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Friday, 21 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/7/17; Bolt's Historical Denialism ignores data and fact. Australia was never Terra -Nullius


 Illustration: Jim Pavlidis.


 Tony Abbott praises Malcolm Turnbull for backing party reform

Tony Abbott has applauded Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for offering "unequivocal support" for his bid to overhaul the way the NSW Liberal Party preselects its candidates.

  Rugby and race: two reasons why Kiwis thank God they're not Australian - ABC News


This week two events — seemingly unrelated — have opened a sliding door into our history: just how different things could have been, writes Stan Grant.

"New Zealand recognised that sovereignty. Australia instead was deemed "terra-nullius" — an empty land — the rights of the first peoples were extinguished."
"New Zealand would not hand over its future to "an elective body, mostly Australians, that knows nothing and cares nothing about native administration".
" new archaeological evidence has pushed back human occupation of this continent to at least 65,000 years."
" By 1901, a decade after Captain Russell warned colonial leaders about their treatment of "natives", his concerns would have been vindicated: the Constitution of Australia wrote Aboriginal people out of the new nation.
Section 127 specified that the first people of this land would not be counted among the Australian population."
" When the All Blacks line up against the Wallabies New Zealanders will surely be glad that Captain William Russell said no to becoming part of Australia."


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 21/7/17; Pork Barrelling costs; Bolt thinks he's a member of the Educated Mens Club ho ho; Bolt takes aim at the greens but misses the target;

 Pork-barrel projects are a billion-dollar drain on the public purse

Welfare crackdown savings are petty compared to massive cost overruns and wasteful pork barrelling.



Theodore Dalrymple is brilliant on the narcissistic rage and final triumph of Virginia Woolf: "Woolf ... would at least have had the satisfaction of observing that her cast of mind - shallow, dishonest, resentful, envious, snobbish, self-absorbed, trivial, philistine, and ultimately brutal - had triumphed among the elites of the western world."

 Bolt's such a pompous prig. He thinks he is what Wolf was talking about, "an educated man". However, he might be and still is a relic of the 30s and 40s membership of that club of men from Woolf's time. He's certainly not a member of educated men in the 21rst Century.
PS: Bolt can't spell Virginia and he thinks he's an "educated Man"




The Greens are on the way down: two Senators lost to bad form-filling, the watermelon faction revolting, the warming scare easing, power prices shocking voters and now: "[Leader] Di Natale waits for confirmation he has renounced Italian citizenship. Tasmanian colleague Nick McKim is yet to produce confirmation he has given up British citizenship."    
21 Jul"The global warming scare is receding, even if the vast warming bureaucracy ensures it does not yet die completely. The Greens look increasingly desperate as they warn of disasters that never come."Bolt
This is the crux of what Bolt wants to say and what he repeats like an automaton the science and experts have no place in the construction of social policy. Self -interest is the key. But in his statement that the youth of today  are bored with green politics and warmists are losing the political race he fails to explain why 197 countries have signed the Paris Accord, investment in green technologies is out stripping those of fossil fuels, and advanced counties along with the third world are all dumping and moving away from the old. The Greens may have been procedurally incompetent and dropped in a poll but that has little or nothing about what they stand for. The voting population of Australia has moved to Labor  but not away from the demand to stop mining fossil fuels and their consequence of CO2 emissions
"THEN there's di Natale. First, he lacks charisma. Second, he announced himself as a pragmatist - as much as a Greens leader can actually be pragmatic. But the Greens appeal to people who are adolescents in permanent and pensioned opposition to Daddy. They scorn responsibility and are blind to consequences. They do not wish for all that comes with ruling - other than the power to bully - which is why the Greens sharing power with the Gillard Government was so fatal. Hard-line Greens supporters do not make deals. They make demands. They are totalitarians." Bolt

In all of Bolt's feeble personality attack on the Greens and smearing their members, Bolt fails to address the systemic facts and failures the reality and hard data that the fossil fuel advocates are facing. The investment shift the global market has been ignored. The private shift made to support climate science and not by governments tied at the hip to the past fossil fuel interests looking for quid pro quo donations. Bolt and the coalition are for the Adani mine. But they don't tell you Adani has invested in and built India's biggest Solar energy plant as well. So why does he want to go ahead with the coal in Australia? He wants to develop the land and property he bought he doesn't want it to go down in value and he wants $ 1 Bill from the Australian tax payers to maintain and increase the book value of that assett. Because at the moment banks and private investors aren't interested.
 Bolt never entertains that thought that he just might want the value to go up and sell it because that would be 'end of days for his argument. In the meantime, the acceleration in green investment, technology, and job creation has skyrocketed past the deniers snails and fossil zealots wanting to hang onto the past. We are already hearing the word 'transition' more and more as we are seeing more deniers, once like Bolt, falling away.
 Talking about "the greens " in Australia is deflecting and ignoring the global shift in the world attitude. Even Trump said to Macron as far as the Paris Accord was concerned it still wasn't over. He knows that because US states like dominoes are signing up independently of Trump. As is the ACT and S.A. here creating their own targets.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/7/17; The organ grinder's monkey; 2017 is so far the second hottest year on record. So Bolt says the planet's cooling;

Image result for Image of the organgrinders monkey

Hannity Unleashes On The ‘Pampered, Overpaid, Spoiled’ GOP

Hannity Unleashes On The ‘Pampered, Overpaid, Spoiled’ GOP 

 Trump’s Allies Are Taking Over the Media and Creating Their Own Reality | The Nation

News Corp's Global Foxification of media is so apparent and it's why Andrew Bolt is just the organ grinders monkey.

What you don't hear from Bolt. He does say proof the planet must be cooling.

At Midway Point, 2017 Is 2nd-Hottest Year on Record | Climate Central

Halfway through 2017, the year is the second hottest on record, even without an El Niño to help boost its temperature.


Leigh Sales on the ABC's 7.30 last night: "We talk about women in Islam, but statistically it is evangelical Christian men who attend church sporadically who are the most likely to assault their wives." This is false and contradicted by the ABC's claimed sources.  Will the ABC correct it?
 Bolt's just a lazy blogger who repeats himself and calls it work. The ABC is right it doesn't have to correct itself. Domestic violence is correlated with alcohol. Of all the main religions Christianity accepts the social use of alcohol. The likelihood of domestic violence is among Christian males. It's most visible among Christian males below the poverty line. So even church leaders don't want to raise this guilt. Bolt prefers to see it as personal and cultural flaw of Aborigines but sorry Bolt your associations don't make sense Aborigines are Christians and we systematically  converted them to  religion alcohol poverty and domestic violence  
However, Bolt is a liar The Abc was merely reporting a research study not a commentary
" Research shows that the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians who attend church sporadically. Church leaders in Australia say they abhor abuse of any kind. But advocates say the church is not just failing to sufficiently address domestic violence, it is both enabling and concealing it." ABC News


Coincidence? The ABC steps up its war on Christianity just as Cardinal George Pell returns to face court over alleged historical sexual offences. Its most ridiculous attack came on Tuesday, with a campaign to persuade us that “the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians” who occasionally go to church. 
The man in the glass house who drove a 26-year-old girl out of the country in fear of being assaulted or worse. Yassim Abdel-Magied didn't have the force of the Catholic Church behind her no the protection of the personal vilification handed out to her by Andrew Bolt in the name of 'free hate'.
Yassim didn't even have a police investigation to back up any of Bolt's claims. However the claimants against George and the evidence the police have been sufficient to bring this case to court.
As for the Church under attack, you couldn't be more under attack when Andrew Bolt with the backing of News Corp can smear the Pope as much as he likes but complains when the organization is being attacked. Bolt yesterday brought to our knowledge a case of workplace violence "way off" in Germany a single case committed by a Muslim to his boss. Bolt felt that necessary to know in order draw is pre existing generalization about Muslims. Here he's declaring how unfair the ABC was for raising the behavior of a massive organization and its branches run like feifdoms around the world.
Bolt smears the Pope which even the ABC hasn't done. 
As for the greatest likelihood of domestic violence, he can't acknowledge that alcohol and drugs are the biggest triggers for domestic violence and alcohol is far from prohibited by the Christian Churches but celebrated. I don't pay to read Bolt's columns or feed the beast. But somewhere Bolt will raise personal weakness and culture of Australia's Aborigines to make his defense of white pisspots. Those white folks that taught them to celebrate the pain of poverty a gift handed them by the white man who also gave them alcohol drugs and Christianity. 
Julia Baird on the Drum repeated her discussion on what "research" has found and made Andrew Bolt look the fool and liar he is. He stupidity and anti -Islamic bias  suggesting Christianity is civilized  and Islam is not and proof can be found in domestic violence data is proved to be totally absurd. However you will never hear Bolt apologize  for his stigmatizing and ignorant bigotry.



 Yet another repeat post by Bolt disguised as "work". He's between a rock and a hard place once praising Dutton and the unity of Abbott's Monkey Pod Room which hosted the regular conservative only lunches. Bolt's Conservative unity seems a farce with Abbott now piping up he never got any advice to form a single security force but thought of one before Turnbull show me your's Turnbull. But just in case now also saying he was against it. What are you to make of that other than Abbott is simply a contrarian and always was one? Well, it seems Dutton and Abbott aren't on the same side of the fence with this one because you can never tell which side Abbott's on. How long will it be before Bolt starts smearing Dutton for Abbott? 
Bolt has spent moments calling the heads of the ABF and AFP liars running incompetent agencies because they have said they have no evidence to link cases to terrorist acts setting Bolt off in a crazed frenzy. However now he's saying they have been doing a great job. Bolt is all over the shop twisted as Abbott I'm afraid. He's having trouble dealing with this issue as is the ex PM. To just call it politics and wrote it off as simply as that is irresponsible. Bolt's  right and it's what he amplifies all the time just politics. It's why he's up and down like a see saw and why they both have no respect for the Australian electorate. Abbott was a failure as a PM he got fewer bills passed than Gorton and Bolt is a failure in commentary, facts, and information. It's why he has an only a nightly following of 24,000. Did any one catch Turnbull on the Project last night it rates 800,000 ++




The best story today.

While this is a notable, sad and a feel good story does Bolt need to steal it from the Daily Telegraph in order to deflect and distract attention away from the feel good story that has even wider implications for all of us. The disunity of the Conservatives in the Liberal Party when it comes to self-interest it always wins.Yes, Trent Hodkinson showed the opposite of Peter Dutton a selflessness rarely seen among the conservative media and never by Bolt who only presents as the diametrically opposite to Trent. However, little is said of the bravery and beauty of Hanna who not in a single photo taken appears to be a girl not in poor spirits. Rather she's the opposite and seems to be grabbing the life given by the horns. She's all smiles.


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Niki Savva prepares a scapegoat for next week's Newspoll. She bizarrely suggests that Malcolm Turnbull handing Peter Dutton control over all security agencies - a move backed by none and designed to keep Dutton loyal - is a triumph that could be wrecked by a weekend meeting to discuss Tony Abbott's evil plan to give party members more say.
Not being a member of the Liberal Party it confuses me as to why Bolt feels Abbott has Trumped the Federal parliamentary party? Wasn't Turnbull for the democratization of the state branch? Is this just another case of Bolt trying to tell us the tail wags the dog? Or is all of this just poll dancing?


Is this why the Left loves global warming? Renewable energy is the excuse for governments grabbing partial control over even small business: "Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell says the government needs to consider subsidies to help small business struggling to cope with skyrocketing energy prices." And all for a fake fix to a fake catastrophe.
"And all for a fake fix to a fake catastrophe." Bolt.  Well, we will see whose fake won't we I think it's Bolt who is insisting the planet is cooling because this is only the 2nd hottest year on record so far. However, in Bolt's case, it's the elephants tail that's  trying to wag the elephant and not the dog's. Threatening price hikes of 180% because why? We've seen the price hikes due to the price of gas and privateers.
 Solar and wind energy are driving Dutch public transport there is no horrific news about the prices there. Renewable energy is now cheaper than natural gas and there is no such thing as cheap clean coal let alone power plants available with the technology to clean it.
197 countries have signed the Paris accord and Bolt is doing what? He's holding on to the buggy whip because he's the stable owner feeding and looking after the horses while the owners are doing business. and refusing to believe a new age has arrived. Sorry stables were shut down when fossil fed cars came into being and the laggards were behind. Bolt found a business that fed his nightmare alarmism a significant statistical example. It's what he does best uses anecdotal evidence to generalize catastrophe.
He's a hypocrite because he complained that's what the ABC did in Philidelphia and the Catholic Church in his post today


Anyway it's great that South Australia is ahead of the game Arium doesn't seem terrified of the doom and gloom Bolt's preaching and Musk believes he can solve the state's dependance on fossil fuels. Bolt hasn't been doing much talking about S.A recently has he? Not compared with the chortling he was doing beforehand. Time will tell us whose fake.


Tell us the news here.

What Bolt really thinks about during his 80 hour work week. "Buy Brett Whiteley" $ 1.6 - 2 mill




Image result for Images  attack on Christianity 


My editorial from The Bolt Report.

Repeated from yesterday
Bolt is a liar because the ABC's Julia Baird merely reported a research study unlike Bolt they don't own a fake commentary or opinion. On his Bolt Report states that the "work" belonged to  Julia Baird which is a blatant and straight out lie!
Not surprisingly however Bolt the "agnostic" becomes Bolt "the preacher " and that his commentary is "his" reminding us he's  not  religious which is meant to impress us and make him more objective wiser than say a Doctors of Divinity. Bolt claims he knows the nuances of both the bible and the Koran better than most academics. When did Bolt put any work into studying either of these texts we aren't told? As for the resarch report Baird was quoting well that's ignored and forgotten by Bolt.

" Research shows that the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians who attend church sporadically. Church leaders in Australia say they abhor abuse of any kind. But advocates say the church is not just failing to sufficiently address domestic violence, it is both enabling and concealing it." ABC News
My belief however is that there is a correlation between domestic violence alcohol and Christianity more so than any other faiths. It's visibility is connected to class however while obvious among the poorest drinkers & drug takers it's hidden among ther upper classes and dealt with differently.

 Image result for Images  meaningless statistics


 Bolt logic stats show more Australians  die in Winter than Summer. 1) Australia is a big country. So are Kelly and Bolt trying to telling us less people die in Queensland than TAS or is S.A.2) Why is it Australian Aboriginals have the highest death rate of all Australians and most live in the hottest areas?  3) Is South Australia the death state because it has the largest investment in renewables? These two stooges of statistics would have Australians believe their little graph has a direct correlation to renewables and the price of electricity.  Bolt's interview with Craig Kelly was the equivalent of a skit on the ABC's comedy Mad as Hell.
The ACT is currently the best place to live electricity is cheapest than anywhere else. However they have a 100% renewable energy target they need to be warned thanks to Kelly and Bolt.
So what brings about the figure these two clowns present about the whole of Australia?
Australia's epidemiologists explanation
1)The very young and the very old are more likely to die in winter.
 2)Diseases of the circulatory system, pneumonia and influenza and sudden
    infant death syndrome are all highly seasonal causes of death, occurring
    more often in winter.
 3)Although excess winter deaths predominated for most of the twentieth
     century, the nineteenth century saw an excess in summer deaths. This
    excess disappeared in parallel with the decline of infectious and parasitic
   diseases, and the rise in diseases such as circulatory and respiratory
    disease, which were more likely to cause death in colder months.
4) Not a word about the price of electricity in the 21st Century but a lot to say about the   coal burning 20th Century when electricity was cheap

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/7/17; Racism and Prejudice are always Bolt's companions; Bolt's now turned on Dutton the leader of the Monkey Pod room;

mohamed noor justine damon shooting



Nothing here but the suggestion of an Islamophobic rant. As usual, Bolt turns to the personal and stereotypical reasons as to why a cop shot a woman who had called 911.  1) He was Muslim 2) He was Somali 3) He was a male. 4) he was an immigrant. All these allude to Noor the policeman, lacking in character somehow psychologically and culturally deficient. Bolt couples this with a left wing eagerness by a Mayor only too ready to please with "affirmative action". A black Muslim immigrant should never have been given a gun. No matter that Noor was more highly educated and more qualified than the rest of the police force. Something Bolt is too lazy to mention.
Not once does Bolt consider that police training method might have had something to do with what occurred? Minneapolis has had a number of shootings in the past 12 months that seemed quite troublesome. Remember when police in Melbourne was only too ready to open fire on the citizens and did. It led to the review of training methods and the shootings stopped. This is a significantly different take on what Bolt is offering it;s far more directed at the failure of the system rather than the failure of character. 
Bolt prejudice is always on show because he usually suggests the victims had brought their deaths on themselves largely because in America blacks are the ones most likely to be shot as was the case of Mr, Castille a year before. However, in this case, an unarmed white woman was the victim and the shooter a Muslim. Bolt must be conflicted because had the victim been a black male Bolt would be saying the cop was doing his duty. Doing what he was trained to do. But Noor is a Somali, Blach and a Muslim and that's sufficient to focus the blame on him. If Bolt were from Minneapolis he'd no doubt be leading the media lynch mob.
Noor was a product of a policing system, it's culture and it's training methods Justine a victim of it. The policeman's personal details had less to do with this tragedy particularly the degree Andrew Bolt suggests. When Bolt explains his conviction for vilification he flips the coin and blames the judicial system making himself the victim. Has he ever considered it's his psychology and cultural values that were, in fact, guilty never!!Fireworks may have startled Justine Damond's killer, US police officer Mohamed Noor
 Minneapolis Somalis fear backlash after police shooting

 Image result for Image of Dutton


Malcolm Turnbull has announced a massive reorganisation of our national security bureaucracy that has baffled most security experts. This suggests this really was to please Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who emerges as the big winner. See, Dutton just happens to be the conservative propping up Turnbull.

As far as extreme conservative pundit Andrew bolt is concerned Turnbull can't win condemned if he does and condemned if he doesn't he simply can't win. Bolt spent a lot of energy in the past letting it be known Turnbull had locked conservatives out of the inner circle of the Liberal Party. He's just raised the organizer of the Monkey Pod room's , conservatives only welcome, to head the government's new mega -portfolio and what does Bolt have to say "Dutton just happens to be the conservative propping up Turnbull."Bolt. Bolt has let the cat out of the bag hasn't he when he says it's the only way to keep Dutton "loyal" suggesting Dutton wasn't and Abbott certainly isn't making him a total liar.  However now Dutton has immediately been reduced to an ass-wipe conservative when in the recent past he was keeping Turnbull in tow for Tony.
Go back and remind your self the number of times Bolt declared the heads of our security institutions to be incompetent? He had a go at the head of the ABF and the AFP simply because they'd said there was no evidence that certain cases were terrorist related. Bolt called them liars and pissant weak in other words incompetent. Now Bolt's emphasizing just how well the system is doing and how good they are. Why is he being so two faced and hypocritical?
"Peter Dutton is the most powerful conservative in the government. He was close to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Now he’s switched to criticising Abbott and defending Turnbull."Bolt
Peter Dutton is a turncoat a traitor. Had Abbott been Brought into cabinet it's obvious all his promises of not sniping from the sidelines and not doing a Rudd are all BS and that Turnbull, in order to even begin to lead, has to watch his back because the destructor wants more than anything to bring him down. If Abbott stays silent the Murdoch Press steps in to do the job. What away to destroy a country. However, Turnbull for the moment has out witted Tony Abbott. As for Brandis , Pyne, and Bishop being unhappy, I think Bolt is stretching his imagination too far. Imagine how they'd feel under Abbott?

So what's this thing Bolt says about Conservatives and their principles? I believe Cory Bernardi is putting solar energy panels on his roof.

Image result for Image Peter Dutton


Reader B4B on the national security revamp: "Imagine the power Dutton now holds in the hands of your worst Left-wing nightmare. At some point the LNP will be in opposition, and this monster could be in the hands of, oh say, Tanya Plibersek or Anthony Albanese and taking direction from Bill Shorten. Now does that seem like a good plan to you?"
Absolutely because I'm certain this mega monster in the hands of Peter Dutton will cease to exist. However, if you want a nightmare arch conservative Peter Dutton in charge really is the ugliest of thoughts. Who said the conservatives were united?

 Image result for Image anti Muslim Media Bias


Lausitzer Rundschau, August 2016: "Ilona Fugmann will give the Syrian Mohammad Hussain Rashwani a permanent position in her hair salon... Rashwani is an example of how well integration can work." Lausitzer Rundschau, June 29, 2017: "Mohammad H. assaulted his boss with a knife, and injured her neck."
 Violence in the work place occurs Bolt seems to want us to think the violence occurred because the person was 1) a refugee, 2) a Syrian and 3) a Muslim Strange that Bolt had to search the world for a circumstance so he could implicitly generalize from about the culture and character of  Muslim refugees. 
What Bolt doesn't do is scour the world for all the cases of violence in the work place generally to see if this is a significant case or pattern. If he did he'd find it an exceptional case from which his implicit prejudice would look just what it is a case of bigotry against Muslim refugees by a biased alt conservative who works for Rupert Murdoch and is allowed to amplify the circumstance. Now that's a generalization as well. However, if you follow News Corp it's one that carries some validity.


 Image result for Image Fake News


Fun dinner: "The Turnbull government's strained relationship with corporate Australia has come under more duress following some heated exchanges between the Prime Minister and the nation's leading chief executives at a private dinner... Multiple sources [said] Turnbull upbraided the business leaders for not helping out more with donations."

Does Bolt actually believe that an opportunity to lobby for one's cause at a dinner like that is a love fest even if Abbott was PM, of course, it isn't it's an opportune time to push one's barrow and the appropriate time for the PM to raise funds? Bolt is merely describing what is normal at dinners like that however with his very intended biased slant. Nothing exceptional occurred and in the words of someone Bolt holds high regard for the fact that names remain anonymous Trump would say it's Fake News Oh what a surprise the banks were complaining.
 Related image


From my interview with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton: The US will not take boat people from Manus and Nauru until November at the earliest.  "We have been caught up in the US process, they have a quota each year... Their year finishes in September, so we have been pushed into October for when they will move."
 Amazing after for years of stalling and not giving a rats ass about refugees Bolt sets up a wail "refugee" won't be moved until October. Bolt is just such a sensitive soul he?



Kevin Rudd four years ago today announced a deal with Papua and New Guinea to send boat people there rather than let them settle in Australia. Now he claims the boat people should have been sent here after a year. That's him pandering to the protesters who still won't learn the deadly lesson from Rudd's record. My editorial from The Bolt Report.
 If only politics was raising what someone said 10 years ago and who's no longer is in politics wouldn't life be easier? Recently Bolt has picked the bones of historic quotes he gave us Menzies last week and told us what he would have done today. Menzies didn't say a word. So remember it's  remember what Rudd said  four years ago" and what he said today? Rudd is not given any opportunity to respond. Well I guess we can all play that game.
Well remember Bolt telling us Abbott was truly sorry and that he would change. He used to say that a lot. He no longer bothers anymore. It seems he doesn't have to anymore. Or what he said he thought about about Trump on 12/10/16. It's the very opposite of what he thinks today today. Why don't you have a go it's aan easy game to play and it's Bolt's.
Rudd intended refugees to be processed off shore and eventually after a year to be resettled in Australia or elsewhere. The coalition ensured resettlement wouldn't be guaranteed ever and to date 4 years have passed and children have been driven insane to set an example that this can happen to you as well. If they are  advertising fodder shouldn't they be volunteers and be getting paid for the job? After all some of the children were born on Manus and Nauru they didn't arrive there by boat.

 Image result for Image  of Boomgate And Dutton


Peter Dutton on The Bolt Report  denies  Malcolm Turnbull made him the big new security tsar just to keep him on-side, even though not a single security agency or inquiry recommended this change.
Bolt is between a rock and a hard place. For the past year he's been telling us just how united the conservatives were and what a rabble the moderates are . The leader of that tight bunch in the Monkey Pod Room was Peter Dutton. I wonder if those exclusive lunches are still being held. Will it be long before Bolt starts slagging Mr Boomgate off for breaking ranks? The news of Dutton's promotion wasn't a leak that came Bolt's way was it? Tony Abbott & Dissenters Plotting Their Revenge In 'Monkey Pod ...
Can Dutton keep a secret?

Monday, 17 July 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 18/7/17; Solar energy is getting cheaper by the day; Watch Bolt lie his lips are moving;

1Image result for Image of a media liar


My editorial from The Bolt Report  - Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a huge change on the national security portfolio that gives Immigration Minister Peter Dutton a lot more power. This does not fix any obvious problems but does keep Dutton, Turnbull's most important conservative ally, on side.
How often did you hear Bolt say that Trunbull had alienated the Conservatives in the Liberal party? It seems he's in fact failed to mention the truth of the relationships within the party.  He actually thought Dutton was Abbott's man. How often have we heard Bolt telling us that ASIO, The Federal Police and the ABF weren't telling us the the truth that the heads of these agencies were in fact to hiding Bolt's version of the truth in matters like the Lindt Cafe seige. Bolt even preferred ISIS media's spin and interpretation of events to our own agencies. Today however he's telling us they are just fine. The best we can possibly expect and they don't need fixing. Bolt's a swinger isn't he from one story to the nextup and down and around and around.
The fact that he's changed his tune again is no surprise because Bolt needs somehow disparage what in fact was a smart move by Turnbull to keep Abbott at bay and without  the numbers. Turnbull may not have wanted to do this  but if it was going to give him time and let Abbott die doing more sniping like Rudd then so be it. Abbott is recognized as the promise breaker the non negotiator the destructor while Turnbull has shown himself to be quite the opposite.
 Bolt has be caught out doing a 180 degree turn from what he has said in the past about our conspiritorial security agencies hiding the reality from us. What Bolt's change of tune has done however is prove yet again what a liar he in fact is.

 25% of Australian Homes have gone Solar and other Green Triumphs this Week | Informed Comment

 By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | - - Renewables continue to take the world by storm, which is good …

 Report: Solar plus storage can beat natural gas | Minnesota |


MINNEAPOLIS — A new report from the University of Minnesota's Energy Transition Lab shows adding energy storage is becoming a cost effective way to meet electricity demand in the state.

 Intercity train arriving at Leiden Central railway station, Netherlands.

Dutch electric trains become 100% powered by wind energy

The national railway company, NS, said that its renewables target had been met a year earlier than planned


The Victorian Government will obviously stop trams from running at night or on cloudy days: "Former United States Vice President Al Gore and Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio launched the plan today after riding on one of Melbourne’s iconic trams which will soon be powered by solar energy."
 All Bolt has the capacity to do is mock. Does he laugh at the Dutch who run all their public transport on renewables trains and trams. Does he mock the car industry you know the one Abbott trashed Volvo Tesla VW GMH are all going electric and they are doing it sooner rather than later. Renewable energy plus storage is now cheaper than gas and dropping even faster. laugh and mock all you want Mr Bolt it won't be long before you will be driving an electric car with the energy stored and  produced by renewables. Let's laugh "Renewable energy, which obviously wins on emissions, is now beating coal on cost. What’s more, with an energy grid managed effectively by people who want renewables to succeed, it is no less reliable than fossil fuels. The fact that arch-conservative, Cory Bernardi, was recently revealed to have installed rooftop solar panels demonstrates that these people do not even believe their own rhetoric. They have just chosen to throw truth onto the fire of climate change for political reasons.   More power to you – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Image result for Image Pat Dodson


Extraordinary. The ABC's Leigh Sales interviews Aboriginal activist Pat Dodson about a plan to change the constitution to create "an Aboriginal voice to the Parliament". Neither mentions that Dodson is proof Aborigines have that voice already: Dodson not only has the vote, but was himself voted into Parliament. Why this omission?
  What and who is Warren Mundine he was chosen by Tony Abbott to be his Aboriginal voice and adviser. He wasn't chosen by the people he was meant to represent. Did we hear Bolt complaining that a spokesman was appointed by Abbott not at all. In fact Bolt regularly has Mundine on his show even though he was once  a member of the ALP. 
The issue with Mundine is he wasn't chosen by the diverse different Aboriginal tribes that exist in Australia and neither was, Dodson or  even Burney their elected representatives.  If any of them truly did represented the first peoples of Australia . Would Bolt have complaint. Of course he would for purely political reasons


The ABC steps up its war on Christianity,  claiming the men most likely to abuse women are Evangelical Christians "who go to church sporadically".   In fact, the men most likely to abuse women are Aboriginal. The faith that licenses men beating women is Islam.  And buried is the real story: men attending church more often abuse less.
  Why is Bolt talking about probabilities here and then stereotyping and stigmatizing cultures and faiths? Isn't  he always declaring we are all equal that there is no such thing as race, religion or color just people. If one looks at domestic violence in Australia the greatest numbers are to be found among white Christian males but if we apply Bolt's request it simply becomes Christian males which reduces to males. When we do that and ask what is it they have in common we find there  is a correlation between violence and alcohol and an increasing visibility among the poor. 
There is no indication that the generalizations Bolt makes about Aboriginality or Muslims actually holds true. Firstly the Aboriginal community is primarily Christian secondly the are among the poorest people on the planet  and  in cases of violence more likely to be alcohol or drug effected. This seems to be the case with non Aborigines as well and if anything Alcohol is accepted in Christian culture. So there's less likelihood of domestic violence among non drinking Aborigines and Muslims
 So Bolt argument that Islam makes it more probable for domestic violence to take place doesn't hold water simply because they are less likely to be alcohol effected  neither does it hold true for sober Aborigines their culture or faiths do not provide a reason for domestic violence. The rest is bullshit of which Bolt really doesn't have any evidence
. Violence is seen among Pacific Islanders, South Sudanese youth who are largely Christian. Bolt never mentions that does he? When he says they shouldn't be allowed into the country he doesn't mention that our immigration system has failed them.Those kids tend to be poor on ice or booze, run in gangs and are unsupervised. So again we see the combination of alcohol drugs and poverty violence seems to have less to do with their Culture or Religion. So shouldn't Bolt be saying that the probability of violence is more likely to be found among the alcohol, and drug, effected poor and unemployed Christians than any other group. Doesn't that suggest the ABC has a point? Bolt should spend a few nights in a boarding house or out on the streets with the homeless and he'd shut up.

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Andrew bolt's Blog, 17/7/17; Media's notion of Free Speech is a Foxification Aus Media Shame on Aussie Shame on; Workplace Romp; Bolt has always bee in the bedroom;


My editorial from The Bolt Report - the AFL has no business sacking staff over affairs out of working hours.

Andew Bolt  has opened up being a predictable apologist for the corporate culture of News Corp. News Corp didn't lose their best money makers Ailes and O'Rieilly for nothing they became  a major corprate handicaps. They lost revenue ,income and were thrown over board for what years of cultural misogyny. They started to bleed dollars. Lets go back to punching women down and start lifting women up Andrew Bolt's never arrived at ay time but liftting men up. So what does he do but go back to  2000 or no better still to the 50's romancing the mind state that kiddie grew up in and the early 60's.
Pretty normal for  Bolt socialized and living in a patriarchal society in which where men shouln't lose privilege to women. Of course no he more attached to his mother rather than any  other significant role model.  However he also  learned she was the norm, the second class citizen in in his family. His dad brought home the bacon just as Bolt declared he does in his family. He never knew what went on in the bedroom and we don't know what goes on in his. However in general it's not a necessarily equal space
The thing is Bolt want's that male privacy and exclusion  to remain be it the family or the the office anything that is rooted in male dominance needs to be kept out of bounds. However he doesn't know shit what occurred behind those closed doors in the 50s or 60s no longer exists. If a woman complained in 2003 may have gone unnoticed "affairs" went on and generally the least powerfull  felt they couldn't complained. Bolt seems to believe that culture should be retained, a field most powerfull positions are retained by men.
The fact is their are unfair dissmiisal laws and Simkiss and Lethlean have remained silent. So why is Bolt declaring they are the victims?
Murdoch Media and Bolt's Moral Highhorse is so hypocritical

 Murdoch-owned paper publishes nude photos of new female Doctor Who -

In what could been seen as a vicious, undermining move, the Sun and Mail Online ran nudes of Jodie Whittaker


 The Week Australian Media Went Feral

Hit-and-runs, apartheid, 'go back where you came from' and some Yassmin-bashing.
" What the hell happened in the Australian media landscape this past week? Is there something in the water? Because it seems like, all at once, everyone just went wild, devolving into a Muslim-bashing, xenophobic, homophobic, apartheid-supporting swamp." Josh Butler
" Soutphommasane came to Dean's attention this week because the discrimination commissioner had talked about a lack of diversity in Australia's media landscape, and has been pushing for racial and cultural targets in corporate environments. Dean -- who is a white man, co-hosts his 'Outsiders' show with another white man in Ross Cameron and until recently another white man in Mark Latham, and is on a channel whose team of personalities includes Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Bronwyn Bishop, Caroline Marcus, Chris Kenny, Paul Murray, Peta Credlin, Peter Beattie, Peter Berner and, well, basically just a blinding number of white people -- managed to say with a straight face that there was no diversity issue in Australian media," Butler

Rowan Dean sang his anthem to Anglo Celtic Australia ignoring the diversity of those that were sacrificed in all the wars we participated in. How idiotic is Dean? The wars Australia fought in were with allies who weren't all Anglo/Celtic or white Vietnam and the war in the Pacific were multicultural, multiracial, and multi-religious  you couldn't get more diverse an ethnicity than the Americans and we contributed to that diversity happily.Anglo Celtic ha fuck all to do with it. Simply put Dean is little more than a propagandist and conservative myth maker.
 The European war was just as diverse with NZers Canadians and Australians contributing to a diverse mix who shared life and death. Maoris Aborigines, Jews,  Greeks, Poles, Italians and Anglo Celts stood shoulder to shoulder all were part of an army to stop Facism and  Australians were part of the mix along with LGBTQIs and they all considered themselves as "allies" and not just Australians fightin Hitler.  Dean refuses to believe they existed together it's as if the myth that he's created  was Anglo Celtic whiteAustralia  was the only force participating in the war. It a typical legend created by alt-right Nationalists typical of neo- Nazis and extremists of any kind. Dean is far from original that's for sure. Australians were multicultural throughout the wars they fought because when push came to shove they stood along side Afro -Americans Canadian Indians Melanesian and Polynesians what a wanker Dean is it why we became such" fair go "nation  unlike the British imperialists who thought of themselves above one and all.  Dean apparently thinks of himself  as a member of the Australian Raj and looks down ordinary Australians barred from his higher than thou club.

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  Bolt lives in a static world a world stuck in the 60's and not the hippie end of 'free love' but the salacious end of the secret office affair and grope. That for Bolt is a that shouldn't change but not with the backyard abortions.
 Why does Bolt keep trying to drag us Back to the Future kicking and screaming? For god's sake, he goes back and visits the Caroline Wilson of 2003 and expects that she should be the same in 2017. That for Bolt the days of 2003 and the office grope were somehow better. Bolt once worked for the Labor Party and his fellow workmates don't recognize him today. The shy aloof young man they once knew disappeared and became the oaf he is today. When did Bolt become agnostic or is he really one? I certainly don't believe he is.
The fact is Bolt works for an organization News Corp whose track record in the way it treats women has made news globally and advertisers jumped ship. Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly seem to be victims in Bolt's eyes. What they were doing in 2003 they continued only to find it wasn't tolerated today. Why because it cost the company millions. Even Bolt stayed silent when all this made global headlines why? They were the very men he modeled himself on hi heroes. Was Bolt putting the hard word on young women at News Corp did that culture find its way across the Pacific? Is all this defense of love in the work place closer to Bolt than what he's letting on? Is it a defense of his own behavior?
 One wonders why Bolt is being so selective at pointing his moral finger at the AFL but not News Corp.  Bolt suggests Lethlean and Simkiss are victims if so they are free to bring a wrongful dismissal charges against the AFL. The only person screaming seems to be Andrew Bolt why? Does Bolt think he's 41 and the time and place have slipped by him or is he about to be outed?

 Bolt's Hypocrisy when He accuses Islam of what is accepted in the US

 Legalized Pedophilia In The US: More Than 200,000 Children Married In The Last 15 Years – Collective Evolution


At least 100,000 children are prostituted annually in the U.S., adding to the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry. Children all over the country are subject to physical and sexual abuse, and most of the time it happens a lot closer to home than we would expect. Ninety percent of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator, and […]


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ONLY SILLY IF ABBOTT DOES ITThe media Left and Liberals leakers mocked Prime Minister Tony Abbott for simply standing in front of Australian flags. So where are the mockers after Malcolm Turnbull's press conference on  national security changes?:  "Standing in front of an inflatable boat with six heavily armed and masked special forces soldiers, Mr. Turnbull said ..."  

 Bolt is perfectly right the difference is Tony Abbott. Abbott presented himself as Australia's  Mussolini. Turnbull presents himself as the elected PM of a Democratic country that's the difference Bolt. However, nobody expects Andrew Bolt to acknowledge that. Who looks more like the Latin American Dictator?

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Andrew Bolt's Blog,16/7/17; Lord's Judgement When the News is real and the President Fake; From the White House; Don Junior said; The green Scammer is Andrew Bolt; The misogynist Andrew Bolt;

 Liberal Party faces election loss unless Turnbull and Abbott resolve issues, new president says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The new president of the Liberal Party urges Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott to be adults and put an end to tense infighting.
  "the former prime minister promised there would be "no wrecking, no undermining and no sniping" but Mr Abbott has consistently waded back into the political fray to defend his legacy, criticise the Government's performance or push a conservative agenda.
In recent weeks, he has inflamed tensions even further by giving a series of speeches and interviews, outlining an alternative policy vision to "make Australia work again". 

  Politics: The Trump Report No. 17 – Making sense of illegal activity. – » John Lord


Sunday 16 July 2017 1 After repeating phrase’s like ”crooked Hillary”, ”lock her up”, ”fake news”, or ”but the emails’’ on numerous occasions during the Presidential campaign, the President is now confronted with similar claims of dishonesty himself. Now we have seen released some highly provocative emails that suggest that the real news is Donald…
Remember when the President said he wasn’t going to take a salary? He just accepted his second paycheck?
3 Remember when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall? He has asked Congress to appropriate the $25 billion of taxpayer money to cover costs.
4 Remember when he said he wasn’t going to go on vacation or play golf like Obama? 5 of the last 7 weekends he went on vacation and played golf, costing taxpayers $11.1 million each time.
5 Remember when he said he was going to use American steel to build these dangerous pipelines? Russian steel arrived last week for the Keystone Pipeline XL.
6 Remember when he said he wasn’t going to cut social security and Medicare? The Republican bill does just this.
7 Remember when he said that nobody on his campaign had any communications with the Russian government? 7 of his people have now admitted they spoke and/or met with Russian officials…after they lied and got caught.
8 Remember when he said he was going to divest from his businesses? Changed his mind.
9 Remember when he said he was going to release his tax returns? Changed his mind.
10 Remember when he said he was going to drain the swamp of Washington insiders? His cabinet is filled with lobbyists, billionaires, as well as Big Oil and Wall Street executives, many from Goldman-Sachs. Yes, THAT Goldman-Sachs.
11 Remember when he said would defeat ISIS in 30 days? He doesn’t have a plan.
12 Remember when he said that the Obamacare replacement would cover more people at lower cost? The AHCA that the GOP and 45 are now pushing; they now admit will cover fewer people at a higher cost, after being called out by the CBO and the OMB.

White House Spokestapir Sara Huckabee Sanders Tells Reporters That Donald Trump Jr Is Not Fredo

WASHINGTON, D.C – Today during the daily top-secret off camera press briefing, White House Spokestapir Sara Huckabee Sanders told assembled journalists that Donald Trump Jr did absolutely nothing wrong when he met with a representative of a foreign adversary seeking illegally obtained information about the Clinton Campaign.
“Campaign operatives do this kind of thing every day,” said Huckabee Sanders, with her patented smirk planted securely on her face. “Every campaign has organized gangs of petty criminals who seek dirt on the opposition from dictators around the world. Sometimes assassinations of opposing campaign volunteers and car bombings targeting important donors are necessary as well. This kind of stuff happens all the time.”
When pressed on why Trump Jr. was dumb enough to organize the meeting and has at last count three different versions of why he was there and what happened, Sanders told the press that Don Jr., like so many other Trump campaign operatives, had so many meetings with shadowy Russian figures during the run up to the election that it was just hard to keep up with all of them.
“Sometimes they have to be reminded of what actually happened by KGB officers or American prosecutors,” she said.
“I just want to say in closing that Don Jr. is a valuable member of his father’s staff, and he’s sharp as tack,” said Huckabee Sanders, her long proboscis twitching.
“Donald Jr can handle things. He’s smart. Not like everybody says…like dumb…he’s smart and he wants respect!”
Huckabee Sanders then excused herself and began grazing in a shallow pool filled with aquatic plants.

Donald Trump Jr Says Meeting With Russia Was ‘Nyet Big Deal’

donald trump junior
Claiming that his twenty minute meeting with a Russian lawyer was nothing more than a Простой разговор между двумя незнакомцами, Donald Trump Junior says that the whole episode is a media beat up and an example of Поддельные новости.
“Это было ничто,” Trump Jr said in a statement today.
He said the President had no involvement in the meet up and neither did his dad. “Mr. Putin and Dad didn’t even know about it. It was nothing,” he said.

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 Image result for Images of punching down snobbery


On Catallaxy Files, among the first contributions for a new, modern dictionary for Australians: Allaholic Frenzy, Billabonk, Bolshie Ballet, Dingoat, Dodgeridoo, Faulty-cultural, Fauxboriginal, Lattesexual, Methnic, Pollicock  and more. Read here for definitions.
It's what bogans usually do for fun punch down. Bolt didn't go to a public school just hangs with these characters. Probably even has a collection of their oldboys badges and ties.

 Image result for Image of negative stigma


Cheryl Bernard has worked for refugees. She now warns of the rape epidemic brought by Afghan refugees to Austria: "These were not of the cultural-misunderstanding-date-rape sort, but were vicious, no-preamble attacks on random girls and women, often committed by gangs or packs of young men." A deeply disturbing read.

 Young Afghan men, refugees are to be found the world wide in their thousands so why doesn't Cheryl Benard's story ring true every where they can be found? Why is this story unique to Austria?  Given that it's not a global experience why is Andrew Bolt amplifying what is an Austrian story and portraying it as a global one? He does the same with Aborigines as well. He takes a case of child molestation in Arakun Where Noel Pearson raised money and declares it a wide spread practice among Aboriginal communities. Bolt encouraged a new generation of stolen children and applauded the Intervention that Howard set in place. It's taken 10 years and a Royal Commission to prove the accusations to be bullshit.
So why has a single story in Austria make Bolt suggest all Afghan male refugees are rapists? For one Afghans refugees can't be labeled as even a common group Hazaras are certainly persecuted in Afghanistan and are seen very differently from Pashtuns Bolt for Bolt there seems to be no difference. This experience Bolt is using to suggest there is something wrong with Afghans is typical of most of his generalizations deeming White Western Christian culture superior and other culture bring about psychologically damaged people. Yet when Bolt was convicted of vilification it wasn't a character flaw of his whatsoever but a flaw of the judiciary and our cultural system
Bolt makes no effort in any comparative statistics here such as the number of persons charged with sexual molestation in Austria over all and the number convicted and then the proportion Afghans represent of that total. Not a single attempt is made by Bolt to investigate or verify anything. He did this once before about Sweden and was proved wrong. Now he's doing the same for Austria.
The one thing for certain is that anything of this nature coming from Andrew Bolt is suspect and needs verification the probability that the information is skewed and therefore fake is highly likely.
 Image result for Image of an invasion


Illegal immigrants from the Third World continue to invade Europe: "In June, there were more than 30 700 detections of illegal border crossings on the four main migratory routes into the EU. The total number of detections in the first half of 2017 [was] about 116 000. In June, the number of migrants arriving in Italy [was] 24 800."

 Yet again Bolt produces an unverifiable set of figures  in order to make a point . He provides no link to verify his figures. What we do know Germany which took in 60% of the refugees increased it's population bu a huge 0.9% that is Bolt's "invasion". One needs to ask what is it he's hiding? Now it's clear why Bolt posted the above post about Afghans in Austria he's sensationalizing the the fact that it's summer and Asylum seekers still coming to Europe. It's not the horrific numbers Bolt makes out 60% were welcomed by Germany and Bolt doesn't seem to find a great deal to sensationalize there. Germany seemed to welcome these arrivals no highlighting Bolt's  "Invasion" or his rape  of the women. Germany actually took in 8,500 refugees per 1 million Germans. Austria took  half that proportion. Germany took in 13 times more Afghans than Austria and there was no publicity of the kind Bolt has turned to to highlight this rape culture strange isn't it. None of the other EU countries have reported it either. I'd call Bolt's link suspicious in it's exceptionalism.

There is no "invasion" these are legal asylum seekers who will be assessed and if not accepted  sent back. Secondly those accepted as genuine refugees are hardly likely to be a "resentful" as Bolt puts it let alone an  "underclass" as Bolt puts it. If there is any explicit resentment it's from Andrew Bolt himself who seems to despise a Multiculturalism anywhere but particularly Australia and despises what's happening in Europe as a way to show it.  He's a firm believer in advocating a purist monoculture subtext "race" based society.  As a consequence he does  everything he can to negatively  stereotype, stigmatize and vilify ethnic and religious minorities he doesn't feel his equals wherever and whenever he gets the chance. Australia's Shame is that we let him do it not privately but publicly in our press. Bolt's Blog isn't private it's an extension of News Corp and Bolt gets paid to trash Australia and it's diverstity. Resentment has trebled against Muslims and it's people like Andrew Bolt that have encouraged that and one can pin point it to the Cronulla riots when the Conservatives in the Liberal Party saw it as a political opportunity to regain power and Bolt provided the media support for Abbott.

 Yet Bolt denies this invasion

  Related image 


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The AFL should get its nose out of the love life of its staff. By what right do bosses sack executives who’ve had sex with consenting colleagues in their private time? 
Bolt's attacking the AFL but remained totally silent when the stars of News Corp were given the boot why? Is the News Corp culture indefensible in America but defensible here? Who is having it on with who at Sky, The Herald Sun or 2GB. Who just might get named and shamed is it Andrew Bolt? After all he doesn't really seem overly proud of his wife when he speaks of his family life. He's the work horse in the family bringing home the bread and having to take them on holidays what a drudge. When an where does Andrew Bolt get his rocks off? There is a bit of projecting going on here it seems.


First the Prime Minister mocks Donald Trump at a Press Gallery ball. Now foreign minister Julie Bishop mocks him for telling the  French president's wife: "You’re in such good shape... Beautiful.” Bishop: “I wonder if she could say the same of him?” We actually pay these two to build good ties with our biggest ally, not with the media Left. 
  So we know how Bolt likes to talk to women and he's not a President. Does he ask to grab them or does he just do it and the just call it  a 30 second hand shake? If Abbott got in would he be obliged to give Bolt a diplomatic post?


How strangely convenient for Woolworths and Coles to both announce on Friday they'd ban the free plastic bags for your shopping. That way, they didn’t risk having ticked-off customers switch to their competitor. Convenient for them, but a pain in the neck for shoppers, hit with another dumb green crusade.  
Bolt is repeating himself he got it wrong yesterday I wonder whether he corrected himself today. I doubt it. Bolt is certainly anti- Coles and Woolworths when he challenges them  their decision with a UKEA research report. Bolt's saying they were making an uninformed decision based purely on their bottom line. They are justifying it by presenting a faux green argument. Amazing are we to believe Bolt's turned green, pro-science and using data collection and informed analysis to make policy decisions. If so why is he so anti- science , uninformed, and has no regard for the 97% consensus based on 14,000 research papers explaining that the planet is warming due to human activity. Further it's largely due to the burning of fossil fuels. Bolt denies this in the same way he accuses Coles and Woolworths are doing faux spin for the sole purpose of protecting their bottom line.