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Monday, 24 April 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 25/4/17; Bolt reveals his Oedipal Complex, and Ageism questionig the Macron's 16 year marriage; Peter Dutton just continues to fail, Not so Safe schools ignored by Bolt;




Emmanuel Macron is likely to become president of France in the run-off against Marine Le Pen. His wife was his teacher at school, and they fell in love when he was 15 and she 39, with three children. Why is this fine in France but the kind of thing that could have her jailed here? My interview with Bettina Arndt.
  Andrew Bolt is obsessed with identity politics and reveals his Oedipal guilt at the same time. Macron and his wife have known each other for 24 years and have been married for 16. Why does Andrew Bolt ageist  believe there is any abnormality in  the relationship? What he's doing to Macron's wife  is some thing perverse. There is a 24 year gap between Trump and Melania but that's ok in Bolts tiny mind. All things  aren't equal according to Andrew Bolt.
Bolt's put on his ultra fundamentalist hat.  Macron pursued his wife  married her at a legal age and broke no laws.   News Corp culture and the  harassing of women has definitely been the norm for Andrew Bolt who is attacking Marcon's wife for little more than her age  as if he had some ownership of  her life choices and future. But then isn't that what Roger Ailes  Bill O'Reilly and what the  Saudi's do. The belief that they can dictate the parameters of women's choices. 
The problem Bolt has is not just ageism he seems to be projecting an Oedipus Complex which can't be glossed over by having Betina A sitting beside him.. Bolt wanted to fuck his mother and hated his father and himself for it. He simply can't come to grips with fact that Macron and  his wife didn't fall "in love" when he was 15 and they first met. Macron wasn't just out to fuck his mom  and unlike l Bolt didn't suffer any massive guilt. He and Bridgette Tongreux grew to to love each other and marry despite their age difference.  Bolt on the other hand was obsessed with a sense of guilt that seems to stem from the fact that he wanted to do his mummy. Bolt's only  revealing his Freudian secret as the Macrons have been public, open and transparent about their relationship 16 years? No questions or sleazy pussy grabbing suggestions are being made about the 25 year difference between Donald and 
 Melania are there. There's a latent  Oedipal obsession going on in Andrew Bolt and has his wife in some way always been his mother substitute? After all marrying Sally had a great deal of the social advantages Andrew.s mother always wanted for him.
Has anyone noticed there are no photos of Bolt and his wife in public unlike Emmanuel & Bridgette
  French election: Marine Le Pen stands down from National Front party ahead of May 7 vote – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
 How Brigitte met Emmanuel Macron – when she was his (married) teacher – and what the French will make of it | The Independent

This is what Bolt used to do for Abbott prepare the ground for an apology and a promise to change. He did it so often with Tony Abbott his incompetence was self evident and now he's doing the same for Peter Dutton. Dutton should have been allowed to fall on his sword after boom gate. The man just is a Liberal drone. By that I don't mean he's a high flier but he's a plodder that demands no admiration.


Teachers will give students an important lesson on how the Left feels entitled to abuse their authority: "Hundreds of Victorian teachers will again don ­pro-refugee shirts, despite ­warn­ings not to make political statements in ­classrooms. The teachers are expected to wear T-shirts emblazoned with “close the camps, bring them here."

 Do you notice how Bolt the anti- Safe schools camaigner  hasn't posted anything on how poorly Australian schools fared in the global research done on schools?  We fared extremely poorly when it came to bullying and exam stress compared to other OECD countries. That our school system provides poor levels of support to our kids why? Because of the poor levels of training provided to teachers in our schools. Bolt's insistense on cultural and political correctness over and above care has had a  telling outcome. Basically we fail to provide a safe school environment for our children.

 However when teachers and students act in chorus to" close the camps" and both stand united in a message a common bond develops. It's quite the opposite of Bolt's demand  that they stand apart and mirror a failing social authoritarian system .Australian schoolkids top world's stress list | Daily Telegraph


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Jenna Price teaches journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. But for Fairfax she commits a crime against her craft - writing a smear that's based on a  known falsehood. She vilifies Peta Credlin for doing something  which Price notes (in just four words) Credlin has already denied, yet rants on as if the smear were true. 
"Jenna Price teaches journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. But for Fairfax she commits a crime against her craft - writing a smear that's based on a  known falsehood. She vilifies Peta Credlin for doing something  which Price notes (in just four words) Credlin has already denied, yet rants on as if the smear were true. " Bolt
These words coming from the non journalist and infamous convicted liar  Andrew Bolt who claims he was educated at Adelaide University and has nothing to show for it is enough to tell us Jenna Price is very good at her job. It just might be suggested that the article was written and completed before any denials were made by Credlin. However given Credlin's record as head of the Abbott PMO nothing that Credlin says is believable anyway. After all she remains close to Tony Abbott and works for Rupert Murdoch now and just how believable are Tony and Rupert at any moment. If you lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas and Credlin has a lot and Bolt even more.




The Huffington Post runs a piece demanding men be denied the vote: "[This would] strike a blow against toxic white masculinity ..  Redistributing some of their assets will go some way to paying the historical debt that they owe society.” The HuffPost says this is based on "pretty standard" feminist theory - until it realises it's been hoaxed.

  The hoax is that there is nothing here from Andrew Bolt it's all just cut and paste and at the very end attributed Bevis Tim Blair. Isn't cut and pasting what Bolt's complaining about? What's Bolt's contribution here? A strictly moderated blog site that searches out any comments that Bolt doesn't agree with or might pranks or satire. His blog a self professed fabrication that Australia believes him.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 24/4/17; Andrew Bolt is neither a square peg nor a round one in Australia he just doesn't fit.. he is however a hole; Who failed the Test? Tony, Andrew and that mini crew of Klansmen;






Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is right to say we need tougher citizenship tests to get more migrants to fit in. “What I want is, frankly, for people to abide by our laws, adopt our values,” he said. Great, but wouldn’t it be even better to stop telling damaging lies about how evil we are, because some dangerous people now tend to believe them.

Bolt is such a loser and let's thank Australia for proving that with the  Logies last night.  It  contrasts  the mistakes we make and are able to laugh at ourselves  with the one's Dutton makes and hides, mistakes never acknowledged. To be able to laugh at ourselves is a major  positive character trait and  value we as Australians hold. Dutton doesn't and it's why he's so disliked. 
Why isn't Bolt on the Project anymore? Because he can't laugh at himself it's just too revealing. Why isn't Bolt held up as a shining example of what Aussie values are? Why is he such a try hard for News Corp a Corporation that is currently  a global embarrassment. News Corp's sexual harassment  culture  has been exposed as was it's phone  hacking in the UK. It  promotes Trump as intelligent why? Because it fits it's business model. Murdoch is vying to take over Sky UK and is up for review they reluctantly sacked O'Reilly to look good.
 Did Andrew Bolt attend the Logies was he even invited. He wasn't on the Sky table. Will he ever be  an exampl of  what Australians are not? His post above shows Andrew Bolt a dual passport holder  has a foot in two camps and is not  just proudly Australian. So who is he to be our judge? Waleed Aly just won another Logie last night which can be taken as a rating indicator.  Andrew Bolt never  reveals his ratings does he. He's too aloof for these Australian celebrations
Sky News won it's first Logie. Andrew Bolt wasn't part of the representative table. He seems to be an outlier at Sky as he is everywhere else. All those who were present on the Sky News table Bolt has spent time criticizing, David Speers for one.
The ABC documentary of  Austrailia's Shame the  Dondale Detention Center  and our Juvenile Justice System  won the Logie Thank you Austaralia  for the wisdom of reflection and the Royal Commission.



Promising to get tough on foreign workers and set immigrants tougher citizenship tests has helped to lift the Turnbull Government's vote slightly. But it is still behind Labor - 48 per cent to 52 after preferences.
  Andrew Bolt was bouncing about like Rumpelstiltskin when the Libs were 10 pts down at the beginning of this month. He was literally having an orgasm in print. However now that they are 4 points down what does he have to say the Turnbull government has lifted "slightly". Remember the WA election and that Pauline was going to win 15% of the states vote. She won 5% and Bolt has been telling us even today she bolted in. You can't believe the man or the media group he works for. However you can understand their ultra right wing determination to rule and rule by stealth because it's the only way they can. Heaven help us if they do because it will be the end of the ABC the most trusted and professional media in the country. Murdoch wants to globalize SKY and he can't do that in a democracy.


This can’t go on. Either Malcolm Turnbull or Tony Abbott must go, or the Liberals will be smashed. The Prime Minister and the man he replaced are now in a fight to the death, except it’s the Turnbull government that’s doing the dying. The hatred of these two rivals is so fierce that one must leave parliament. But the right one.
As usual Andrew Bolt has it totally wrong one neither Turnbull or Abbott has  to go at all. They both do.  Cate McGregor got it right and yes she said it on the ABC they both have to go and it's becoming increasing obvious to one and all. 
Abbott can't undo the damage he's done by being a gun in opposition for his whole life. In opposition to everyone in order to steal the ball the media attention and run with it. He's made enemies of Howard and too many doyens of the Liberal Party. Yes with the help of Murdoch like Trump he steals attention and doesn't earn it. He  yells follow me leaving everyone standing there thinking what a prick. It's the feeling you got watching Trump run for election except America has only experienced it once and we seem to be coming up for a second dose at the behest of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. We are watching Abbott attempt to come around a second time and that feeling in the pit of everyones stomach is worse.



This is the first time we've been threatened with nuclear attack. North Korea: "If Australia persists in following the US' moves to isolate and stifle North Korea … this will be a suicidal act of coming within the range of the nuclear strike of the strategic force of North Korea." So why little media concern? Do we just expect the US to save us?
Here is the beginning of the Chicken Little program that no doubt be revisited by Tony abbott and promoted by Andrew Bolt. The first time really threatened by a nuclear attack.Why because it's the first time possible and it's response to the posturing threat our ally the USA made. Is Bolt measuring his sons up for uniforms. In the past we went to war because of the "communist" threat. No we went to war because the US told us to go to Vietnam and we lost. We lost the Middle East too when Howard sent us to Iraq under false pretenses. The Abbott had his turn and  we aren't winning that one either and now Nth Korea? Is that war drums I hear Bolt beating. How is it Conservatives beat war drums and send us to war all the time, ones we lose. Haven't we learned the lesson don't vote conservative?
 One thing is certain if there was a reality of a nuclear attack or war Bolt and co would be heading for the Netherlands to report on it from there. I wonder whether or not his wife is an eligible resident? Oh the yawns well it's MSM we have heard this all before haven't we. News Corp always being the loudest. From Tom Switzer back at Bol Of course North Korea wants nukes. We should learn to live with it



National Front leader Marine Le Pen goes through to the final run-off for the presidency of France - but came second yesterday to young centrist Emmanuel Macron, the former  socialist and banker. That confirms she will lose in the run-off. The mainstream parties both lost,  Republicans and Socialists.
  Well Andrew Bolt has nothing to crow about like Gert Wilders in the Netherlands the voters of France have turned their back on the nationalist right wing party of Marine Le Pen. Viv la France. Notice Andrew Bolt has nothing to say for once he's simply posted the truth. Last week he'd hoped the killing of two police and blaming Islam would have an effect. He was wrong on both counts. It wasn't an Islamist attack and it didn't have the effect hoped for. 
With nothing to say Bolt decides to play the man and attack him sexually why? For what not being an ageist or rumored to be gay. Why is either important to Bolt who says he's against any form of Identity Politics? Is that the best he can do. It seems Bolt doesn't read what he posts. "In an infamous exchange, when confronted by a protester in a T-shirt in May last year, he lost his cool, saying: “The best way to buy yourself a suit is to work.” Macron This sounds like something you'd expect to hear Andrew Bolt say  oops!!
What's amusing Bolt strays from form for less than two minutes before uploading a sleazy post about Macron's sexual identity. That's our boy Bolt in a suit. He will never let you down when it comes to intolerance and it's worst associated characteristics.

Bloomberg Editors On New Climate Website: Climate Change “Is Fundamentally An Economic Story”


David Archibald stood for One Nation at the WA election. He writes a fascinating essay on his battle against warmists, the political establishment - and the ABC, which used single mothers on welfare as a stick to beat him and then asked why he hadn't attacked Jews. There's also observations on the colossal waste in Aboriginal communities.
 One Nation loser writing about his  trials and tribulations not his mistakes in Quadrant and being promoted by Andrew Bolt can you expect less?
Has Archibald noticed AGLs ad recently they moving away from coal completely and they and the biggest power producers and users in the USA are too. Yes Should David Archibald approach any of them their eyes would glaze over to  even if he had won a seat. Bloombergs have said the economics  no longer favor coal. Wake up you are in the 21st Century. Bloomberg Editors On New Climate Website: Climate Change “Is Fundamentally An Economic Story”

 Trump's First 100 Days Brings Lowest Approval Rating Ever

Burying the lead: voters warming to Trump

Only in the second-last paragraph of a Washington Post story crowing that Donald Trump has a record low approval rate for a president after 100 days do we read that voters have no buyer's remorse: "Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton." Which is a swing towards Trump.
24 Bolt's link and headline: As first 100 days in office approaches, media coverage of Trump is 89% negative: Study Bolt denies this by you guessed a study of media. Fox News leads the No of stories and all are pro Trump. I think Bolt trying to scam you. Here is another link Trump’s First 100 Days Brings Lowest Approval Rating Ever | Crooks and Liars
 Donald Trump averaged 41% job approval during his first quarter as president, 14 percentage points lower than any other president in Gallup's polling history. Bill Clinton had the previous low mark of 55%. The average first-quarter rating among post-World War II presidents elected to their first term is 61%, with John Kennedy's 74% the highest.
 Outside of dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, they haven't passed one piece of meaningful legislation. This was highlighted by their failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. Furthermore, the courts embarrassed them over shoddily-written executive orders on their "Muslim ban," led by the creepy Stephen Miller.
The Republicans stole Obama's Supreme Court pick and then needed to change the filibuster rules in order to get Neil Gorsuch approved. This even though they hold Congress. I'd say that's no accomplishment but a heist.
And as usual, Trump continues to live in his 'Fox and Friends' fantasy land and send insane tweets like this one, with no warning:

 Image result for Images of free speech disallowed


The latest evidence that the United Nations is not just a joke but a menace: "The United Nations' Economic and Social Council has voted, by secret ballot, to place the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Commission on the Status of Women... Saudi Arabia bans women from opening a bank account without their husband's permission."

 So much for Bolt the "free speech" advocate and debater. Just a continuation of his hypocrisy. Has he considered that this is an opportunity to start a dialogue on the status of women in Saudi Arabia. You won't get them to listen if they are locked out. It seems Bolt's blinkered views are the joke. How does Bolt assume a dialogue with allies is meant to proceed? Ostrracizing the Saudi's and abuse from over a fence that would keep them onside wouldn't it. We have air base in the UAE and didn't Bolt urge us to cut diplomatic ties with them last year?


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton implied  Manus detainees triggered a riot by trying to molest a child: "A leading Manus Island politician has ... joined other PNG police and defence force officials in stressing the Good Friday violence was unrelated to an incident involving a child being taken into the facility a week earlier." This is ugly.

 I think Bolt is right and that's first in 4 years but he simply doesn't go far enough .Dutton should step down because he's simply incompetent. and unbelievably so. We don't have to drag up boomgate do we? Bolt is trying to save potato head by getting him to say sorry when sorry just doesn't cut it.




To be fair, the Turnbull Government should never have said its Budget would tackle housing affordability. But it did, and Malcolm Turnbull has burned still more MPs with his latest yes-no backtrack.
  All Bolt is doing is whinging on the behalf of Abbott. Think Abbott and you have News Corp backing him over Turnbull because the no love lost between him and Murdoch. The problem is they are caught in a death spiral yes but neither are any longer wanted. Given the Liberal Party is broke can Murdoch and the IPA take it over completely? They'd be fools using Abbott as their marionette.

 Emmanuel Macron wife, Brigitte Trogneux, Brigitte Macron age


Bolt the advocate of anti -Identity Politics goes on the attack against Macron not for his skills but for his wife. Does he mention they have been in a relationship for  for 24 years not at all. Does he even consider whether or not their relationship is good bad or indifferent. What would have Bolt said if she was  20, nothing. It goes to show Bolt's mind set he must be getting sick and tired of the woman he married to become a social climber. He certainly wouldn't be where he is now without Sally Morell. I bet he doesn't believe that anymore. Have you noticed Bolt never has photos taken with his wife.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,23/4/17; You can't have a convicted liar doing PR for Pell can you?; At least the Pope knows the meaning oc Concentration; Australia's Shame;



Melbourne University Press omits a critical fact in promoting a book by an ABC journalist vilifying Cardinal George Pell: "The nation's most prominent Catholic is now the subject of a police investigation into allegations spanning decades that he too abused children." Missing from the blurb is any mention that Pell denies these dodgy claims.
According to Andrew Bolt a convicted liar "journalists have junked the truth". Remember the Bolt truths when his book on Climate facts was published. Andrew was among the "world leaders" on the topic of Climate Change that he was "Australia's foremost public intellectual". Bolt doesn't deal in facts and he'd be the first to say it if he found himself in court again. So that being the case what's he doing here. The police are trying to establish the facts of a very long history that has to date possibly remained untold. What's Bolt doing? Public Relations in any ones book. Should Bolt be believed? Well in the past 2 weeks Bolt told us a Muslim blew up a bus in Germany police have laid that bare as a false claim when they announced it was a free wheeling marketeer trying to influence the stock market. This week Bolt has again claimed  ISIS is to be believed that Cheurfi was a radicalized Muslim that killed police. Authorities also put paid on that when they declared there was no evidence to indicate he was radicalized or even a practicing Muslim. I think where there's smoke there's fire and if we ask if Andrew Bolt is a paid bullshitter we will find he's on blaze. As for George there's smoke and while the courts are out public opinion isn't. Andrew Bolt standing next to him is not a good look for Pell.

 Image result for Image of the Pope


The Pope really is a fool if he cannot tell the difference between a Nazi concentration camp and a refugee camp: "Refugee camps, many of them, are of concentration (type) because of the great number of people left there inside them." Propaganda gold for Islamists.
"The Pope really is a fool if he cannot tell the difference between a Nazi concentration camp and a refugee camp.". Andrew Bolt is the only person using the term Nazi here. The Pope certainly isn't. Applying the term" concentration camps" is far more descriptive of where they are whether they can leave or not. Is Bolt merely trying to deflect attention away from Manus and Nauru and the recent report that was released. That Uberfurher Dutton the current commandant is the most incompetent to date presenting conflicting explanations on just how his camps are being mismanaged and in the eyes of the world are illegal.





Malcolm Turnbull slaps on an Akubra - twice - to talk about Australian values on a new Facebook post. Missing from the ethnic groups he's shown meeting is anyone who looks Muslim. 
" Malcolm Turnbull slaps on an Akubra - twice - to talk about Australian values on a new Facebook post. Missing from the ethnic groups he's shown meeting is anyone who looks Muslim."Bolt Well we always said Bolt like Pauline Hanson could pick a Muslim out from a crowd at 100 paces he knows the color of their skin their smell Ed Husic doesn't stand a chance even if Bolt where blind folded. Isn't that the definition and the behavior of an ultra racist? What do Muslims look like? It seems Turnbull has gone Abbott and Team Australia. Liberals all now have the feet planted in the hall of shame. The guy standing next to Turnbull could be Bolt.

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Angela Shanahan notes that ABC FM celebrated Easter not by playing the great religious music inspired by the passion of Christ, but by playing the music of the Soviet Union in a celebration titled: 'Russia; Romance and Revolution,” What is it with the ABC and communist dictatorships?
  Like Bolt's complaint at what  wasn't said of Pell Bolt fails to mention the ABC's response to Shanahan's complaint. It make Bolt look like a whinging idiot, which he is."we are looking back 100 years to the event that transformed Russian society and culture, including music, and using this as a starting point to ­explore classical music in the Russian tradition, pre and post-1917. We are featuring music by a wide range of composers and we will also include sacred music in the weekend’s line-up,” he wrote."
Coming from a wickedly cowardly piss weak fence sitting agnostic " This strikes me as wilful cultural vandalism. It also seems to fit in to a very dangerous propensity of the ABC to kiss the boots of the communist dictators - who, not coincidentally, declared Christianity their enemy." makes Bolt seem what he is a hypocrite. Less that 2 weeks ago he was berating Christians for being piss weak. Not long before that when Trump was trying to declare Putin a kissing cousin Bolt was totally silent not a peep from him. He was totally towing the News Corp Trump line that it's about time we cosied up tho Russia.
 Image result for Image of Indigenous Anzacs


The blessings of mass immigration from the Middle East: "In one of the biggest police Anzac Day police operations, counter-terrorism, uniformed, undercover, heavily armed officers and special operations cops will flood the city." Were you warned this would be Australia after the multiculturalists had worked their magic?
  Multiculturalism or Radicalization does Bolt know which it is he's talking about when he reports"Police yesterday inspected again the various barriers to be used following the latest Paris terror attack — in which a policeman was shot dead and two others wounded — and force command is confident they would protect the public during vehicle-born attacks."Bolt
I'm sorry but the police aren't about to begin to ask people their country of origin which it seems Bolt would like to see. He'd be happy to say I'm first generation Australian of Dutch extraction from Aalsmeer and we are Holland's most famous town for having supported Hitler the enemy of all the dickheads marching here today. Lest we forget I will repeat it Bolt's family comes from Aalsmeer the town most famous for supporting Australia's enemy Hitler.
 Image result for Image of Julie Bishop


Phil Coorey first runs a pro-Turnbull leak falsely claiming Big Mal saved Tony Abbott from losing his seat. Now he backs up with more pro-Turnbull spin as the party crumbles in Turnbull's hands: that however terrible the Liberals will do under him, anyone else would do even worse. Read and weep.
23 Has any one noticed that Andrew Bolt who often refers to Cate McGregor Tony Abbott's close friend hasn't mentioned Cate's dump on Tony on the Drum this week. Cate openly says Tony no longer believes he can make it to PM because rather than building a following he's managed to do the opposite and has turned high standing Liberal MPs and the likes of John Howard against him and while Cate also believes Turnbull will fall she believes the party will turn to Julie teflon Bishop to lead them to the next election. So no Cate McGregor doesn't believe Julie would do worse. 
"The fear at upper echelons is that no one will blink and the party is on the same path towards mutually assured destruction that Labor followed..."Coorey The last thing that they want to hand Labor on a plate is a repeat of what they did and now Abbott is doing a Rudd. The whole notion of Abbott the only person to replace Turnbull is putting them on the road to hell in a handbasket and the party knows it.


Why is Peter FitzSimons writing on politics when he gets the most basic facts wrong?: "Western Australians recently rejected wholesale the One Nation mob." Why is he on Sydney University's Senate when he can't be bothered to do the slightest research - which would inform him One Nation won three seats in WA?
  From a News Corp  Report in March "One Nation has won 4.7 per cent of the vote in WA, with 67.3 per cent counted so far." News Corp. They were expecting 15%.  3 sandwhiches don't make a picnic. 3 seats does not make the election. Why does Bolt try to blow pixie dust in in his readers eyes?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog 22/4/17; Bolt falsely accuse Islam and refugees in Germany; Bolt's free market capitalist is a terrorist; Puff ball rumours the business of Bolt, Trump and media,

German police arrest suspect in Borussia Dortmund bus attack| Andrew Bolt’s Islamist

The dual national allegedly bought options on Borussia Dortmund’s stock before the attack.
Source: German police arrest suspect in Borussia Dortmund bus attack
" German police arrested a man on Friday suspected of detonating three bombs that targeted the Borussia Dortmund soccer team bus in the hope of sending the club's shares plummeting and making a profit on an investment,?
You won't hear this from Bolt that  free market Capitalists are terrorists. Bolt tries again below to tell us of the motives of a French Shooter whose spent 20 years trying to kill police. He's squeezing Marshmallows  into his racist money box.



  A This is a Paywall
The man that Bolt calls a Muslim idealogue has a history that stretches back 20 years of trying to kill police which hardly compelling evidence that he was terrorist out of conviction for his beliefs in Islam. In fact the French police have stated that there is no evidence that Cheurfi was radicalized.  Bolt on the other hand makes out he knows better and ISIS is the organization to believe. He goes on to ask if  11,000 French citizens need be  be expelled from France. Chuerfi was a French National, There is absolutely no indication that the 11,000 on police watch that Bolt refers to aren't also citizens. Cheurfi's politics aren't known to us or Bolt it appears his motivation was simply revenge.  The man had spent 10 years in goal and was before the courts preceding the shooting. However it sure as hell is an advantage to Le Pen to play up Islamophobia.
Bolt jumped to conclusions about the bus bombing in Germany and was totally wrong. He 's wrong here as well however he will never confess to it or mention it again. No sorry will be offered. Least of all in the case of Germany that it was a free market Capitalist who was out to make money on the stock exchange that set the bombs for his personal benefit. If the French were able  expel the French citizens as Bolt brainlessly suggests shouldn't we be able to expel Andrew Bolt?

Key points:

  • The gunman has been identified as Karim Cheurfi, a French national
  • Cheurfi had been convicted for previous gun attacks on police
  • A French prosecutor said he "had shown no signs of radicalisation"
  • Will Andrew Bolt suggest a conspiracy to hide the facts as he did Orlando?



I bet it's more than millionaires that want Credlin to take over: "Disgruntled millionaires are attempting to draft Peta Credlin to unseat federal Cabinet minister Kelly O’Dwyer in the blue-ribbon seat of Higgins."
Abbott trying to make up the numbers is he? We know whose support he won't be getting and nor will Credlin John Howards. Howard wanted Credlin out of the PMO's office when Abbott was PM and Abbott couldn't bear to let his minder go. Many regard that as fatal judgement call. Credlin has been sniping at the Liberal leadership ever since.
Given Cate McGregors revelations of what's happening in the Liberal Party that Tony is more on the nose among MPs now than he was after being dumped and that he himself is more bitter now than he was then. Bolt's unnamed secret cabal of millionaires and "I bet it's more" is about as solid as his finger pointing at Muslims that didn't blow up a bus in Germany. 
Has anybody considered why Bolt a declared agnostic makes any sense when he blames piss weak Christians for not defending Australia as a Christian country? Isn't an agnostic a piss weak Christian, Jew, Muslim? It seems Bolt's cry for Christianity and the Australian state to be closer is straight out of the Steve Bannon Breitbart extremist Christian handbook. If so Bolt's proven himself not to be just a hypocrite again but a liar as well.
PS How fake is is that photo of Credlin almost as fake as the one of Bolt on his Wiki CV Smoking Gun: Breitbart Publicity Campaign Backed Obscure Bannon-Mercer Film

Piss weak Christians published nearly two dozen articles last year promoting a virtually unwatched documentary whose production company is owned by the website’s partial owners Robert and Rebekah Mercer and its then-executive chairman, Stephen Bannon.The website’s advocacy of the film is a case study in how Bannon and the Mercers use Breitbart

Image result for Image of a suppository


 Trump haters are sick: "[Reporters are] coming down with insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, these physiological reactions – it's not just the one thing that happens in a day, it's five things a day, every time you look up there is another controversy or tweet..." I'd say they're just overworked from faking scandals, like the latest Patriots one.

 "Here's how deranged Trump haters are,"Bolt. 1)Recently Trump declared he's sent 59 missiles to Iraq. 2) He claimed Korea to be a part of China and 3) That Kim Jong Un is in fact Kim Jong Il  Jon Un's dead father.  Clinton's staffer isn't the only one rolling their eyes Republicans are and even more so. Andrew bolt is now doing for Trump what he used to do for Tony Abbott deflect ignorance and claim Trump isn't the suppository of all information.
Bolt is the organ grinders monkey dancing for Rupert why? Business!!
The Federal Communications Commission is expected today to vote to ease a media ownership rule that prevents greater consolidation of broadcast television stations. Two of the biggest expected beneficiaries of that decision will be Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Television Stations and the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, both key media allies of President

Bolt totally overlooks the internal chaos going on in the White House at present where Trump's staffers are bad mouthing each other off to the press in order to get attention for better jobs. Macarthyism is currently rife in Trump's administration. His son in law Jarred and daughter Ivanka leading the pack. They managed to get rid of Steve Bannon who they loathed and we saw Nunes had to fall on his sword to protect Trump. It's noticeable in  Trumps less isolationist and liberal rhetoric as well.  Source: The FCC’s Big Giveaway To Pro-Trump Television Broadcasting Groups


 Image result for Image of social outliers


Why are governments - particularly Liberal ones - using taxpayers' money to fund the Sydney Writers Festival, when it's been hijacked by Leftists who exclude conservative voices? Gerard Henderson describes the brain-deadening closed shop that's this year's lineup.

  Mentioning Gerard Henderson in the same breathe as the brain dead seems astute and appropriate of Bolt. Contrasting the SWF and The Bolt Report it becomes clear as to the meaning of a biased "Think Tank" as opposed to a broad range of Australians who happen to be writers and whose voting predilections at anyone election remain their own. That privacy has always been and essential Australian value if ever there was one along with freedom of religion. So what we have here is the resentment of two people who claim to be writers who weren't invited because maybe they haven't written anything of note that might be regarded as typically Australian.
When Bolt hangs his paintings on the wall which he so brags about does he research who the artist voted for? Who he mixed with? 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/4/17; Ethics News Corp Murdoch's Media; We are following Citizen Ship Trump; Abbott pursuing politics Abbott's way; Paris deaths; Coal Bolt's losing Battle;

Fox News Didn’t Care About Sexual Harassment Until You Knew About It

News Corp Murdoch Media
News parts ways with longtime host Bill O’Reilly, some may be tempted to claim that his departure is a sign that the network and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, care about women who have been sexually harassed. But the decision has nothing to do with the systemic toxic misogyny Fox News traffics in; it’s about the bottom line. Bolt harasses women, children the Indigenous, Muslims and goes home and kisses his kids. They know he does it for the money. But you are what you do Andrew Bolt!!      Angelo Carusone Tells Roland Martin That Fox Rewarded O'Reilly For "Misogyny, Preying On Racial Anxieties, And Misinformation"



A gunman has killed one policeman and injured another in an attack in Paris' Champs Elysees. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility. And on Sunday France will hold its presidential elections.

The extreme right in Europe wants wants Le Penn to to win the election. They are as crazy as ISIS  who wants her to win as well but it's not in their advantage to declare that they were the motivators behind such a killing. Bolt doesn't know what is going on but he's prepared to believe anything said by ISIS first. Because he knows "preying on ethnic and religious anxieties along with misinformation is advantageous for extreme right politics here as well.
 Bolt applies it in the same way ISIS does and is an enabler the only difference being he's applying it  primarily in the interests of News Corp whose bottom line is served not by truth but right wing politics and the cash flow associated with it. If advertizers began deserting News Corp because of  Andrew Bolt as they did Bill O'Reilly Bolt would be doing a Latham. Maybe the IPA would find him some action somewhere. But if so on the nose I doubt it.
Paris and what happened has more to do with domestic politics than it has to do with religion and all to do with Sunday's election and Le Penn. 
Le Penn was the first politician straight out of the gate to use it in her campaign as if she had written this scenario for just this campaign occasion. No surprises expect more to come before Sunday. French election could reshape the Western world

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My editorial from The Bolt Report: Malcolm Turnbull's new citizenship might not actually keep out wife-beaters and terrorists. But the fact that the ABC flunked it today shows why it's needed.

If Bolt had to apply today for citizenship what are the odds he'd flunk. I took him 35 years to start feeling Australian and he was born here. He says he is now but can't define what it means to be Australian. 1) He wears a suit or close to a suit all the time is that Australian? 2) His dogs are Dutch and his garden is Dutch is that Australian? 3) He's Agnostic a fence sitter is that Australian? 4) He doesn't holiday here or seem to have a great deal of friends is that Australian? 5) The ABC is symbolic of Australia connects Australians and not just in the city. It reaches out Bolt tries to drag you in. Is that Australian? 6) Do Australians see themselves in Andrew Bolt is he what makes us proud pigs ass he does.
Bolt has a deluded  image of what he expects Australia is and that's why he's always disappointed he hasn't the slightest grip on reality. It's why he unsocial not seen in public secretive and really needn't sit for the test because he's got a fence post up his ass. He's also a convicted vilifier and liar lost defamation suits and just generally not a laid back guy. He should apply for the vacant position at Fox News the guy he modeled himself on has just been sacked.


That is a hell of a new letterhead on Malcolm Turnbull's mass mailout. It's a Liberal mailout, so he can't use the Prime Minister's seal, but why hasn't be used the Liberal logo? Why a personal logo with a giant M.
The nasty  war  of secrets that only Tony Abbott knows how to play. The leak about the Warringah polls at this time onl advantages who? Tony Abbott of course his song " Look what theyve done to my poll mum" is not a new one in politics. If the leak is in your advantage "Just do it". Now couple that with the banging of a tin drum by drummer boy Bolt you have a wall of sound. Abbott sound which we have all seen before. All this was happening as Turnbull was doing a Trump and taking a step to the right with his Australia First stance. Turnbull has for extremely unfortunate reasons taken the wind out of Hanson, Bernardi's sails and brought attention to himself while also shutting the Abbott camp down. Tony had to do something to smear him and like in the days of old he did. He's been doing things like this since he was 18 claiming his innocence and getting away with it. So why is he going to stop now?“Why on earth some genius would seek to derail the government’s message in this way is just absolutely beyond me.”Abbott
  Lucky Brits when do we get our snap election?
Abbott is burying himself within his own Party. Howard and he  are certainly not allies. MPs who once support supported him won't vote for him. Cate McGregor spilt all on the Drum a friend of Tony's has stated he's gone past the tipping point and Mc Gregor believes if Turnbull falls Julie Bishop will be called up. Eat your heart our Andrew Bolt you even think McGregor is astute.

  Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the state’s largest solar farm

Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the state’s largest solar farmThe company says the farm will give jobs to displaced coal miners.A dump truck moves dirt and rock from a mountaintop removal coal mine in Kentucky. CREDIT: AP Photo/Roger AlfordA Kentucky coal company announced Tuesday that it is planning to build a solar farm on a reclaimed mountaintop removal coal mine and that the project would bring both jobs and energy to the ar

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Andrew bolt's Blog,20/4/17; Is Andrew Bolt's job safe?; Bolt is trying to suck our faces; Red Hill and Free Speech in action; Turnbull did save Abbott he won; The truth about Berkley isn't Bolt's; Are you religiously pornographic or a wife beater? Man is the only creature worth defending; Abbott was worse;


As He Leaves Fox, Here Are Bill O’Reilly’s Worst Moments On The Air

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has helped set the bar for the normalization and dissemination of right-wing hatred, offering incendiary commentary about sexual harassment and assault, gender, race and ethnicity, low-income people, the LGBTQ community, Muslims and refugees, immigrants, and reproductive rights. Now that O'Reilly has been forced to step down from The O'Reilly Factor after an advertiser revolt over revelations that Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, paid $13 million in settlements to women who came forward with reports that O’Reilly was a sexual predator, Media Matters takes a look back at some of the lowlights of his career, including his history of inaccurate and embellished reporting.

Angelo Carusone Tells The Last Word: "I Don't Think This Ends With Bill O'Reilly

 video April 19, 2017 11:09 P
Will this have consequences for News Corp Australia and Sky News. Andrew Bolt modeled himself on Fox News personalities



Extraordinary and sinister. Violent Leftists now determine who may speak at American universities: "After riots and violent protests in and around their campus..., officials at the University of California at Berkeley said the school is canceling a planned speech by conservative firebrand Ann Coulter because of safety concerns."
“This is just the beginning,” wrote a member of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer. “This is a sign that we have moved into a new era in the Nazification of America. Normie Trump supporters are becoming racially aware and Jew wise. They are willing to stick up for themselves side by side with Nazis without being adverse to violence.” Trumpster
 " local police have an official policy of not intervening in small physical conflicts between citizens since doing so could increase the risk of injury. Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer was on the scene and asked several police officers why they were doing nothing in response to the widespread violence:"
 Below one of Bolt's boys smashing a girl in the face

Louise Rosealma being punched by Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo.

 Bolt failed to mention the arrests made of the Alt Right when they came to battle the students on the Berkley campus. They came en mass and with weapons and the police did nothing It wasn't the left that got the publicity it was the violent right that made the headlines in the American papers. Bolt imports his own version. Coulter, Milo weren't banned from Berkley at all it closed down and did so because the police did nothing the right invaded the campus ground and brought weapons. Bolt as usual selects his facts to suit his version of the events. Notice Milo has been replaced by Coulter they are just "provocateurs" White Right and Respectable. Had the been Blacks for ISIS or Muslims for Sharia what sort of reception would they have got in the Bolt's ideal Land of free speech and The First Amendmant?

Pro-Trump rioters got away with beating anti-fascists in Berkeley — and likely won’t stop there  The Berkeley street violence was a great marketing event for alt-right types eager to attack anti-Trump protesters

Not peep from Andrew Bolt on this and why Berkley banned speakers not just Coulter.

  Image result for Images of Famous drug takersFreud Cocaine


Why trust these people with governing the country?: "Greens co-deputy leader Scott Ludlam has smoked 'a fair bit' of marijuana, used acid and tried every drug in between that ­appealed to him." 

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Trash to attract you to subscribe to the Australian 
But this reveals a lot about Bolt he prefers a fantasist and a liar over and above a truth teller as a leader who can advise. Bolt is the minder to a belly dancer the real cool legend in is own lunch time that tried to impress us with his opera art and antiques. He tried to impress us all with a Baron Von Munchhausen fantastic lie  and the things he owns to convince us he's an adviser and leader to be listened to.  Listened to over and above Senator Scott Ludlam who could only offer us the truth of his life's experiences and other genuine  qualities on his CV. Unlike Bolt Scott doesn't have a false claim like Bolt educated at Adelaide University. Scott didn't lie about his drug taking but Bolt lied when he was sprung by his ex fiance he called her out for bullshit until she came up whith undeniable proof. Bolt's walking on eggshells when it comes to attacking the man. He flopped when he did it to Adam Goodes and Waleed Aly. It's look of a very ugly Australian who promotes himself a holder of true Aussie values







 Sucking me dry:


Good on Malcolm Turnbull for saying he will fight for Australian values. But this shouldn't just be for a new campaign. Where was Turnbull in all the recent battles? Get stuck into the debates, or this risks seeming a stunt.

  Values are best discussed when defined something Bolt never does other than saying "I'm Indigenous" "I'm not a Christian" "I'm a victim" What are Australian values in a Multicultural country. If he can't define them other than by pointing to people to others why doesn't he allow others to do the same. He defines them speaks about and for them harrangs us about them like an old fish wife who is entirely dissatisfied with Australia. Now he hand balls the undefined job to Turnbull knowing fully well he can't either it's a poison challis only because it doesn't exist and it simply brings Australia down rather than up   What are Australian values? | NITV


On the one side is the Sydney University Student Union, banning a film made by a woman and produced by a woman and screened by a woman, claiming that it harms women. On the other side is Renee Gorman, the student who was trying to screen The Red Pill. Which impresses you most? Watch my interview with Renee.

  It seems Bolt has run out os topics so  much so he's shown this interview 3 times why? At the core is his pet propaganda 'free speech'.  Bolt doesn't debate never has and never will. He is never seen on a platform where the space time and format is equal to all parties and the questions being asked have a representatives to argue against Andrew Bolt without their hands tied. Bolt chooses "his set". The majority of his time is taken up attacking the men or women with whom he disagrees either personally or by him telling us their point of view. He's neither the Drum, Q&A or the Insiders on the ABC. He is Fox News USA. 
He  presents false facts, under whelming facts, skewed statistics and even quotes from yesteryear to prove his points rather than gain an understanding which isn't his goal. It's watching Bolt trying to squeeze marshmallows into a money box. Most of his time is trying to promote or defend ultra conservative values not middle of the road conservative ones but Australia's own extreme  right ones and overseas guests of even greater extreme and notoriety are his guests Milo an example. Bolt is always 'right' in the moment and even 'right' when wrong. If wrong he never apologizes but just moves on public apologies spell death in a 24/7 media cycle and moving on is to forget. So when Milo got ostricized by the right Bolt just left his favorite boy behind as if he were road kill. Even Bolt's dearest 'free speech' arguments weren't used to defend Milo. If Bolt is forced  to legally apologize it's only offered in writing and deals are done in secret. Basically Bolt is the media's sewer rat.
'Free speech' is Bolt's favorite topic he defends it when he has something to say and pretends he can't even when he can that's how twisted he is. 'Free lies', 'false facts', 'vilification', 'rudeness' are all allowed and are tools of the trade  along with redefining terms, flipping in order to reduce arguments to nonsense if possible like 'I'm an Indigenous Australian".  The goal to make a noise with access to the power of a global corporate resource News Corp. A space and  platform that loses money from Bolt's activities but nevertheless sells influence and does it globally.
So in Bolt's definition of 'free speech' individual and private opinion shouldn't be restricted by government or law as is the case of our RDA. Yet that's not the only area it is legally accountable. The work place is another environment where restrictions exist. MPs  are exempted and protected from slander when sitting in Parliament. In the case of Red Hill the Student Union at Sydney Uni can be deemed private as it's a totally voluntary organization one the conservatives wanted. Dendy Cinemas are private as are all the other organizations not wishing to show Red Hill. There are no restrictions on Andrew Bolt showing it but he's not is he? He could  as a special event on The Bolt Report but he won't. Everybody it seems is in the arena of 'freedom' non government and according to Bolt can do what they will. It seems that the product being sold however 'reverse sexism'  and the attempt to redefine our history and social reality of a male 'rape culture and domestic violence is not one believable. Men simply aren't victims.
 Redhill is out there for public consumption and it's allowed to be out there there are no laws preventing it to be out there but it's statistically irrelevant a fairy tale, a distortion of what life is and like the The Bolt Report without News Corp can only find a limited audience. Like Mark Latham without the patronage Andrew Bolt gets from Rupert it's dead in the water. At some time or place in history it may get a hearing in some social science class about how a misconstrued view of the social construction of our reality found difficulty in getting traction even when it had the support of Andrew Bolt and News Corp who could but wouldn't show it. There is no debate here just promotion disguised as whinging..


Pro-Turnbull forces leak against Abbott: "Malcolm Turnbull intervened personally during the final week of last year's election campaign to help 'save' Tony Abbott after internal party polling showed the former prime minister was so unpopular in his own seat of Warringah he risked losing it in a landslide." Rubbish. In fact, he won in a landslide.     

  "And we're supposed to believe that Turnbull - who was so uninspiring that he lost 14 seats - somehow managed to turn Abbott's potential landslide loss into a landslide win?"Bolt
You won't convince Bolt however Turnbull won the Party's approval Abbott lost it and Australia relaxed including Warringah. The rest is "I think" "You think" Well they thought they had an ice blocks chance in hell with Abbott didn't they!!!



Good, but how many people would 'fess up?: "Immigrants wanting to become Australians will be asked tough new questions like 'can you strike your spouse in the privacy of your home?' created to specifically weed out terrorists, wife beaters and criminals." Another sample question: does our freedom of ­religion mean you can force children to marry?

"It is good to insist on our values, so the reforms should be supported.
But how many immigrants would confess to being a wife-beater or to marrying off their young children?" Bolt
If Bolt wanted to immigrate to Australia today would he put on his passport "convicted vilifier and liar"? Should all the Dutch applicants be judged on being exceptions like Bolt? Marrying children off at a young age is a cultural practice among Hindus, Christians and Buddhists and yes even Agnostics it's cultural so which of these faiths should be banned? Selling children off  in the sex trade seems to be very much practice in Western culture and it's promoted on the internet. Pornography seems to be  more in demand in the West among Christians. Given these are all cultural practices and not religious ones and practices actively practiced in the West. Why is Bolt even suggesting they aren't and are exclusive to others. Yes what we have here is Bolt's piggy bank of conclusions he wants you to believe and he's trying to shove marshmallows of evidence of his making into his pig to make it all seem real.



The green madness launched by Peter Singer is now official: the lives of sharks count for more than humans. Take it from the new West Australian Government, which refuses to even try catching the shark that’s just killed a 17-year-old girl. You see, we must think of the poor sharks, even though more Australians  are being bitten as they swim.   

Bolt's attitude is typical of a colonial invader discover the USA dislike the Indian population and commit genocide slaughter millions. Enter the world of the shark kill them because it's territory you want. The world of the tiger, koalas whatever legitimately belongs to man to do what he will with. Bolt's like a pandemic disease ready to attach itself to a population feed off it and if need be destroy it if that's the most useful and profitable path for him and his kind to take. Self interest benefits mankind fuck the shark it's just flake. Don't bother to just understand them like a Green Left wing tree hugger who like the shark need to be moved out of  Bolt's way

 Yes Abbott supports what Turnbull does but Abbott did nothing about the rort it became all Bolt is doing is actually not saying Abbott's approach did nothing. He's mocking Turnbull why? Because he's Turnbull of course but not mentioning that Tony Abbott was an enabler of activities that allowed visa holders be sold into slavery. Bolt doesn't give a rats about 457 visas  it's Turnbull he wants disparaged and Abbott lifted but he can't all of that here because Abbott was worse.