulders and triumphantly escort him back to Rome . 
One needs to ask did Bolt plagiarize this article in IA by Passant written as far back as 12/2/18?

Malcolm Turnbull denies that his vitriolic presser yesterday was meant to shoehorn the Nationals into dumping Barnaby Joyce. Yeah, right, he just tipped gasoline onto the Nats’ already-burning leader just for the heck of it.

 Image result for Andrew Bolt with egg on his face
Bolt claims to have "damned " Barnaby Joyce ye with a reather whip. Yesterday he explicitly blamed Vickky Campion for Joyce 's demise. and might as well have damned Natilie his wife for not backing Barnaby up. Having posted that now Bolt says " I wouldn’t be the only conservative presenter on TV getting an avalanche of emails from viewers furious that I’ve damned the Nationals leader."


Here is a curious fact about the support for Malcolm Turnbull's new nanny-state ban on Ministers having sex with staff. According to Newspoll, Liberal voters like it least and Labor voters like it most. Isn't that a metaphor for Turnbull's leadership?


Bolt what sort of an idiot justifies his argument on the basis of the most least liked in a poll Andrew Bolt does. He doesn't happen to mention that when he he says "liberals like it the least" he's also including the Nationals Barnaby fans in his use of the term "Liberals". They aren't exactly Liberals.  Somehow using a negative as a positive against Turnbull hardly carries any weight.
 Furthermore, using Bolt logic decries Turnbull a "weak leader" and praises Abbott for his strength. Yet it's Turnbull whose challenging Bolt's "least liked" not Abbott.  So it's  Turnbull whose acting like a leader here, acting on his conviction and going against the least liked majority. Bolt & Abbott who are sucking up to that 31% majority Bolt so much thinks is so important.
 Confused of course we are and  Bolt intends it to be that way. He believes in male dominance in the work place in the family and in society as a whole. Read it in the blog post where he clearly states Joyce was the victim of Vikky Campion's incompetance and implying Natalie Joyces as well they simply didn't do their jobs well enough.
What Bolt fails emphasize is that the coalition vote was in fact 57% in favor Turnbull and only 31% made up of Nationals as well against. Having just flipped the poll table suggesting that the "least"  most popular is significant duckingreality for symantics. It's the same old same old ploy Bolt uses to suggest he's indigenous and a victim of black or reverse racism, a victim of reverse sexist aggression and generally a victim of the leftist elite of Australia generally.
But then Bolt fights for majority of 1% Australians who own 70% of the nations wealth and demand control over the security, policing, media, education welfare and arrangements under which we live which often tend to be the most least liked. "Joyce isn't is strife for the sex"Bolt

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,18/2/18; Humour first; Two Catholic boys think "confession" is all it takes to be absolved like some priests; Murdoch Media have Turnbull in their sights;

Editorial cartoon on gun controlEditorial cartoon on guns and terrorism and the Republican PartyBarnaby Joyce reads headlines about himself

     'Pick up the phone': Abbott weighs into Turnbull-Joyce stoush

    "Former prime minister Tony Abbott has taken a thinly-veiled swipe at Malcolm Turnbull's handling of Barnaby Joyce's affair with a former staffer, as one Liberal senator openly calls for the Deputy PM to quit"

    "Today, Mr Abbott said if politicians wanted to give each other advice, they should do so by knocking on their door and picking up the phone to talk directly.
    "I am just not going to get into any details about personalities or specifics, but certainly as a general rule one party doesn't give another party public advice," Mr Abbott said.
    "That's the general rule that I observed."

    Abbott doesn't pick up the phone or practice what he preaches. He loudly advises others not to do what he's doing, giving advice publicly.

    What we see are two Catholic boys who believe that confession absolves all. Just as child molesting priests did. How often did we hear Abbott say sorry while PM? "I've got the message and will change"?

     "Mr Abbott has also questioned the need for a ban on sex between ministers and their staff." Abbott simply doesn't get it does he? The ban isn't about sex it's about the possible abuse of power in the workplace and its harmful consequences. In this case, all the women are losers. The Nationals backing Joyce are total hypocrites with no moral backbones yet proselytizing family values of marriage equality like Joyce. Barnaby is no male exception he's very much a common example of a male predator who as a Catholic believes "sorry" is enough.

    Turnbull actually has been the only politician to speak up for women badly treated by men like these whose careers would never have existed without them. Who for one moment thinks Barnaby Joyce was ever a role model of male parenthood and will be from here on in? Nobody the two women's lives, however, will change insurmountably.


    Defiant Joyce calls Turnbull’s bluff in #Bonkgate soap opera

    The explosive confrontation between PM Turnbull and his deputy, Joyce, is not entirely without precedent. But, as political editor Dr Martin Hirst writes, the [...] 
    Even the media like Martin Hirst like Martin Hirst asks whose worst off in this predicament and doesn't for a moment mention the women. However, he's right in one sense "
    "I said last week that Turnbull is the real target of this ongoing drama and it’s an epic. At last count, 11 consecutive front pages on the Daily Telegraph up to today (Saturday) and with Turnbull out of the country next week (if he goes), we can expect it to remain hot and humid in the Canberra cauldron." and it's Murdoch Media News Corp firing the bullets.


    How Turnbull has fudged Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday said he was "appalled" by Barnaby Joyce's "shocking" affair, and he urged his Deputy Prime Minister to consider resigning. But when did Turnbull first learn of this affair that he now feels disqualifies Joyce from serving?  Wasn't it last year? When asked, Turnbull stalls and hedges. Here are some of his non-answers.

    As Martin Hirst points out News Corp isn't for a moment interested in Barnaby but Turnbull is their target and Bolt is following the directive. Abbott publicly and hypocritically deflects from Joyce and suggests Turnbull was clumsy speaking to the media. Having said this he handballs his criticism to News Corp, however, letting the world know that the Bolt's and News Corps criticism come for him and we will see it amplified while Turnbull's away. There are all the qualities of a Shakespearean play here but without the finesse not for any other reason than Bolt is running the narrative trying  to convince but not to inquire, inform or reveal any truth and that's been the case with the News Corp all along.

    18/02/2018The proof in the pudding Bolt is plain and clear "Impression: weak and opportunistic. Appalling political skills.One of the two men has to go to end this intolerable and unsustainable tension at the top.
    Normally, of course, you'd say it was Joyce, the deputy. Turnbull latest flip-flop now opens the field.
    To think the Coalition can go to the election with this pair in charge is the purest fantasy."
    Turnbull's comments on the misogyny in the workplace ignored. The male sexist chauvinism exhibited in the turning of these men's backs on the plight of the women ignored. But that's no surprise given Abbott Joyce and Bolt are involved.
    Bolt even blames Vickky Campion for all that's happened turning Joyce into the victim "Really? As a media advisor, Campion by choosing to sleep with her boss helped to create the very worst media storm Joyce could ever have feared." Bolt
    "Really? As a media advisor, Campion by choosing to sleep with her boss helped to create the very worst media storm Joyce could ever have feared." Here we have Bolt blaming Campion it's a surprise he hasn't started attacking Joyce's wife of 24 years as well for driving poor Barnaby into the hands of Vickky. Barnaby "confessed," said sorry and like Abbott promised he'd learned his lesson not to change but not to get caught. He should consider joining the priesthood after all Abbott did.
     Tony Thomas prefers abuse to reasoned thinking and it's why he uses the term "facts" without any. Here are some recent ones from the religion of science.

    Global Warming Is Getting Worse, Fast

    1)Global surface temperatures during the three years from 2014 to 2016 – each hotter than the last – boosted the total level of global warming since 1900 by 25%, according to new research.
    2)A separate study has confirmed that heat extremes, too, have outpaced the global average. Maximum temperatures during the hottest heat waves have in the last 30 years risen three times faster – especially in crowded cities that are home to more than 10 million – than average temperatures as a whole.
    3)And a third study warns that unless the world’s nations start to reduce carbon emissions, then within the next 17 or 18 years, planetary temperatures will be at least 1.5°C above the world average for most of human history.
    And 35 to 41 years from now, these temperatures will have climbed 2°C above the level that held before the Industrial Revolution, and the arrival of fossil fuels as a global energy source.
    Is Quadrant the science journal that Bolt references? He prefers we bullshit the world for the sake of fake tourist promises rather than consider the truth and prevent disaster from happening. It seems the majority of the world some 196 nations aren't laughing and none read Quadrant or Bolt.
    It goes to show just how effective the socialization processes at Don Dale were
    and how accurate the Royal Commission was in exposing them. Expectations of the police and the Transit authority don't change overnight nor do Voller's so it's not surprising history repeats. Had Voller been a drunk white fella would the circumstances have been different Bolt suggests not why? He doesn't even seem interested in what sparked this behaviour in the first place.
    Bolt's not really interested in persons life his first instinct is to blame the victims unless of course they are his prefered persons, He did it with Vickky Campion earlier.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 17/2/18; Sanctimonious Bolt baying with the media hounds; Murdoch Media and Fake News; Global Warming;

Image result for Image of baying dogs


Barnaby Joyce affair shows how when men make abysmal choices, women pay the price

Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament on Thursday.

The Barnaby Joyce scandal is a horrible saga, with so many grubby angles to it, that even after observing it for a week you feel you need a shower, or at least a break. Wife, mistress, children born and unborn: all are collateral damage.
Turnbull actually seems the only one who who spoke up for the women "As a clearly furious Malcolm Turnbull described it on Thursday, in an extraordinary press conference, Joyce has “set off a world of woe” on his family, and “appalled all of us” with his behaviour, as well as raising “very serious issues about the culture” of Parliament House as a workplace."
Even News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt, not known for his feminist leanings, thundered this week about “the women left behind after helping their husbands build their lives and careers”.
However Andrew Bolt in typical blind posturing  then theatrically attacked Malcolm Turnbull,revealing his primary motive over and above false faux feminist sentiment along with the media crowd baying and declaring the PM weak. ( Old Dog)

Bolt proves he doesn't think for himself when he takes on board the Fox Fake News interpretation of the FBI's preliminary indictment of 13 Russians. There is no mention of collusion because these are just the first indictments and not the investigation's completed conclusions. Examination of Trump or his lackey's involvement if any is yet to come something Bolt prefers us to ignore  or believe doesn't exist. " news for Donald Trump and a body blow to the media that has tried to paint him as a traitor, colluding with Russia to steal the election."Bolt
The lie is that the investigation is over " In short, the indictments say there was no collusion with the Trump team, and the Russian aim was more to discredit US democracy rather than help Trump, who later become a target. Nor do the indictments say the Russian campaign affected the election result." is one that Fox News is putting out and Bolt the Aussie  parrot is happy to repeat. 
  Ken Dilanian and Watergate prosecutor and Jill Winebanks explain
1) Well, this indictment makes clear they did have help from Americans.  So can Trump continue to say Russian interference was a hoax? How could the Russians know so much about the American political system without help?

2) So there was, in this case, unwitting help from Americans and the question that Robert Mueller is investigating is whether there was any witting help to this from members of the trump campaign. Which states did the Russians specifically know to target?

3)  It means we're getting closer and closer to the White House. So I'm anxiously awaiting what the next steps will be and how high it will go and what Americans wittingly helped.
This was done to hurt Hillary help Donald Trump. There's no question what the goal of the Russians was. So this really now takes us to the heart of what Mueller's mandate is, which is looking at this interference by the Russians and everything else that comes from it. Like were Americans wittingly involved.
No Bolt the investigation isn't over!!!
Fox News Tactics to Misinform and support Trump 

"Madness. What's really needed: better gun laws or better policing? " Bolt with all his quotes doesn't know? That's delaying tactics of a conservative News Corp commentator more time and research is needed. Notice Bolt doesn't mention that Cruz was said to have been trained by a White Supremacist Militia group. No he prefers Mental illness, an unfortunate flaw in policing  and another conversation about gun laws at some time in the future. Again it's The News Corp Policy not to even raise the shadow of White Christian Terror at any cost. Furthermore don't politicize the fact that Trump owes the 10 arms corporations in America a huge favor for their support of his Presidency. So much so Trump foregoes any mention of the gun laws and the 3% of white America that own 50% of the 350 million private weapons in the US 8 a piece and all legal. Trump has even loosened the laws to increase gun sales.

Global Warming Is Getting Worse, Fast

1)Global surface temperatures during the three years from 2014 to 2016 – each hotter than the last – boosted the total level of global warming since 1900 by 25%, according to new research.
2)A separate study has confirmed that heat extremes, too, have outpaced the global average. Maximum temperatures during the hottest heat waves have in the last 30 years risen three times faster – especially in crowded cities that are home to more than 10 million – than average temperatures as a whole.
3)And a third study warns that unless the world’s nations start to reduce carbon emissions, then within the next 17 or 18 years, planetary temperatures will be at least 1.5°C above the world average for most of human history.
And 35 to 41 years from now, these temperatures will have climbed 2°C above the level that held before the Industrial Revolution, and the arrival of fossil fuels as a global energy source.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,16/2/18; Andrew Bolt's perfect children aren't so different; Bolt the Barnaby of News Corp; 2 Clowns falling off their own ladders; Fox News to Florida Shooting No time to talk about guns and Bolt doesn't;

 Suspect in Florida school massacre charged with 17 counts of murder

'The annihilator': Florida shooting suspect a troubled orphan who owned gun legally, tortured animals

  A picture of the Florida high school shooting suspect has emerged of a deeply troubled and violent teenager who tortured animals, had no parents, trained with a white supremacist paramilitary group and was the subject of numerous calls to police.

Andrew Bolt called the Barcelona terrorists heroes with conviction ready to die for their cause and called young white Christians gutless.It seems we have discovered Bolt's heroes recently in the white and determined mass shooters of America who certainly aren't Black, Muslims, refugees or immigrants but are white and proud Americans. 3% of the population who on average have 8 weapons each bought legally in a country that houses 350 mill private weapons or 48% of the worlds total and comes together and practices using them in patriotic groups often after church. They in the main vote Red, vote Trump and watch Fox News.

When Donald Trump tweeted his go-to response full of "prayers and condolences," some students responded to him, demanding he acknowledge gun control laws.

"Why was a student able to terrorize my school mr president," one student tweeted.

When Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren tweeted the standard conservative line that "this isn't about a gun," multiple students responded to her on Twitter.

"I was hiding in a closet for 2 hours," one tweeted back. "It was about guns. You weren't there, you don't know how it felt."

Melbourne Grammar is one of Australia's most prestigious schools.Melbourne Grammar is one of Australia's most prestigious schools.

Melbourne Grammar student suspended over 'hit list' and kill comments

Melbourne Grammar is one of Australia's most prestigious schools.
 Melbourne Grammar School has suspended a student who created a “hit list’’ of dozens of his classmates and spoke about killing theCopies of the disturbing list have been circulated among senior students at the prestigious private school and includes a short, offensive description against each child’s name.“I don’t think I’ll be able to kill him he never shows up anyway,” one entry on the list says.
Don't for one moment think that the privileged elite youth of Australia aren't violent, criminal or don't do drugs and yet they are the kids held up as  Bolt's ideal and real Australians. This is the reality Andrew Bolt spends his energy fantasizing about the imaginary yardstick of his idealized Australian youth just like Arthur Rylah's "Teenage Daughter" our Liberal Deputy Premier in the 60s banning and wanting to ban everything in sight. However, it was pointed out to Rylah that he didn't have a teenage daughter.
What these kids have in common is the belief in Bolt's "them and me"," Might is Right" what separates them our Gun Laws that the conservatives would like moderated.

Ted Cruz Blames Obama For Mass Shooting After Accusing Dems Of Trying To 'Politicize' Florida Massacre

 The Butcher of Fallujah Is definitely not Swiss. Pro-army, pro-fear, pro-attack called Defense and better in other sovereign territories. Heaven help us with ex-army personnel becoming politicians and not leaving their war based PTSD at home. Molan isn't talking about an unusual recent event. He's talking generalist terms that apply to all countries at any time about a mysterious enemy lurking and planning today. The man is straight out of Dr Strangelove.

 "But Joyce isn't is strife for the sex but for everything he did afterwards - not just leaving his wife, but handing his girfriend taxpayer-funded jobs and taking a free-apartment from a mate." Bolt
1) That's not for Turnbull to officiate but is something that's the investigated independently by whoever polices the Parliamentary Rules. Turnbull can't police the National Party and nor should he. It's the nature of a coalition
2) As Joyce said he wasn't an MP when he took the Flat but that too isn't for Turnbull to investigate
Turnbull is right and he has no case to answer. Bolt's just stirring why because he can and he's abusing the truth.
3) "the Nationals are the only people who can sack Joyce - are angry at Turnbull's treatment of their boss, when the real fault lies in that boss they stupidly protect." Bolt
Here he is contradicting himself one moment saying Turnbull should is weak and should sack Joyce but here admitting he can't

 "Joyce is selfish. His is destroying the Government, humiliating the prime minister and turning his Nationals party into a laughing stock - the "family values" party that now looks like a pack of hypocrites."
" Joyce, fighting for his career and $400,000 salary, refuses to quit, making Turnbull look weak. " Bolt
"Never let politicians tell you the public interest comes first. Power does."Bolt
What's going on here Bolt the Joyce of the media industry is calling Barnaby Joyce selfish and letting down the team and its principles in doing so. That's Bolt to a tee in the News Industry he couldn't give a rats about the News but he certainly promotes himself as supplying just that diminishing it to meaninglessness for his own personal gain. Bolt's spreading his form of BS liberally when he calls Joyce "selfish" it's the very essence of Bolt's value of "me" vs the "we" in which he totally disbelieves. Ready to double cross at any time his personal interest is breached. Bolt will fight to the death before he's parted from his money so fuck the News Industry

Image result for Images of andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine


 Malcolm Turnbull yesterday said he was "appalled" by Barnaby Joyce's "shocking" behaviour, choked over the pain Joycwife  for his staffer and suggested he consider quitting. But Turnbull knew of this affair in December and said nothing. In fact, he hugged Joyce and claimed they formed "the closest, best team". What changed?
Remember when Andrew Bolt used to tell us Tony Abbott was a shoe-in for regaining the Primeministership well his relationship and his beliefs seem to have changed in 2018.  
You can do much the same with Andrew Bolt who knew Abbott was lying all the way the being PM. He was a shoe in then and he was again when he was rolled why didn't Bolt say then what he said last week?
Remember when Bolt wet himself constantly over Miranda Devine they were a team and Bolt wished for so much more. Where is Bolt now towards his Devine Miranda and the fact that they were once his "dream team". Compare and contrast Bolt certainly knows how to piss people off. He went full tilt bully on Miranda and revealed himself for what he is. He's the Barnaby Joyce of News Corp.

 Image result for Image of  a clownfalling off a ladder
You really do have to laugh don't you Barnaby Joyce calling the PM "inept" and Andrew Bolt the guy who fell off his own ladder supporting him. Now that's a pair that does deserve each other. Joyce and Bolt in chorus singing Turnbull has hurt Natalie and the kids.
 Barnaby Joyce will have taken the Coalition and cemented their own election loss with his own goal which won't be forgotten. His pregnant partner can't be too happy either because Joyce has kept telling the public how much he regrets their relationship because it was a relationship in error. In the same breath, Joyce was denouncing the lack of family values in same-sex marriage relationships. Well, we can see clearly two clowns Joyce and Bolt singing from the same hymn page of the hymn book of self-interest. Barnaby has certainly shown how Catholics behave. They go to confession and say everything is forgiven.

 ‘Attack on Judaism’: Scandinavian Jewish leaders protest Iceland’s proposed circumcision ban

  • ‘Attack on Judaism’: Scandinavian Jewish leaders protest Iceland’s proposed circumcision ban

    Should Iceland outlaw circumcision for boys – a common practice among Jews and Muslims – it will prevent Jewish communities from being established in the country, Jewish leaders warn.