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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,28/5/17 What You won't hear from Bolt; Government Assisted White Collar Crime : Roger Franklin a Bolt good guy; US doubles it's refugee intake;

Victim of Careers Australia collapse just days away from graduationAbout 500 words stood between Gail Winters and a diploma that would lead to a new career.
  Scandal-ridden Careers Australia, a Liberal major donor, back in spotlight

 Manchester bomb should've been exploded on ABC’s Q&A, Quadrant's Roger Franklin says | Australia news | The Guardian
 ABC demands removal of article after Roger Franklin says ‘if there had been a shred of justice that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio’ on Monday

Not a word from Andrew Bolt on  this week's star media embarrassment .Writer for not only Quadrant but Rowan Dean's  The Spectator as well. Bolt's favorite conservative magazines Has Roger Franklin been a guest on The Bolt Report as well?  All we heard from Bolt was "Sack Yassmin"

Guest Post: Peter O'Brien A defence of Roger Franklin | Catallaxy Files| IPA

Rundle: Quadrant wishing death upon Australians by terrorist bombing ...


 Bolt is deeply embarrased What you won't hear from Bolt.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

Despite President Trump’s efforts to curtail resettlement, the State Department’s move could result in a near doubling of refugees entering the country.
The New York Times 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,27/5/17; "Idiotic Denialists" = Experts; Bolt is Horan Man Monis; Paywall My Magret Court Moment; Copts and their Politics; Manchester Confusion; Bolt complains too loudly;



Why is it Bolt who demands he not be stereotyped because "he's an individual" demands we are all equal in the eyes of the law and Australian Society that we aren't racists sexists homophobes demand the right to stereotype "Muslims". How many ways and how many times do we see Bolt denying "White Privelige" mocking " Affirmative Action" but here declaring his own arguments "idiotic denialism" This Blog and the one below  are nothing more than his emotive  ultra , anti- Muslim rant to tell us the sky is falling in. That any action suggesting he just might be wrong is reason to panic. That the Authorities and protective services are wrong and have the right and no the need to be called out to protect us. They need to be herding the cats no matter how difficult that is in order to protect blue eyed blond Aryans like himself. Mistakes might be made but the balance has moved and if anyone looking Muslim gets hurt so be it. We can no longer presume people are innocent and profiling is a must. It's what the media screamers in with Jews in years gone by and they too insisted they were right too so much so they organized themselves and overode the authorities of the day to become the fascists in control. Emotion ran amok then too  and "idiotic denialism" was overcome. Stereotyping and profiling actually raise a question about "collective punishment" meted out to refugees that come by boat and are now left on Manus and Nauru. Bolt supports the notion of  normalizing negative stereotyping as a means by not only to judge people but treat them if negatively categorized by race, religion, sex,age, and even beliefs. British Law needs changing form innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proved innocent. Bolt's values are intuitively  dichotomous to what we declare to be Australian values. QED he's failed the citizenship test over and over again.

Student, 11, accuses school of committing war crime in breach of Geneva Convention - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Image result for Horan Man Monis image


 Bolt simply hates experts Academics with Phd's, Award winning Scientists ,  even the head heads of our National security organizations why? Because they are simply "idiotic denialists" they try appeal to reason and not instinct or the pure emotion  brought on by counting. They are slow and don't jump like vigilantes. When the heads of the worlds best security agencies said the Orlando massacre wasn't a case of Islamist terrorism Bolt yelled "conspiracy" but not only that it still sit's in his count of Islamist Terror. When the head of ASIO reveals that his organizations findings don't lead us to what Bolt wants he yells an emotional " idiotic denialist" When  denied his version of events to be fact Bolt runs off his collected list of murders and GBH events frothing at the mouth. Many  never proven to be Islamist driven. Monis, Haider and Jabour had as much connection to Andrew Bolt as they did Islamic State all suffered severe psychiatric and personal issues rather than politically driven ones. But that's Bolt's aim to if you don't agree with him you must be "mad" "blind" "deaf" or in this case an "Islamist". If and expert you simply can't be reasoned.  In fact Bolt has more in common with Haom Man Monis than the rest of us.

Bolt almost sounds in a state of exhaustive collapse mumbling "but ISIS claimed they were". Yes Bolt actually believes ISIS PR over an above anyone who denies it. Children don't throw the tantrums Bolt does in an effort to convince us. That simply invoking Allah makes you an Islamist if you yell God in English you just might be one too. How many Christians invoke god as an explanation for their violence or even the devil. Generally the first explanation was "illness" Today Bolt seems to ignores that and replaces it with Islamist. You don't have to even be religious because if you did his arguments begin to fall away. 
Yesterday Bolt even tried to convince us that Australia had more terrorist events and had thwarted more than the UK. We were in as much if not more danger. the UK had thwarted 18 events over a period of nearly 5 years. It really does make Bolt Monis
In tears and on his knees Bolt is the corner preacher who doesn't understand why god isn't helping him in his fight and why experts can't see or aren't backing him up. In Bolt's world it seems emotion overrides reason when it comes to justice and truth. You can almost feel Bolt's pain but you have to laugh.
 "So what on earth is Duncan Lewis saying - and why?
Did he mislead Hanson and a Senate committee?
Or is our ASIO boss blind to the facts - and to a clear and present danger?
Please explain." Bolt

There’s No Link Between Middle Eastern Refugees And Terror Attacks, ASIO Boss Says



Labor leader Bill Shorten was blasted by Left-wing journalists for hiring a cast of nearly all-white Australians. The Sydney Writers Festival is cheered by Left-wing journalists for packing a hall with nearly all-white Australians. UPDATE. Tim Blair: "Any paler or older and this mob would be a Greens conference."
  It's called flipping folks and Bevis Blair and Butthead Bolt do it all the time. No I'm wrong Bevis Blair does it with humour and humourless Bolt just tags along. He does it with Rowan Dean and he did it with Milo because Bolt struggles with funny. But then so does Blair. Here is Bolt's contribution to funny a PAYWALL . One that makes no sense and to which I won't pay to enter. I'm doing a Margret Court
"Labor leader Bill Shorten was blasted by Left-wing journalists for hiring a cast of nearly all-white Australians. The Sydney Writers Festival is cheered by Left-wing journalists for packing a hall with nearly all-white Australians."
 Image result for Image of Egypts Military


Nothing to do with Islam itself, right?: "Masked gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing at least 26 people, including children, and wounding 25, officials said." UPDATE: Anne Aly admits Islam is linked to terrorism. Will Robert Manne now apologise for smearing me?
  If for one moment Bolt was able to ask a question  as simple as why? He might just find an answer in it's not Religion but Politics. The Copts have chosen to ally themselves politically with the elites of Egypt the military government the military government that the US and Israel opposed not so long ago when they financed and supported the Muslim Brotherhood.  Having lit that fuse they lost and have now changed sides or have they we don't really know where the covert interests of Israel and the US lie. It's now mirrored in their ambivalence in Syria. Are they for or against Assad does Bolt definitively know. One could begin to ask whose weapons were the Copts killed with? Bolt has a simpletons context in which place his outrage when the answer lie in the much more complex question why? It's not because they are Christian but because whose side they are on.


  Image result for Image of Syrian Destruction


Alaa al-Ameri, a British Libyan, so to speak, says Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi, also from a Libyan family, was coached by Islamists to hate Britain. The British elites are wrong to assume it's Britain which has caused offence. Read this.  
  Andrew Bolt may as well have referred us to a letter from Batman instead he refers us to  a letter in "Spiked" an on line Libertarian digital magazine written by a person with the pen-name AMERI. This seems a totally unverified and fake response from someone with his or her name shortened from what could otherwise be the  American. 
Lets put some meat on the bones of truth to this event of Slaman Abedi horrific reaction to killing himself and 22 others in Manchester
Here's what the media and politicians don't want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22 year old who killed nearly two dozen concert-goers in Manchester, UK, was the product of the US and UK overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and 'regime change' policy in Syria. He was a radicalized Libyan whose family fled Gaddafi's secular Libya, and later he trained to be an armed 'rebel' in Syria, fighting for the US and UK 'regime change' policy toward the secular Assad government. The suicide attacker was the direct product of US and UK interventions inSource: Here's What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Manchester Attack There would have been no jihadist training camps in Libya had Gaddafi not been overthrown by the US/UK and allies. There would have been no explosion of ISIS or al-Qaeda in Syria had it not been for the US/UK and allied policy of “regime change” in that country.
When thinking about Abedi’s guilt for this heinous act of murder, do not forget those interventionists who lit the fuse that started this conflagration. The guilt rests squarely on their shoulders as well.
This plan to bring down the governments of the Secular Pan Arabic States was hatched at the turn of the last century Israel for it's protection and the US in it's grab for oil. Israel preferred to face warring tribes across Nth Africa and the Middle East rather than face the armies of a united Arabic front of Hussein, Gaddaffi,Assad and Egypts Mubarak. all military despots who had outlived their use. Rebels no  but Sunni"freedom fighters" were all once supported by the US, UK, France, and Australia even as far back as Osama Bin Laden in Afghanisthan.  Salman Abedi was in Syria fighting with us when he saw what Allied bombs did to women and children in both Lybia ans Syria. The kid rang his mother before he killed himself and sorry.
How is it we are ready to accept the PTSD suffered by American and Australian troops suffered in the Middle East but not the PTSD of  of someone like Abedi both and Arab and a Muslim aren't Muslims traumatized by war also searching for explanations? If we are ready to point the blame at him shouldn't greater blame be saught with ours and Russia's involvement in the bloodbath? Trump just signed a $350 billion arms agreement with the Saudis and said he hoped that would help them deal with Iran. How effen un-peaceful is that?

  Related image


Aboriginal leaders demand a new elected body for Australians with Aboriginal ancesters so politicians hear the "First ­Nations Voice" when passing laws. But they already have a voice. Like the rest of us, they can vote for representatives  in Parliament. What they really want is more say than everyone else, based on their "race". Official racism.
  Bolt the Indigenous Australian who insists his history of Australia stretches back all of 59 years divides us in so many ways. It's "idiotic denial" to say that Bolt didn't become the first Australian from the day he was born the keeper of the candle of Australian history. Australia isn't racist there is no past beyond him so there is no reason for guilt. We live in a meritocracy and Bolt is living proof that if your smart intelligent skilled and compete you will be recognized and rewarded for what you are and puff the magic dragon told him that.  He is and lives in the state he himself claims to be "idiotic denial" in fact he is their leading media administer. 
There is no "plan" to divide us by race we are and have been divided by race for 200 years. What we want is to secede from the state of "idiotic denial " in which Andrew Bolt lives and plant our feet in reality. Instead of blaming the first Australians for the systemic disadvantage which they have suffered for the past 200 years under the pressure of intervention and arrest because of the demand to not look black and be like us but asking why if we were so clever and charitable we have left them worse off today than when we arrived. We non first peoples are the ones who fail to recognize who it is we are and so live in "idiotic denial"

Image result for Images of false ID


Douglas Murray on Europe's decision to open its doors to those who brought the slaughter in Manchester, Paris, London, Nice, Brussels...: "No politician to date has paid for this mistake. Indeed, they have begun to react to the attacks as though they were something like a natural disaster — beyond the control of man. And perhaps they now are."
This is a PAYWALL
On Body count alone these 'idiotic denialists" are so wrong . The largest and most notorious terrorist alive is still white Christian and an extreme right wing thinker like Murray and Bolt Anders Brevik. He killed 177 people injured many more and the majority children. He killed the children of politicians to make them "pay for their mistakes". Strange he resides in the shadows of Bolt's European history never to be talked about. Brevik like most terrorists was a person born in the country where the crimes were committed. He was a Christian but obviously an non practicing one and with no real depth of knowledge about his religion. Christians in fact denied him something else in common with those Bolt deems Muslim Terrorists.
Bolt seems to deny Australian History except for immigration when he declares as a settler nation we should have been more choosey and welcomed the Europeans of the world in those that didn't want to come and do the hard labor because they were living the high cultural life Bolt aspires to. One might ask  why people like Bolt's parents came to Australia if they weren't "refugees". What enticed them to leave home? A lot of Nazis and Nazi sympathizers were having a bad time in the Netherlands  Germany and other parts of Europe payback time had come and they left. We forgave and said live and let live welcoming refugees from the communism that was taking over Europe we were an example. However that wasn't the case in the Western Block  the middle classes stayed and rebuilt and renewed their professional lives. Ex-Nazis and their sympathizers weren't so comfortable post war and sought refuge and new identities in places like Australia and we let them in and we left them in. Andrew Bolt demands extreme scrutiny now here and in Europe so extreme that the children of immigrant refugees be closely looked at. How is it the majority of these people are ready and willing to talk of their experiences and why it is they left. You never hear that willingness from Andrew Bolt who leaves his parents past a blank page. He demands of others what he doesn't demand of himself. Me thinks he demands too loud!!!

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I have loved watching Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti play, and wish he was playing for the other side tonight. But I have an even greater respect for him and his character - and that of his mum - after reading this. Read it too. You want reconciliation? Here it is, lived.
Bolt can't even blog a good time story without making it a PAYWALL. He can't even say it's the AFL Indigenous round with Richmond Playing Essendon and yes there will be cultural  displays like Adam Goodes put on displays of spear throwing. Far kinder than the Cultural displays Bolt and Roger Franklin put on and far more civilized and representative of us as a nation and an asset for all of us. Can any body imagine Andrew Bolt as an Australian icon or tourist benefit to Australia. Bolt is a paradox being Australia's highly paid but most unproductive media man a national embarrassment.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,26/5/17; Open your eyes the enemy of Democracy is not Islam; Trump vs The Deep State; Bolt's anonymous pen pal; FBI has turned anti- America;



My editorial from The Bolt Report - the mosque of the Manchester suicide bomber is a former church. How can we resist Islam and ask Muslim children to pledge loyalty to their (Western) country when we trash or abandon our institutions, our history and our national symbols?

  Here is Bolt the right wing preacher telling us how pathetic we are. How weak we are. We are at war and the enemy is among us. Doesn't that remind you of nasty little man that started WW2. He too applied the same Bolt logic or should we say Bolt is applying his. Only back then the man running the media story was named Goebbels. He appealed to the irrationality of emotions too instead of rationality and reasoned thinking. He insured books were burned science and data collection was paralyzed and largely thinking by a nation banned. If anyone raised their head in opposition thugs were there to deal with it meetings and protests weren't allowed. Platforms of complaint removed even the soap boxes in parks. That's not too long ago for parallels to be drawn.  If any differing views  or discussion were held  to the party line the Quadrant  cry " bomb them," " kill them" or " sack them" clearly rang out. The most fearful thing is those demands are starting to be heard  and met again. They are being put out by Cabinet Ministers, lackey's of media moghuls in print on radio and on TV. They are being voiced by the wealthy and their corporate business associations as well and a darkness is fast overcoming us.
There is a light however when powerful Corporate organizations stand up in opposition   QANTAS, WESTPAC, AGL, ORIGIN and EUGENIE. and  real journalists still go about their work asking what's going on such as the ABC and independent media the real grab for power becomes evident.  Questions are at the heart of Democracy and not answers. When Peter Dutton can say Tony Jones and Q&A exemplify the problem "intelligence" we know he's right and that problem is his. We know there is a war going on however it's not religious but an ideological grab for and to maintain economic and social power. not just domestically but in the  Global English speaking world.

 Murdoch and News Corp are in the business of answers declaring the problems are the same throughout the Anglosphere  when they are not. Imagine if he had gained a voice in China he tried but they kicked him out. We can too with Corporate support. It's become clear when Advertizers started fleeing Fox News in the USA  Roger Ailes  got the boot then came Bill O'Reilly and now they are abandoning Sean Hannity in droves and Fox management and their editorials  are not just contradicting him but retracting and distancing themselves from what it is he's saying. Ratings at Fox USA are falling and Hannity is on the verge of getting the boot too. How the mighty  can fall Bolt Murray and Sky can too  if the Advertizers start walking. Women started the ball rolling at Fox who can start it here?  Sure as hell the same News Corp Culture exists here and in the UK. We saw Murdoch take the Alan Bond defense  not so long ago in the UK when caught for criminal hacking.  The too old too sick"  I can't remember"  defense Clive Palmer is taking it now. Murdoch closed a paper and threw staff under a bus to save himself.  Boycott works people BDS threatens Israel more than street protests Advertizers can threaten New Corp and we can threaten  Advertizers directly. Why are Sky's ratings such a secret? Because they are so bad or so as not to provide a target? Why is Andrew Bolt so obsessed with Waleed Aly ratings.

 It might be funny hearing conservatives do it like Margret Court against QANTAS  but Israel isn't laughing at BDS and Fox isn't laughing watching their income plummet. Trump it seems will soon be questioning his choice of media PR. Our war is not with Islam Islam is having it's internal war  our's is  with News Corp and the loss of journalistic integrity. Our's is with the the loss of access to news and information delivered only as opinion.  Bolt's right we are piss weak and getting weaker if we allow him to dictate who the enemy is and who we are. The enemy is not the majority of other Australians it's the minority in control of the  sound bytes.The Dalai Lama Says More Hard Hitting Words About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society
Message to Andrew Bolt from Manchester
 Fascist, Go Home! After Bombing, Manchester Residents Shut Down Anti-Muslim Demo | Informed Comment
 Here's what the media and politicians don't want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22 year old who killed nearly two dozen concert-goers in Manchester, UK, was the product of the US and UK overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and 'regime change' policy in Syria. He was a radicalized Libyan whose family fled Gaddafi's secular Libya, and later he trained to be an armed 'rebel' in Syria, fighting for the US and UK 'regime change' policy toward the secular Assad government. The suicide attacker was the direct product of US and UK interventions inSource: Here's What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Manchester Attack
 There would have been no jihadist training camps in Libya had Gaddafi not been overthrown by the US/UK and allies. There would have been no explosion of ISIS or al-Qaeda in Syria had it not been for the US/UK and allied policy of “regime change” in that country.
When thinking about Abedi’s guilt for this heinous act of murder, do not forget those interventionists who lit the fuse that started this conflagration. The guilt rests squarely on their shoulders as well.

 Image result for Image of a leak


There is an ugly culture of leaking in the US intelligence and/or State Department, not just deliberately undermining Donald Trump but now interfering with Britain's investigation into the Manchester bombing. Some people, encouraged by the media, think they're bigger than the law. Trump is now acting to prove them wrong.

 Apparently there is a Culture of leaking in the US administration we are told and it's not Trump and his tweets.Well that seems little more than a deflection. However the deflection has gone so far as to name  a new force behind the American political scene the Conservatives call the Deep State. In the Abbott years we weren't as imaginative and it was simply called the Opposition the Senate and /or whiteanting. Tony Abbott privatized budget auditing and refused to give it to Treasury and he banned ministers from appearing on the ABC which today conservatives see as the Deep State of Australia simply because the practice investigative journalism and ask questions.
 The US protects the Freedom of Media in Law  so much so they can't be held responsible of anything  they say and as a consequence don't rely on any facts only opinion. The American press aren't legally regarded as owners of any information and therefore can't leak it only report it. When the White House advisers are made up of the likes of Breitbart's Steve Bannon and  Rupert Murdoch and Fox News have the key to Trumps ear is there any reason why confusion doesn't reign even more? It's what makes Journalism today the antithesis of news and information. In America only there is no such thing as lies or truth any longer only fake news.and Murdoch wants that imported here under the call of Freedom of Speech.
 Leaks aren't against Trump he is the leak. He who saw the look on Netanyahu's face when Trump turned to him and said "I said nothing about Israel to the Russians" Murdoch is his apologist down under and Bolt is just the messenger.
 Image result for image people using masks

Alaa al-Ameri: How Abedi was taught to hate Britain

Alaa al-Ameri, a British Libyan, so to speak, says Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi, also from a Libyan family, was coached by Islamists to hate Britain. The British elites are wrong to assume it's Britain which has caused offence. Read this.  
26 Anything that happens to a non Muslim anywhere in the world and has passed through Andrew Bolt's victimhood filter will be the act of an Islamist terrorist no matter if the authorities  deny it. If wrong Bolt simply ignores it from that point on. Example Yassmin Abdel-Mageid and Roger Franklin of Quadrant. Yassmin was persecuted by Andrew Bolt for years simply for being a Muslim woman in the public eye. Roger Franklin ignored simply because he worked for Quadrant and called for the bombing and killing of those attending the ABC's Q&A. How is it Bolt knows the fine details of Salman Abedi's life when even UK's finest investigators don't. Bolt get's it from ISIS, Spiked and anybody ready to feed him myths that fit his need to boost FEAR and religious war. So what he's done here posted a Nationalist cry dressed in the fancy dress of a Muslim whose name is shortened to Ameri-can all Bolt accepts authenticity is "Alaa al-Ameri is the penname of a British-Libyan writer." that's the extent of Bolt's verification system....impressed?

 Image result for image  of an anti- Trump cabal


This is smearing by leaks: "Investigators are focusing on a series of meetings held by Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and an influential White House adviser, as part of their probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and related matters, people familiar with the investigation say."
  The Deep State is now the FBI in action they can't be trusted  because the organization is enabled by  a media  that hates Trump. What Bolt is saying is that the media in America has gained control but that's what we have all been saying and that Rupert Murdoch is the biggest controller destroying the fabric of the basic Democratic institutions in the country. Destroying the confidence in the FBI, the Administration, The Educational Institutions and even the Media itself. What they do is what Bolt is doing here questioning anybody questioning. It's what  Conservatives are afraid of most is questions. It's better to destroy the house with confusion  then call in the troops.


 Image result for image  of reverse discrimination


Via Mark Latham, this example of rampant sexism in an advertisement for a campaign assistant for Unions NSW: "Salary: Unions NSW Trainee Grade 1 – $57, 869.48... Superannuation: 9.5% employer contributions and 11.5% for female employees." Is the Sex Discrimination Commissioner onto this?
 Where is this cry of systemic  reverse sexism coming from the IPA of course and the Catallaxy files headed by Sinclair Davidson. Yes they have found an add where "positive discrimination" exists in a  sea  of male sexism in a society whose history of male privilege is challenged. We should be grateful for Sinclair and Bolt giving this media attention so an increase in this positive advertising of role changing  will encourage men to change too.



Tim Blair: "One Nation’s Pauline Hanson is widely considered stupid, but she’s not the one hiring people on the basis of unexamined racial claims. That would be ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie." He's right.
  Here's Bolt using Ali G for a PAYWALL. Fake Advertising sure is!!  The stupidity content is Bevis Blair's presentation of the conversation. All Australians were welcome to apply was the meaning of Guthrie's reply but not so Bevis's want to be funny. It does rebound on Hanson though because not all Australians can apply for One Nation.
 Image result for image  of factless statements


Australia has fewer than 500,000 Muslims. The head of ASIO says they have produced one terrorism attack or plot every two months, as well as 100 Islamic State fighters still in Syria and Iraq today, and 200 active supporters here under investigation. Australia has 530,000 Buddhists. Terrorism risk: nil.  
How can you believe anything that Bolt says. Britain has said it's thwarted 18 Islamist plots since 2013 or approximately 4 and a bit per year Bolt is telling us Australia has more terrorist attacks than the UK  Australia is predominantly Christian and if killing assault and GBH spells terror Australia's Christians are greater terrorists domestically than Muslims but Bolt ignores those reports. When the editor of Quadrant Roger Franklin calls for a fatwa against the ABC and death by bombing Andrew Bolt says nothing. However one wonders how a British kid 22 years old becomes so easily radicalized in Libya it's not too difficult to explain.  It's in the saying if your under 30 and not a socialist you have no heart. How do the young complain when they hear that their country has conducted mass bombings in Muslim countries killing woment and children and then read in the papers adult men like Andrew Bolt justifying it. Bolt is the enabler of radicalization of Australian kids asking the question why? His answers are obviously far far from convincing. He should be stopped and be held responsible for the consequences of what calls 'free speech'. The man is opinion rich but fact poor and represents  the very worst of media.


 Image result for image  of Bombing Syria


Yet another alleged terror plot. British police have charged three London men with terrorism offences. Their names are another indictment of British immigration policies: "Umar Ahmed Haque ... Muhammad Abid ... Abuthaher Mamun..."
I repeat what I said above  British police and intelligence have publicly stated they have thwarted 18 terror plots since 2013 or 4.5 years. Which basically amounts to 4 a year and that's in a population of some 60 miil people. Bolt writes about it as is if it's 18 a week and makes out when quoting figures the situation is worse in Australia. Who gave this man access to a key board, radio and TV. His bullshit is sufficient to spread the seeds of anger among kids not listened to on social media. Bolt's assisted in having the voice of the angry youth removed from the media with Peter Dutton declaring it a good start. These two hoons are enablers of anger one an MP the other Bolt an agent for a global corporation News Corp which enables radicalization of kids in English speaking countries. There is no escaping Murdoch's message  that if Muslim your bad, Islam is not a religion This is a religious war and not political and Christian are the peace makers. $350 bill dollar weapons deal has just been done with the Sunni Saudis while declaring Iran and the Shiia global terrorists. Sunni ISIS carrying weapons made in the USA mounted on Toyotas from Japan aren't financed by Iran. Sunni rebels are supported logistically in every way by the West but all the English speaking world is privy to is Murdoch's emotional and factless data. Anyone questioning what is being said is immediately attacked at every level personal, family, community and loyalty levels. as are those that may agree with them. That attack tends to be a one way street Waleed Aly and his wife are perfect examples of being victims of such onslaughts by Murdoch's agent Andrew Bolt.


The ABC is spending $360,000 a year to buy up search terms to lift its Google rankings. That is using taxpayers' money to destroy commerical rivals who must sell the news that the ABC gives out free. The ABC is too big and biased for a democracy.  
  Firstly News Corp is not news it doesn't deliver what it promises news so it doesn't sell what Bolt claims news. Secondly what the ABC provides along with Fairfax is picked up by Bolt and used to sell commentary and opinion. So there is no competition between News Corp and the ABC. Does News Corp's business is sport and entertainment and like cheap Chinese suits it doesn't buy Australian made and is not interested. That's it's intention print and TV news aren't run for profit  they are there for influence only and tha ABC gets in the way because it questions the validity of not just News Corp but all aspects of Australian life. It's charter is to provide that for all Australai which again News Corp doesn't do. The danger for Democracy isn't size the danger is a narrow focus of commetary and opinion alone and that's what's brought to you by the Bolt Report and Sky. The ABC provides for the voices of all Australians again no competition for what News Corp simply doesn't do.
SEO how is ti Andrew Bolt hasn't mentioned what News Corp spend on digital churnalism because it's not original that's for sure.


Our universities take our money to reward this? The University of Woollongong gives a PdD to the estranged wife of former al-Qaeda recruit David Hicks for a thesis claiming counter-terrorism laws are political stunts, the September 11 attacks were just an excuse to invade Muslim countries and bees kill more people than terrorists.
  What's worse Andrew Bolt degree-less providing us with information he's never studied laughing at someone whose taken 18 years minimum of study to deliver a dissertation argued and defended in front a board of peers or Andrew Bolt who has no qualifications and simply believes he's wiser because he can say bullshit louder. Bolt has ridiculed  Dr Waleed Aly and his wife Dr Susan Carland in the same way not on any facts but simply on his non expertise  to say BS. Bolt means Ignorance in any language.


The lunatic intolerance of the same-sex marriage activist. Peter FitzSimons on tennis great Margaret Court, an opponent : "Does Melbourne Park really want to have an arena named after someone who stands so firmly against such inclusiveness, who is becoming a byword for bigot?" Has anyone worked out what Donald Bradman thought? 
 "A bigot is actually someone who'd strip an athlete of sporting honors for not having the right thoughts, as defined by social justice warriors." Bolt
Well what does that make Bolt Dutton and Blaia they had Yassmin stripped of her job.  Margret Court wasn't being accused of simply her private thoughts she was deemed unfit for not just accusing QANTAS  of being Corporately unfit but publicly broadcasting he opinions and more so her consequent actions. I think Bolt is understating her position simply to make his hypocritical point. That excluding same sex marriage is somehow being inclusive. Does Bolt ever have any substantive argument or does he merely always try to redefine the words in the English dictionary.



A burrito stand in Portland has been closed down after social justice warriors attacked the two owners - white women - of cultural appropriation from Mexicans. Next step: ban Mexicans from making pizzas. 
 Portland sounds like the ideal place to send Andrew Bolt crusader and defender of odd spot int he Age deeming these single events are representative of massive social movements. He could still write about the destruction of a sporting icon simply for the thoughts she didn't express if she had of been Bradman and do it from Oregon the once famous drop out state of America.



Immigration has become colonisation - particularly by one rejectionist faith: "The Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) at Durack, in Brisbane’s southwest, has submitted a development application that would expand its K-12 college, and add a mosque, childcare centre, medical centre, aged care accommodation, shops and apartments."
  Marty and Bolt have always maintained Indigenous towns in Australia were colonies than needed to be broken up. Catholic enclaves and Jewish enclaves like Kew in Melbourne and caulfield and Windsor need banning as well Mind you some white Bogan towns ought to be made heritage sites according to Bolt the Dutchman who claims all first generation children of immigrants are suspicious. After all look at Prahran it's still a Greek stronghold of people whose English is barely their second language. What was that Bolt said about bigots. ""A bigot is actually someone who'd strip an athlete  Australian ( a Greek) of sporting (citizenship) honors for not having the right thoughts, as defined by social justice (Crusader Bogans) warriors." like  Bolt & Marty. The only problem being is if Marty met Bolt would either of them judge each other as being the right kind of Australian? I'd grantee in 15 minutes Marty would regard Andrew Bolt as an up himself un Australian prick.



Greg Sheridan is brilliant on the push by Labor, black activists and gutless Liberals to change the constitution to divide us by race: "Your father may have been a prince, but you must establish your own character through your actions. Neither virtue nor vice, or any kind of civic distinction, goes to one citizen over another on the basis of race."
  Bolt  the ultimate fantasist denier of  our social history and structures established since colonization. The fact is his insistence that we don't live in a racist society today is undeniable nonsense. His belief that our racist heritage isn't reflected in our present constitution is the epitome of racism and an attempt to change that state is a qualitative liberating one which is only a start. Changes in law established by treaty and legal document remain necessary to ensure necessary changes needed to remove such negative bias. Recognition that two classes of citizenship is a recognition of reality in 2017.
 What's presented here is a denial of the internalized nature of the social psychology of human beings the same denial not accepted  in Germany and it's Nazi past. Kids in Germany are taught to recognize that past not deny it's existense to ensure that history never repeats. Bolt et al refuse to accept the sins of their fathers or the recognition of their racist nature.
" Victim politics and ignorant journalists have rewritten our history, trashing it to make it shameful." Bolt
 Bolt maintains the history held in the minds of ordinary Australians is not Australian history at all and if he says it's not and that it has been rewritten the world as we know it will automatically change. The fact that all these years that Aboriginal , Indigenous population of this country failed to advance was  because of the poverty of their culture and that is supposed to explain all. It's a myth that the Indigenous population of Australia couldn't advance materially like the rest because banks refused them loans or any line of credit. That equal pay for equal work never existed. That government agencies of the pretence of better financial care actually stole the the meager savings they had.  It's a myth that Aboriginal populations and families were broken up for little reason other than their poverty. 
Poverty became a reason for intervention by Police and Social Welfare agencies  all said  for the good of the native population. What Bolt and others declare as myth in fact fails to explain the massive lack of success these fine Charitable Christian organizations had and why they still have today. Western Culture which Bolt claims is so advanced  and has proven to be so technologically and materially successful for everyone over the past 200 years can't explain why they haven't succeeded in lifting indigenous Australians up on any respectable social level.  In fact most are worse off than they were 200 years ago. We have reduced them to the poorest people on the planet and  Bolt has the gall to claim  that our history has been rewritten by fake journalists and historians.
The fact that Bolt can say this publicly is evidence of the state of ignorance in which we live an attempt at mass distortion and the hypnosis of a nation. Australia's Shame is the lack of recognition even Hilters Germany recognizes their historic guilt it's taught in German schools from the primary years lest they forget. What does Bolt say their lack of racism and attempt to treat everyone as equal in practice is the great German folly today. The man isn't an Australian.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Andrew bolt's Blog,25/5/17; Be judged by who you know; Know Andrew Bolt, Don't kid yourself Bolt wants an army on the street; Bolt's a liquid fart in a overcrowded elevator;

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My editorial from The Bolt Report - the mosque of the Manchester suicide bomber is a former church. How can we resist Islam and ask Muslim children to pledge loyalty to their (Western) country when we trash or abandon our institutions, our history and our national symbols?
  Here is Bolt the right wing preacher telling us how pathetic we are. How weak we are. We are at war and the enemy is among us. Doesn't that remind you of nasty little man that started WW2. He too applied the same Bolt logic. Only back then the man running the media story was named Goebbels. he appealed to the irrationality of emotions to instead of reasoned thinking. He insured books were burned science and data collection was paralyzed and largely thinking banned. If anyone raised their head in opposition thugs were there to deal with it. That's not too far off.  If any personalities or discussion are held illustrating differing views we are now hearing the cry to bomb them, kill them and sack them. The most fearful thing is the demands are starting to be met.


The Manchester suicide bomber's father claims his son is innocent and British authorities probably staged the massacre: "I'm sure that Salman didn't carry out such an act but there are hidden hands behind this, security authorities doing something against the Libyan community especially the youth there."
We can see the globalized power of Murdoch's News Corp when Bolt can cross to The Sun in the UK or WSJ in the USA to Fox News  and simply take the story as the the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The trouble is it's not. Bolt claimed there was an authority conspiracy on the massacre in Orlando that there was ISIS involvement when the police. the FBI and NS said there wasn't he still says there was today. He knows full well these agencies aren't reading what he has to say so he makes it up as he goes along. The point I make Bolt doesn't wait for the facts he looks for facts and fantasy simply to support his claims that Muslim immigration needs to be banned from his Christian world and that we need to be on a war footing with all Muslim nations why? Nth Korea seems far more dangerous than ISIS. 
Bolt's motives have nothing to do with the Middle East or Nth Korea or the Ukraine once as dangerous. His motives are simply based on on boosting Abbott and the most effective way of raising him from the dead. That's not the economy because Abbott failed so badly before. It's no longer stopping the boats either. It's domestic security from a force of evil and danger that needs to be created that lives among us and can be pointed to on a daily basis. Goebbels created the Jews Bolt has taken his techniques and applied them to Muslims. 20 years ago Pauline Hanson did it to the Asians but they have proven not to be as large a standout  as Muslims are today. Bolt's one word is expected to apply to people from 73 different countries all with different cultures but for Bolt sufficiently described by one word Muslim. That's the simpleton he is because no facts other than that are required Muslim is the explanation for everything bad in Australia and onlt Abbott will fix it. 

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Britain took in the parents of the Manchester suicide bomber as refugees:  "The father and brother of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi have been arrested... [The father] was allegedly a member of the al-Qa’ida-backed Libyan Islamic Fighting group in the 1990s.  His wife ... is a close friend of ... an al-Qa’ida veteran."
 How opportunistic of Andrew Bolt to turn this into a PAYWALL
Bolt tells us immigration comes with consequences and with that threat proves how wrong he is. The Bolt's arrived in this country from Aalsmeer in Holland the most infamous town of Nazi lovers Jew hunters and killers in the Netherlands. Their mayor voted for by the 'good  heel clicking citizens of Aalesmeer'' was hanged for his murderous leadership activities during WW2 and the town still remains shamed today.  Bolt  has family in that town and regularly holidays there  hiding the history of just 75 years hidden behind the flowers grown there today.  Yes Andrew Bolt is a consequence of our immigration policies . 
But he is the exception to the rule and proves that our policies in fact work. Bolt  is our preeminent  ultra -right wing media fascist we see today. He breathes life into the UPF, Reclaim Australia and One Nation. He is the wind behind their sails. As much is revealed in what Bolt doesn't print and who he supports as what it is he says. His lack of condemnation for the Quadrant editor Roger Franklin's wish to blow -up the ABC and kill those inside is typical of Bolt's heartfelt support of the extreme right. His demands that 26 year old Yassmin Abdel-Mageid be sacked from the ABC because she's Muslim another. The mans open belief in the truth of the ISIS media message and his recognition of them as the Islamic State is just another example of his what he believes. When the world's best intelligence services the FBI and NS denied the Orlando massacre was Islamist Bolt broadcast the ISIS line that it was and he still does today. He even complained that the combined security denial was a conspiracy to cover up ISIS success. Whatever ISIS media puts out Andrew Bolt amplifies it more than any official message Monis  just another example. It's just too easy for Bolt to click his heels and Heil Australia simply by promoting ISIS.
With the simple use of the words "allegedly" & "arrested" Bolt turns a immigrant family into a nest of al-Qaeda operatives and himself into what it is he is  a media vigilante and News Corp and Rupert Murdoch give him the platform the megaphone with which to do it. Why is Bolt such right wing fanatic simply because he cries out "guilty" by association. In a country like Libya everybody has 2 degrees of separation from somebody who despised Qaddafi. In fact Australia the UK and the British declared you an active hero if you did. Today Bolt uses that to amplify evidence of the Abedi families  guilt if that's sufficient for Bolt it's equally sufficient for him to be declared the the son of the killers of Jews. The man is a disgusting consequence of our immigration policies but nevertheless a shining example of why they are a success because there aren't thousands of Bolt's so right wing as he is just 50% of us appreciative that we live here.
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 Lancaster Amish bonnet


"I would suspend migration as Trump tried to do, from certain countries which are going to increase the probability of us having to face something like what was seen in Manchester." Bolt's Blog
Bolt isn't locking people out stereotyping them he's locking us "in" closing the door so he can harrang , police and verbally brutalize us even more. It seems that's the way he must raised his kids. European History demanded nations take up the religion of their kings it's wht Britain became Anglican the French Catholic the Germans Lutheran and the Dutch Calvinist. It explains why there is a significant cultural difference between European nations. The strictest needless to say were the Dutch Calvinists and their belif in the 'elect' It explains why Bolt is such a Dutchman today so absolutely rigid in his beliefs and so absolute in his beliefs. It explains why apartheid comes so naturally to him and why he's anti- education, anti, immigration,anti-difference and diversity he is the spawn of cultural righteousness.The Netherlands: The 'most Calvinist nation in the world' |
" Various other religious groups were to be tolerated but not permitted to practice their religion in public. Lutherans were allowed to worship in the larger Dutch cities on the condition that they maintain Calvinist church interior styles, including an absence of crucifixes. Calvinists had been more iconoclastic than the Lutherans and viewed crucifix displays as too close to Catholicism."
For Bolt the call for Reformation comes easy Calvin  wanted to reform the decadence of Catholicism it diversity and like Bolt make people in his own image. Bolt's belief in the Unity of Western Culture was in fact bullshit it was unity brought about by the strictest of policing of the belief in the righteousness of power and the alliance of church and state. It's what Bolt is demanding for Australia that we constitutionally declare ourselves as a Christian country.
So don't let him fool us he wants an army on the streets not for just an emergency but permanently. He supported the ABF and it's ability to stop and question people about the IDs and citizenship status. He wants an army in our schools,universities arts and other cultural institutions particularly the media he wants to ensure homogeneity as was once dominant in the Netherlands in the 1500s until the 1930s. An army on the streets is no threat  to Andrew Bolt or Tony Abbott because Bolt already believes we are at civil war and the ultra conservatives under Abbott pumped money into defense flags, uniforms, memorials of the past and re wrote the history to be taught in our schools crying that a Reformation was needed in every aspect of our lives andt that privacy was a danger. Yes Molan & Bolt in defense of privilege would quite happily shut the gate and lock us in dumb us down and take us back to a darker age where science and inquiry were taken off the public table. The Q in Q&A obliterated the ABC gone and only the A's given by an 'elect' few.  Will our women be forced to wear the Dutch hijab?
The truth is Andrew bolt wants Manchester in Melbourne and an army on the streets.



"BRITAIN, like Australia, decided it was racist to ban Muslim immigrants. So now it instead must send its army into the streets."
What did I say yes Bolt does want the gates shut and yes he does want the army on our streets and yes he does distort  information to support false claims but more important why is he given the public platform  the mega phone to be the spawned son of hatred to be Monis who wanted  a voice too. Monis was mad not an ISIS supporter he was Shiia and the flag and headband he had weren't anything to do with ISIS. Bolt is an ISIS supporter he gives them more credit than Monis ever did  and Bolt isn't regarded as mad. Monis had a list of criminal charges against him and  Bolt none but that's not to say Bolt hasn't been convicted in our courts too. The Lindt seige wasn't the call to arms that Bolt claims it was but his voice is. His voice is telling migrants not just Muslims that they are not welcome yet he like 50% of Australians are first generation immigrants. Bolt wants an escalation of violence. His silence on Roger Franklin whose magazine Quadrant which he so avidly supports is deafening. Blow up the ABC and kill the Q&A audience has Bolt's finger prints all over it when he says Britain like Australia must send it's army into the streets. The picture below is not a picture of an ISIS supporter the head band not anything representative of ISIS it's a picture of a deranged man who could well have been a psychotic Christian but not according to Bolt... is sane he he


What is happening in Indonesia? The Christian governor has been jailed for blasphemy against Islam. A gay sauna is raided. Two gays are sentenced to a caning, done before a baying mob. And now a suicide bomber in Jakarta has killed three police.

  It follow and is no surprise that Andrew Bolt behaves like a preacher in front of the baying mob. He's throwing fuel on the fire to stir up and gather a crowd of followers for himself. Yes a Christian was charged and convicted of blasphemy but did Bolt for a moment tell you that Stephen Fry an openly gay atheist was charged for blasphemy in Ireland. No he didn't and that the way Bolt rolls. He will rage about child marriage as if it's common practice in Islam and not just a cultural practice in some countries. He won't mention some 20,000 child marriages occur in the USA predominantly Christian or that it's a common practice in Hindu India. Bolt is by these standards alone not a news man, not just a  commentator but a fully fledged propagandist trying like any other firebrand before him to spread hate and he doesn't really care from which direction it comes as long as it's there and has "consequences" that's why we need Section 18C and why Andrew Bolt doesn't deserve the protection of Section 18D


One critical thing is missing in yesterday’s inquest finding into the Lindt cafĂ© siege. Why was the Islamist killer let into our country? Who let in Man Horon Monis, a fake “refugee” from Iran? Who let in so many others who  brought with them Islamist  terrorism?
  Read the posts above and the answer lies in the same reason Bolt's parents were let into the country had we had the strict vigilance Bolt is demanding of Australia a settler nation Bolt wouldn't be here either. So his question is typical of Bolt Intelligence and oxymoron at the best. Is it any surprise Bolt is distorting the coroners report no he does the same with the Report on child abuse where the abused is George Pell and the victims only complainants. The same on Don Dale where the guards asking the kids for sex are the victims and not the kids. Where Yassmin should be sacked but not Roger Franklin and on it goes.


The  favourite mosque of the Manchester suicide bomber is the ultimate symbol of Britain's cultural suicide: "[It is an] old former church that as recently as 2011 was accused of being linked to fundraising for terror networks." And to fill it, Britain imported worshippers like the bomber's radical family.
  What another opportunity another PAYWALL by Bolt to do no work
The picture says a lot it says British Muslims have no qualms about praying in what was once a Christian Church because Jesus was also a prophet of Islam. In fact when a Jewish temple was destroyed by fire the Muslims invited the Jews to pray at their Mosque. 
However what is significant is Bolt convicting people because they knew people who were against Gaddaffi. Bolt could be said to be anti- Gaddaffi as well does that automatically make him a friend of the Abedi family? The Americans , British and French supported the anti- Gaddaffi rebels. How the worm turns who needs enemies when you have Friends like Bolt. Bolt's parents knew one of the Netherlands greatest Nazi lovers in fact the mayor of Aalesmeer gave the Nazis the key to the town along with it's Jews. What does that say about Bolt if we simply apply the logic he's applying here.
 A bucket of medical waste is a more attractive  image of an Australian than Andrew Bolt. He's like a liquid fart in a overcrowded elevator.


Bolt supports his friend Roger Franklin who called for blowing up the ABC and killing those on Q&A . Bolt supported that call with his media and blog silence. But he certainly wasn't silent about Yassmin and he was going to get her axed one way or another Notice the silence on Dutton's part too about Franklin's call for terror. What would Dutton do without 2GB , Quadrant, The Spectator and News Corp? However what sort of Cabinet Minister is he? Boongate saw him turn our Pacific Islanders into a joke. Now he's celebrating youth unemployment having seen Yassmin get the sack. Is it really Dutton's position to celebrate the sacking of any Australian let alone a young and bright Australian woman. He should have been sacked for the disrespect he showed to our Pacific neighbours. Scott Morrison could not believe his ears at the shit that was pouring out of this ministers mouth.


Sinclair Davidson asks the ABC:  "Q&A guest Lawrence Krauss made the following statement, 'You’re more right (sic) likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you' in relation to the probability of being killed in a terrorist attack. Can you provide any peer reviewed evidence in support of that statement?" There's more.

  The IPA has joined the fray what is self evident is that Sinclair Davidson is not a very widely read person and peer reviewed evidence on blacks killed by police in America has been widely published together with the fact that when police did shoot blacks and whites the liklihood of the black man carrying a gun was less than the liklihood of a white being armed. Krauss by the way is a theoretical Physicist with a sense of humour but the liklihood of of death by terrorism in the US is also well documented and the fact that Davidson and Bolt  not to know is very predictable feigned  ignorance on the part of these two right wingers.


The ABC is meant to be balanced in exchange for  $1 billion a year from taxpayers. But its outlets this week are running an explicit campaign this week - "Reconciliation" Week - to promote a change to the constitution to divide us by race. Virtually no dissent is aired. Take ABC AM. UPDATE: A response to Jon Faine's rant this morning.
 Andrew Bolt is Horan Man Monis  he is delusional. The ABC is reporting on "reconciliation" week and so it should. Andrew bolt who was allowed to state that he was as if more indigenous than any Australians younger than him  has demonstrated his lean to psychosis quite often. However it's amusing how quickly he shuts up when challenged by somebody like the ex PM of NZ. Suddenly Bolt becomes child like or when challenged for his lack of knowledge on Constitutional Law by not just a woman but an Indian woman a colored immigrant allowed into this country. All this can be seen on the ABC's program "Reconciliation Now" with Linda Burney. Bolt showed himself to be a rather clueless human being. We can rest assured that Bolt will be running a loud criticism of Reconciliation Week now that he's back in the safety of his over produced  precinct at Sky. He doesn't seem to think to well when left to his own devises.. his two feet.



A fascinating argument by Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel: "Upon the 50th anniversary of the Jewish state of Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem, there is no better time to end the propaganda myth that Jerusalem is a holy city to Muslims.  The Muslim fixation and clamor on Jerusalem is actually a very recent historical development." Read on.    
 It seems to me given that Islam is regarded as one of the three Abrahamic religions and both Abraham and Jesus are counted among it's most significant prophets all Bolt is is involving himself in here is the politics of religion rather than anything to do with the religion itself. One thing is noted that he calls Israel  the Jewish State when it's only now in 2017 that Israel wants to declare itself one  constitutionally. Why is Bolt attempting to put the cart before the horse? In doing so he's denying that Israel until now regarded itself as a democratic state in which all three religions and it's followers were included as equally Israelis. Why is there such an urgent need for Bolt and the extreme right wing parties in Israel to have themselves tribalized. Over 25% of Israelis aren't Jews and strictly speaking only 25% of Israelis regard themselves as frum or strictly Orthodox. Bolt fails badly when he ignores the fact that 75% of Israelis are required to do National service and those only exempt are Orthodox Jews all on Social Welfare and even exempt from a secular education. Bolt the crusader of citizen equality and anti tribalism is a total hypocrite when it comes to conservatives  in the Jewish parliament wanting to end the separation of state and religion. That is a fact and not just a "fascinating argument"
Then Bolt really wants Australia to become constitutionally a christian country as well allowing for the shutting of doors on non christian immigrants. All of Bolt's fascinating arguments herald the future acceptance of Fascism where Wealth, Privilege and Power  are incorporated and delivered to the hands  of a defined few forgoing any notion 'we' and  the basic human rights and protection of all citizens. We heard these ideas in the past and they weren't Jewish. It's strange  because the town Bolt originates from was noted for it's persecution of Jews and its support of the Nazis and their doctrines. The Dutch were noted for  killing a higher proportion of it's Jewish citizens than even Germany. Israel which he now supports is noted for killing and imprisoning a higher percentage of it's Palestinian citizens than any other. It seems Bolt has culturally internalized ,is accustomed to and always defends the dominant group over the weaker no matter where he is. He sides with the bullies why is that?